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Ibiza Menu
  • Country Baleric Islands
  • Language Spanish
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 4.50 EUR
  • Airport Ibiza Airport
  • Flight Duration 2h 25m
  • National Dish Arròs de Matança or Arroz de Matanzas
  • Airport to Centre 7 km

A Guide To Your Ibiza Stag Weekend

8 Best Ibiza Stag Do Ideas

  1. Boat Cruise, Drinks & Superclub - It's the ultimate party starter for an unforgettable night.
  2. Ibiza Rocks - The No.1 adult-only venue on an island famous for its party lifestyle.
  3. Float Your Boat Party Cruise - A bouncing 3-hour boat party with top DJs and a free bar!
  4. Ocean Beach Club Entry - Unmissable day party with hours of unrivalled celebrations.
  5. Scuba Diving - A bucket list activity every man should do once in his life.
  6. Parasailing - Get a birds' eye view and take to the Ibizan skies.
  7. Wakeboarding - wakeboarding, booze and sunshine in Ibiza.
  8. Parasailing - Flying high with this awesome water sport activity in Ibiza!

Best Bars in Ibiza

Any group of stags opting for an Ibiza party should be ready to have their expectations of the town outdone! Nothing can prepare you for the tirade of awesome bars and boho hangouts.

In the South Port area, you can't move for epic watering holes of the legendary variety. If you can see the sea, we can guarantee you'll see a decent bar. There are garden terraces and world-renowned clubs here, so whatever you're style, you're sorted for the night!

On Carrer de la Mare de Deu there are heaps of LGBT+ friendly places to relax and unwind after the watersport frenzy of the day. Passeig de Vara de Rey also packs out on an evening and makes for a relaxed place to grab a drink before heading to some of the infamous clubs.

Where to Head...


San Antonio is famed for its beach and bar vibe. Originally a hippy commune it really springs to life in the evenings when it becomes party central and really gives a taste of the Island's fun-loving hedonistic vibe.
The oldest settlement, Ibiza Town is the beating heart of the Island. A visit day or night will really tell you all that this stunning island is about. Gentlemen... Prepare to party!
If it's superclubs you're after then no visit to the island would be complete without a night in Playa d'en Bossa and some of its world-famous clubs.

Must see...

The Beach - It's a bit of a no brainer, if you're heading to Ibiza, hit the sand for a game of beach volleyball, beach football or just somewhere with a sea breeze to rest your weary hangovers.

Pub Trivia

According to Nostradamus, Ibiza will be the only place to survive a nuclear fall-out. Which must be a bit of a choker if you've just bought a time-share in Majorca.

Ibiza has no rivers. Its fresh water comes from a huge river under the sea bed which flows all the way from the Pyrenees Mountains in France.

The Island's name was originally 'Ibossim' named after 'Bes' the Phoenician god of dance and music. It continues to live up to its name!

The entire population of the island is roughly the size of Norwich. "Knowing me Norwich, knowing you Ibiza. Aha!"

A Taste of Ibiza

Tapas is perfect for a group of hungry stags as it offers something for everyone. La Cava not only has fantastic décor and buzzing atmosphere but the food is awesome and very well priced. Well worth a trip. Disco Burger is also well worth a visit, superb food at fantastic prices and a weird but funky 1950's vibe.
If you want a real taste of the sun then Ibosim Beer most certainly hits the spot. Named after Bes the god of music and dancing it is a great drop to get your party started.

Getting Around Ibiza

Airport Transfers - You can catch the bus to the island's towns directly outside the terminal. All airport journeys cost less than €2 (correct at the time of writing but might be subject to change).
Taxis are also quite affordable from the airport depending on your final destination. Speak to the driver before starting your journey to get an idea of price.
Buses - Ibiza has a pretty good bus system with regular buses between most major town running every half hour from 7am until 10pm, a "disco bus" runs until 6am giving clubbers transport to and from al the major resorts and clubs. You can check out current timetables and fares from IbizaBus.
Taxis - There are a number of island taxi firms and you'll find taxi ranks outside every club, resort and hotel. But should you need it this is a handy number to have with you 971 39 84 83 - Radio Taxi Ibiza.
Night time - Most of the major towns are all easy to navigate by with plenty of pointers to the biggest and best bars and clubs.
In Advance - If you want to make sure transport is waiting for you at the airport or all your activity transfers are sorted, speak to our Ibiza destination manager who will be happy to arrange all transport with your booking.

34 Reasons Why Ibiza Rocks!

Ibosim - When Ibiza City was founded way back in 654BC, it was called 'Ibossim' after the Egyptian god of music and dance. So it's been rocking for thousands of years!

The A-List - It seems that celebrities can't get enough of Ibiza with the likes of Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy all frequently visiting this party island.

It's Not the End of the World - Nostradamus predicted that at the end of the world, Ibiza would be left untouched due to its prevailing winds. Excuse us while we pack our bags, gents...

Superclubs - Ibiza is home to some of the world's most famous clubs and, with StagWeb, you can guarantee your entry hassle-free.

Amnesia - Jaw-droppingly massive and constantly buzzing, this infamous superclub is full of sexy performers, epic steam jets and the kind of nightlife you'd only seen in movies like The Hangover.  

Pacha - If you could condense the antics of Jordan Beaufort in The Wolf of Wall Street into one club, Pacha would be the result. With one of the most dynamic crowds on the island, nights here are always rocking and rarely forgotten.

Space - The gravity of an evening in Space is not to be underestimated. Prepare to be assaulted with a supernova of laser lights and good times as the island's best DJs wow the crowd with unique takes on the most popular Ibiza anthems.

Privilege - What could be more fitting on an Ibiza stag weekend than a night in literally the world's BIGGEST club? When it comes to nightlife, Privilege is on a whole other level of carnival-style thrills and sexy spills.

Beachouse - This venue does it all - delicious food, exquisite drinks and awesome club nights in stunning beach surroundings.

Sacred Island - The early settlers believed that the island was blessed by the gods, and even today some of the locals carry pendants filled with Ibiza soil around their necks. That explains why people party so religiously here?!

Hidden Bar - For a few quiet drinks before enjoying the louder ones, a trip to Hidden Bar is essential. Enjoy banter with the lads in a location that wouldn't look out of place in a Mission: Impossible movie.

Dry as a Bone - Errr, do you think the islanders know there's no running water? The locals actually source all their precious H20 from deep underground. Luckily the beer still comes in barrels!

The Lingo - Chatting up the smoking hot Spanish senoritas could prove to be a little tricky, considering they speak Spanish, Catalan and even their own Ibiza dialect 'Eivissenc'. Although, to be fair, 'can I buy you a drink' usually speaks volumes in any language...

Go Karts - The island's premier Go Karts track makes for the perfect stage for your own personal Ibiza stag Grand Prix. Who will be your Stag Stig and who is Captain Slow?

Sa Trinxa - Grab a few coldies and soak up some rays by the sea in this awesome beach bar. Throw on the shades and if any lad is unlucky enough to fall asleep in the sun, it's only kind to apply some creative suntan lotion...

Festa del Vi Payés - Grab your togas and raise a glass to Bacchus, the god of wine and good times, in this epic festival where the locals come out to party.

Sid Vicious - Troubled punk icon Sid Vicious lived here as a young child before heading back to England to cause Anarchy in the UK with the infamous Sex Pistols.

Record-Breaking - Ibiza has actually been recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records as 'the entertainment island of the world'. We aren't going to argue!

Cavalli - Don't settle for less on your big weekend when it comes to hunger-conquering grub. Make like the sophisticated gents your mothers raised you to be and treat yourselves to Cavalli's quality Italian dishes.

Vengaboys - The song We're Going to Ibiza is pretty much the squad anthem of every Ibiza stag do in the history of man and you know what? It still hasn't gotten old... 'Hey!'

Small but EPIC - Ibiza is only 571 square kilometers, 1 kilometer smaller than the Isle of Man. You can literally drive from coast to coast in less than an hour, meaning you're never far from beach, beers and wet 'n' wild good times. 

Protected Partying - UNESCO have declared Ibiza as a world heritage site, not for the epic nightclubs (unfortunately), but for the island's ancient architecture, coastline and sea life.

Café Mambo- Get your most stylish gear on and head to this classic Ibiza venue for one awesome night out. Sip on cocktails that'd impress Bond in seriously epic beach surroundings.

James Blunt - Ok, so you might not like all the balladeer's tunes, but his Twitter feed is hilarious and his Ibiza party pad is apparently the stuff of dreams.

Sankeys - This diminutive but brilliant club is fast becoming one of the most popular and exclusive venues on the island for party-lovers thanks to its intimate vibe and friendly alternative crowds.

Es Vedra - Ibiza's answer to the Bermuda Triangle! It's said to be the home of Homer's Sirens, and UFO enthusiasts flock to the isle every year to try and catch a glimpse of alleged extraterrestrial activity.

Bambuddha - A meal at this unusual restaurant will liven up the early hours of the evening for sure. We'd never seen so many Buddha statues (and lovely ladies, but that's a different story) in one place!

Formentera - Just off the coast of Ibiza you'll find the ultimate hangover cure. A walk around this amazing isle is sure to boot even the staunchest of alcoholic aches and pains into next week, and no, those beautiful beach babes aren't a mirage...

United Nations - The island welcomes around 2.8 million tourists a year and the local airport deals with about 26,000 flights. People really do jet in from all over the world in their droves to party in Ibiza!

Tango terrain? - Ibiza's soil is totally orange because of the tannins inside the falling needles from the islands many pine trees and makes a great backdrop for some real rock star group photos.

Starring Role - In 2007, the local government decreed that any new hotels on the island had to be five-star or they wouldn't open. What else can you expect from Ibiza other than the best?!

Back of the Net! - Ibiza is only a small island, with roughly the same population as Alan Partridge's beloved Norwich. "Kiss my face!"

Hierbas - This local liquor isn't just capable of felling a donkey (you have been warned), but it is purported to have medicinal qualities. So it's not drinking, it's a remedy. Cheers!

Yacht Charter - Is there anything more gentlemanly on an Ibiza stag do than a yacht charter? Possibly, probably, definitely not. Chill out to the max with ice-cold cava and bask in the Spanish sun.

A guide to your Ibiza stag weekend

'Ibiza... Earth's final refuge'. So said Nostradamus. And to great minds of the past, we give a mighty salute! We're pretty sure the man himself never set foot in Privilege or partied the night away cocktail in hand under Ibizan skies. And we're not suggesting all-out carnage be your weekend of choice (it's your job to bring the main man back safely remember, chaps!). But while 'Earth's final refuge' might be a bit too extreme even for a StagWeb weekend, with the world's biggest, best and hottest clubs on its shores, there's no doubt about it - Ibiza... planet's best party! Senor Nostradamus clearly knew when he was onto a good thing. And it's not hard to see why.

Nowhere does it bigger. Nobody does it better. When the sun hits the island the festivals roll out, DJs hit the decks, bronzed beauties take to the beach and with epic nights, sun-kissed days, fun-fuelled action and a natural playground at the ready, an Ibiza stag do promises to be an event of monumental proportions.

Why? Reasons to be cheerful, an Ibiza stag do

If ever there was a destination tailor-made for the ultimate in stag experiences, Ibiza surely would be crowned Europe's undisputed King, with a line-up of the world's biggest clubs, best DJs and hottest parties ticking every box on your wish list. That's not to mention the soaring temperatures, award-winning bars and friendly welcome that greet your arrival. And with StagWeb's expert team and exclusive offers at your disposal, Ibiza is guaranteed to entertain the crowds from dusk till dawn (and beyond!), and propel you to best man stardom in truly awesome style.

When? The best time for a Ibiza weekend

Any time is party time on the island that never sleeps! With a balmy Mediterranean climate and an unrivalled (and unstoppable) line-up of live music, events and festivities across the calendar the crowds flock in their droves to party under the Balearic sun all year round. There's no denying Ibiza can get busy, but the island expects the numbers. It is, after all, home to the world's biggest nightclub where a guest-list 10,000 strong barely raises a glance. So with a little bit of planning, you're set for an unforgettable Ibiza stag do any time of the year.

How? Getting to Ibiza

Flights from any UK airport will see you to Ibiza in less than 3 hours (London 2hrs 15), and with many budget airlines now providing flights to the island, you'll find great deals throughout the year. Ibiza airport lies just south of the island's capital, and provides regular transfers, with taxi and half-hourly bus services on site.

Where? Location, location, location...

You won't need us to tell you that if clubbing tops your list of stag musts, then the white isle is THE place to be. But venture beyond the doors of the super-clubs and you'll find Ibiza is a pretty special island all around. Take a trip to Talamanca Bay for its cool cafes and restaurants by the marina, or head to Playa D'en Bossa where miles of unspoilt sand play host to some of the island's trendiest beach bars and hottest parties. Ibiza Town offers an eclectic mix of old and new, from waterfront dining at the port to authentic tapas in the cobbled streets of the ancient Dalt Vila. And perhaps the most diverse of Ibiza's hotspots, San Antonio, offers every type of cuisine and entertainment under the sun. We have a great selection of 2, 3 and 4 star stag do accommodation in Ibiza for your Ibiza stag do, but the legendary island is a mecca for the party crowds, so it definitely pays to plan ahead and book wisely.

What? Getting in on the action

As well as plenty of stag do nightlife options in Ibiza, there's also a whole host of action-packed stag activities to keep the boys entertained during the day too. The waters of the Mediterranean offer a fantastic playground and huge opportunity to get the testosterone, banter and bodies flying across the bay. Try your hand at wakeboarding or scuba diving, experience some luxury with your own private yacht charter, or take to the air for some high flying parasailing fun.

How much? Your Ibiza stag budget

It's no small secret that stag and hen weekends don't get much better than Ibiza, and as with all major tourist hotspots prices can definitely rise at peak times. But at StagWeb we know what works, and we've got the exclusive deals and insider knowledge to bring you the top stag weekend for your budget. Whether you choose from one of our ready-made packages or take advantage of our bespoke weekend service, we're confident we can offer the ultimate Ibiza experience to suit any pocket.

And now?

If the spectacular nightlife, action-packed days and incredible atmosphere of Ibiza seem the perfect fit to toast your main man in style, have a browse of our website and view the kind of packages available. Our friendly expert team are on hand to take the hassle out of it for you and StagWeb offer no-risk, no-obligation quotes, so why not get in touch today?

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