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Croatia boasts an array of incredible coastal party cities and Hvar is up there with the best of them. Start planning your big Hvar stag weekend today with the help of StagWeb and avoid all the usual planning pain and faff!

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Hvar Menu
  • Country Croatia
  • Language Croatian
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 2.00 EUR
  • Airport Split Airport
  • Flight Duration 2h 35m
  • National Dish Zagorski štrukli
  • Airport to Centre N/A

8 Best Hvar Stag Do Ideas

  1. Beach Party - This place goes off... and then some.
  2. Sea Kayaking - Head out to sea and battle the waves in an epic, white-knuckle ride!
  3. Climbing - A proper hangover tester this one. Don't look down, fellas.
  4. Adrenaline Day - Five hours of high-octane stag carnage.
  5. Paintballing - In stag warfare, there is no prize for runner-up...
  6. Boat Tour & Beach Party - Party like the A-listers you well and truly are.
  7. Cocktail Mixing - Rustle up some man cocktails as you head the other side of the bar.
  8. Health Spa - The most relaxing, stress busting, rejuvenating hangover cure.

A Guide To Your Hvar Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

From Paintball to VIP nightclubbing, Sunset Cruises to Hangover Recovery, we have a great array of spectacular activities to keep the groom and all his Hvar stag do in fine sporting spirits for the whole weekend. Whether its stag vs stag action or post party therapy we'll get you to and from the best activity at fantastic prices.

Best Bars in Hvar

In Hvar, everything you need will be down by the harbour. It's impossibly picturesque and a famous hangout for A-listers, so you'll fit right in as you take a tour of the awesome port-side watering holes.

Along Fabrika there's a wealth of sports bars, sophisticated drinking joints and themed hula experiences that all look out across the harbour. So, whether you're in the mood for a chilled one or you're prepping for some clubbing decadence, this is where you'll find it.

The fun is in the exploring and the further you walk from the harbour, the more you'll come across chilled garden terraces and cool wine bars that produce their offerings locally.

Where to Head...


Hvar is a city that loves to party, in fact it's pretty much made for it. Your Hvar stag do will find the best of the action and superb bars, clubs and restaurants all around the harbour. You won't need to wander any further. Hvar has recently become a bit of an A-list hang out, the water front is where it's at.

Must see...

The best sights to be found are definitely from up high, looking down onto the city. It's a challenging walk but well worth it and a great cure for any hungover.

Pub Trivia

Croatia invented the tie and is where the word 'cravat' comes from.
Croatia is made up of 1246 islands.
Croatia gets 2,715 hrs of sunshine a year (that's more than Sydney!).

A Taste of Hvar

Eats - Just off the beaten track but well worth hunting down is the superb family owned fish and steak house Dalmatino. The perfect spot to toast the blushing bridegroom.

Drinks - The local rakija is a fruit brandy that could stun a buffalo. This seriously impressive tipple is often brewed at home, comes in many different flavours and really isn't for amateurs "Step aside lads, I got this..." Your stag do isn't complete until you've tried some.

Getting Around Hvar

There's no need for an Oyster Card or bus pass around here. The entire city can easily be traversed on foot. If you do feel the need to get a bit further afield there are plenty of boat trips and water taxis around the harbour. Ask our team for more details.

Speaking The Lingo

"Bok" - Hi
"Pivo molim?" - A beer please
"Puno piva molimo?" - Lots of beers please?
"Mladoženja će platiti za sve" - The groom will pay for everything
"Tu je majmun int on kupaonicu" - There is a monkey in the bathroom
"Držite moje pivo i gledajte ovo!" - Hold my beer and watch this!
"Molimo izgovor moj prijatelj nije se kuća trenirao" - Please excuse my friend he isn't house trained yet.

Hvar Stag Do - The Magic Numbers

  • It takes approximately 2.5 hrs to fly to Split then if you're feeling cool you can hop on the catamaran direct to Hvar.
  • The average temperature during the summer months is 26º C.
  • Hvar has an average of 11 hours of sunshine.
  • Temperatures often reach a high of 29º C.
  • The sea reaches balmy 22º C on average.
  • Often hitting a high of 25º C.

Is Hvar Expensive?

In a word; no. Hvar is a really well priced destination and much more budget friendly than so many other European destinations. It's also packed with fantastic bars, clubs, restaurants and of course amazing beaches.

Flights - Flights to Hvar are much cheaper than many other European stag destinations.
Beers - The Croatians do like a beer (or three) and prices are often around half of those you'll back home.
Dining - Dining out is also a lot cheaper than back in Blighty.
Hotels - StagWeb have great deals with the best hotels.

Can StagWeb Save Us Money?

Yep, it's what we do. There is a misconception that stag organisers are more expensive than booking direct which (with a good stag organiser) isn't true. Here comes the boring maths bit... Pay attention they'll be a quiz later...

At StagWeb we send thousands of stags away every year. Because of the large numbers we send to our hotels and activities we get offered fantastic rates, these are deals we pass on to you. Our philosophy is provide top quality weekends and help to save our groups money, that way our stags not only tell their friends about us but also come back to book with us time and time again.

StagWeb's Hvar Stag Do Research

At StagWeb we won't just send you somewhere unseen, unlike many tour operators we don't go by word of mouth, we visit our destinations regularly to make sure our suppliers live up to our high expectations (checking out sun loungers, testing cocktails, racing go karts, it's tough work but someone's got to do it). Since 2002 we've been visiting our stag partners and have built up fantastic relationships securing even better deals for your Hvar stag weekend that you simply can't find by booking direct.

Sun of a Beach!

One thing a summer Hvar stag do can offer is incredible sunshine, fantastic beaches, jumping bars plus epic stag action and activities. The stags really can live the beach boy lifestyle, many of the best bars, clubs, restaurants and activities are situated on the beaches giving you plenty of fun in the sun. You'll be able to work on those stag weekend tans without having to stray too far from your favourite bar. Put our team to the test today, send us your enquiry and we'll send you a hassle free, no obligation quote. Let's get this party started!

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