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Trending Krakow Stag Do Ideas

Here's our top 8 choices for a big weekend in Krakow.

  1. Target Shooting
  2. Axe Throwing
  3. Whitewater Rafting
  4. Party Boat
  5. AK47 Shooting
  6. Paintballing
  7. Oil Wrestling
  8. Go Karting

A Guide To Your Krakow Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

AK47 Shooting - Get your itchy trigger fingers on some proper hardware and shoot the legendary AK-47 assault rifle. Go 'Full Arnie' in a stag vs stag competition to see who will be Top Gun.
Oil Wrestling - A hilarious battle between the groom and two bikini-clad wrestlers in a pool of oil.

Best Bars in Krakow

When it comes to drinking in Krakow, it boils down to two main areas that are packed with stag-friendly places for a much-deserved beverage.

Tytano is a disused tobacco factory that has been turned into a hive of bars and restaurants where craft beer rules. There are also cocktail specialists, vegan bars and it is FULL of friendly locals of the fashion-forward kind.

But, when it comes to finding your stag hotspot, Main Square (Rynek Glowny) is where you’ll want to be if wall-to-wall bars is your thing (of course it is). Stags will be in beer heaven as there is so much choice amongst one of the most famous views in Krakow.

"He who smokes and drinks doesn't get roundworms."
- Polish proverb

Where to Visit in Krakow

Districts - Krakow claims to have the highest density of bars in the world and who are we to argue? We're not about to waste good drinking time in the city 'counting bars' (although it does give us an idea for a song). The place to be is definitely the Old Town. It's easy to navigate on foot and is packed with bars, restaurants and clubs, many of them below the cobbled streets.

Must See... - Even those that aren't keen on sightseeing will be impressed by the Main Square which retains a lot of medieval charm with a Game of Thrones kind of vibe. With food, drink and music all-round the square you can go 'full Tyrion' although expect to pay tourist/Lannister prices (for value, stick to the Old Town).
If you need a quiet and shaded spot to rest your hangovers and wait for the world to stop spinning then Planty Park is the city's largest park with plenty of room to stretch out.

Pub Trivia

Krakow has its own leaning tower that stands 70m tall. Take that Pisa!
Every September there is a Dachsund parade.
The Polish national poem, Pan Tadeusz (Master Thaddeus), strangely begins with the words; "Lithuania, my fatherland!"
A statue of a dragon in the city centre actually breathes fire. It's in honour of the legendary dragon that once lived the city. Of course.

A Taste of Krakow

Eats - Alchemia Od Kuchni - There are no wimpy, portions to be seen here. This is real 'man food' and dishes only come in one size. Large. And those dishes are fantastic. Street food, steaks, giant burgers... They also do a great breakfast.
Esther 5, 31-056
Drinks - T.E.A. Time Brewery - If you're not head over heels for Polish beer then head to the T.E.A. Time Brewery which is steeped in British brewing traditions and even feels like an English boozer. Superb food, top service and top-class English ale.
ul. Dietla, 1 31-070

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Krakow

The easiest way to get about Krakow by night is actually on foot as most of the bars and clubs are all close together. In fact, many of them are underfoot in giant cellars under the city's cobbles.
If you're heading further afield during the day then there are buses and trams that cross the city. But make sure you punch your ticket (using the small orange boxes next to ticket kiosks and bus stands) or you could be fined even though you've bought your ticket. Tickets can be bought at most newsstands. The cheapest way to get about is to buy a 24-hour pass.
If you're feeling fit you can hop on the Krakow equivalent of a "Boris Bike" which can be found all over the city.


"Czesc" - Hello
"Proszę" - Please
"Dziękuję" - Thank you
"Na zdrowie!" - Cheers!
"Proszę piwa" - A beer, please
"Poproszę dwa piwa" -  Two beers, please
"Wiele piw proszę" - Lots of beers, please
"Oczyszczenie zapłaci za wszystko" - The groom will pay for everything
"Czy całujesz lepiej?" - Will you kiss it better?
"Nie" - No

Krakow Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Krakow


Most UK airports offer direct flights to Krakow (be sure to check your nearest airport plenty of time in advance!).

Average Flight Times

  • Flights to Krakow from London - 2hrs 15mins
  • Flights to Krakow from Liverpool - 2hrs 30mins
  • Flights to Krakow from Edinburgh - 2hrs 35mins

Getting from Krakow Airport to the City Centre

Krakow airport is located 11 kilometres from the city centre meaning you’ll be in and partying in about twenty-five minutes (traffic dependent). There are buses, taxis and even a train on offer which will take varying times to get you to the centre, but the easiest way of getting to your accommodation is with a Krakow airport transfer which will drop you right outside - less time faffing, more time celebrating!

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

A 10% tip is expected in restaurants (if you get good service), but you can always tip more if you were particularly impressed. In bars, you can always round up to the nearest 5 zloty if you wanted to.

Price of Beer in Krakow

You can get a pint of beer in Poland for between £2-£3, though this can vary depending on whether you’re in a tourist trap.

Krakow Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 1/-6
  • February - 3/-5
  • March - 8/-1
  • April - 14/3
  • May - 19/8
  • June - 22/11
  • July - 24/13
  • August - 24/12
  • September - 19/8
  • October - 13/4
  • November - 7/0
  • December - 3/-4

So you're heading on a Krakow stag do? This is an amazing city with an incredible and sometimes troubled past. However, the modern city is cosmopolitan, creative and loves to party, making it a great choice to give the groom the send-off he deserves. But there's no point doing things half-heartedly, a little bit of local knowledge goes a long way, and being regular visitors to the city, we thought we'd give you some first-hand knowledge, so here's our Stag Party Guide to Krakow.

QI - Poland has been brewing vodka for over 500 years. And long may it continue!

Old Town

With cobbled streets, narrow lanes and more bars than you can wave a kebab at, this is the place to be. Subterranean cellars hide all kinds of delights including live music, delicious cuisine and a selection of local brews. The vodka is naturally outrageously good. It's also pretty lethal so take it easy. The Old Town is also home to the grand Main Square, said to be the biggest square of its kind in Europe. You'll find plenty of bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants spilling out into the square.

Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)

Formerly part of the Jewish ghetto created by the Nazis in WWII, the area has been totally reborn and is now the cool hub of the city. You'll find artisan bars, microbreweries, musicians, writers and everything in between. You'll also find a selection of 'shot bars', these do exactly what it says on the tin with a whole range of different liquids to try, most of which will melt your eyeballs at ten paces. Enjoy!

Nowa Huta

Created during the communist era, at first glance the area is rather grey and brutalist, but look again and you'll see the new microbreweries and coffee shops that are springing up. A great mix of old and new and definitely a place worth visiting just to get a real sense of the city's Soviet winter. You won't find many of the big clubs but it's still well worth taking a wander.


Skipping over the Love Bridge like the carefree young bucks you are, you'll come to Podogrze, this is another bohemian area of the city that nods to the past (Schindler's factory can be found here) and one eye very much on the future in keeping with the city's young population a quarter of which is made up of students.

QI - According to legend, the town is built over the cave of a dragon (mother-in-law jokes, anyone?).

Sightseeing in Krakow
Main Square

200 metres long on each side, this is the most famous landmark in the city, captured on a thousand postcards and tourist brochures. It's also full of some of the city's best bars, clubs and restaurants. If there's a better spot in Poland to sit with a cold one and watch the world go by, we haven't found it.

Wawel Castle

In terms of 'sightseeing', it's difficult to miss as it dominates the city skyline. There are some great views to be had from on top of its walls along with museums and galleries for the group's culture vultures. It was once home to the Polish royal family and has welcomed the great and the good, so you and the guys should fit right in during your Krakow stag weekend.

Wawel Hill

Game of Thrones - it was good, but was it Krakow good? You see long before Daenerys started throwing herself in the funeral pyre, Krakow had its own dragon and legend has it the city was built on top of its lair that can be found at the bottom of Wawel Hill. Handy to know in case of a sudden outbreak of white-walkers.

Florianska Street

The main artery of the Old Town and lined with shops you can pick up those souvenirs for the folks back home, you'll also find familiar burger joints and coffee shops plus plenty of places to sample the local vodkas. Because you know, vodka is probably the only way to ever get through any kind of shopping expedition.

Planty Park

A great place to take those hangovers for a walk and let the sun's vitamin D work its magic and restore any tender stag heads. It's also just a wide-open space to relax, catch up on the events of the night before and enjoy this charming city.


It's difficult to mention Krakow without thinking of some of the city's darker times. The museums, exhibitions and memorials are a sobering reminder of how the city has suffered ("Hey, it's a Krakow stag do, mate, keep it light!"). And yes, you've come there to celebrate your mate's impending happiness, however, the story behind atrocities the Jewish population suffered are fascinating and should rightfully be remembered. It is genuinely worth visiting and paying your respects.

QI - Poles love a beer, on average they drink 99 litres of beer each per year.

Krakow Photo Opportunities
Big Head

Located in the Main Square, and created by Igor Mitoraj, is a great big head. This huge sculpture of a disembodied head is still slightly controversial among some locals, but it is quite a spectacle and a good backdrop for your Krakow team photo.

Ojców National Park

Yes, it's just a big park, but we mean BIG. The National Park has some great attractions as well as awesome photo ops. There's the haunted castle ruins, giant boulders that look like they've been dropped by giants, deep caves, incredible vistas and enough scenery of note that you could take a good photo even with the groom in it.


If you want something suitably medieval for your Instagram frenzy, then this is as good a spot as any. Part of the ancient fortifications it's the only remaining gatehouse of its kind in Krakow.

Kościuszko Mound

Yes, big mounds. We thought that would get your attention. These mounds are entirely man-made and the spiral pathway leading to the top offer some of the best views of the city. The mound was originally built to honour local hero Tadeusz Kościuszko.

QI - Wait for the green man! You can be fined for crossing the road on a red light.

Activities & Challenges in Krakow

Krakow and the surrounding areas are rammed with all kinds of crazy stag activities and challenges offering weird and wonderful options you simply won't find back in Blighty, making it a great choice for stags looking to do something a bit different from the norm. If you were to ask us to pick our Top 5, then we'd say:

  • Target Shooting
  • Oil Wrestling
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • AK47 Shooting
  • Party Tram

There, we've said it. Happy now?!

QI - Krakow was one of the first cities to be given world heritage status, yes, it's older than some of your best man jokes!

Why Choose a Krakow Stag Do?

Here's a fun fact - there are over 300 bars and pubs in Krakow's Old Town alone. And if that extreme density of nightlife isn't enough to entice you and the boys to the Polish party capital then the adrenaline-pumping Krakow stag do adventures will. Seriously, this pre-wedding destination is the pivo-powered, supermodel-packed, vodka-drinking city of your beer-fuelled fantasies and it's cheap. If you and the boys love getting a good bargain as much as you enjoy a good drink, then in Krakow you'll get far more zling for your zloty. On average drinks prices are just half of those in the UK, and the same can be said for most of what you'll try on your big weekend in Eastern Europe.

But this is your groom's last hurrah as a single gent, so StagWeb's low rates will drive down costs even further, leaving you with plenty in the budget to see him off in style.

Stag Fact #1 - Krakow (allegedly) has the highest density of bars in the entire world

Where to Stay On Your Krakow Stag Do

The phenomenal Old Town district is the place to be when it comes to your Krakow stag do. So that's exactly where we'll be putting you, where we know from our personal experience (seriously, we've partied here just to make sure, it's a hard life, we know) that you'll have the best time. We've got a huge range of hotels and hostels where you'll experience the best of Polish hospitality in a fantastic position only a hop, skip and a seriously stiff vodka shot from the best clubs, pubs and bars that Krakow has to offer.

And because we've been working with many of our suppliers since 2002, we have secured the best stag deals that we gladly pass on to each and every one of our adventure seeking groups. What does this mean for you? It means that when you book with StagWeb, you'll receive -

  • Lower rates
  • Flexible bookings
  • Complete financial protection

Not convinced? See our StagWeb reviews here.

Stag Fact #2 - Krakow's signature honey vodka can range from anywhere between 40-100% ABV.

What to Do On Your Krakow Stag Do

Krakow might be famed for its incredible nightlife but there's more to this city than late nights and amazing vodka. The Polish party capital has some of the greatest activities known to stag-kind, many of which you can't try back in the UK, which makes things all the more interesting for veterans of the pre-wedding weekend as you may well end up taking on challenges that none of you have ever faced before, and quite possibly never will again. Target Shooting? Here's the AK47. Snowmobile Racing? Take these controls. Oil Wrestling? Meet "Hilda" the Bulgarian brute...

Here's a few of the greats -

  • Go Karting - Some things are classics for a reason and the reason go karting is such a stag do staple if because it’s brilliant fun. Especially on this 500m track in 200cc karts. Game on!
  • Whitewater Rafting - Take the groom down a certain creek without a paddle on a fast-running rapid course that the Polish use to train for the Olympics. *Gulp*
  • Bubble Football - Attempt to unleash your inner Robert Lewandowski as you do sporting battle in giant inflatable balls.
  • Quad Biking - Do your best Limp Bizkit impressions and get "rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin" all over the Polish countryside on 350cc quad bikes.

Stag Fact #3 - Legend states that Krakow is guarded by a dragon who sleeps beneath the city.

Krakow’s Party Scene

…It really is. For great whisky, you go to Scotland, for fantastic gin you come to England, for incredible rum you go jammin' to the Caribbean and for unbelievably strong vodka you come to Krakow. And whadd'ya know? They've got a huge range of clubs, pubs and bars for you to drink it in, all in close proximity of one-another, making partying in this popular stag destination incredibly easy. The best of Krakow's nightlife can be found in the Old-but-Gold Town with literally hundreds of amazing watering holes to explore. With that many venues, it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why a Guided Bar Crawl is a great way to kick off the weekend, while our delicious Brewery Dinners make for the perfect start to a big night out in Krakow with hearty pub grub, beer tubes, "mad dog" shots and pull-your-own-pint-pumps.

Give the groom the VIP treatment...

  • Strip Boat - Sail down the Vistula River with a delicious BBQ, a stiff welcome drink and a seriously sexy shipmate stripping for your viewing pleasure.
  • Booze Cruise - Fish and chips. Burgers and beers. Boats and stag parties. Some things just go together. Sail from bar to bar with your own personal skipper.
  • Nightclub Entry - Instant access to Krakow's hottest nightclub without the hassle of queuing like the rest of the mere mortals on your stag weekend.
  • Casino Experience - Ask yourselves, what would Bond do on a Krakow stag do? He'd head here, the city's best casino with a huge range of gaming tables and a brilliant table drinks service.

Stag Fact #4 - Krakow's football derby is nicknamed "The Holy War" by local fans.

Is a Krakow Stag Do Expensive?

Jetting off to Krakow can be stressful even when you're only managing your own funds, but when you're using everybody else's cash to pay for things like flights, accommodation and more, planning the stag weekend can suddenly seem like an impossible task. We take away the hassle of organising your groom's last hurrah as a single gent by offering you complete financial protection.

StagWeb are ABTA bonded (No. W7797) which means we adhere to strict codes of conduct giving both you and your booking total financial protection. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend of a lifetime.

How to Book Your Krakow Stag Do

Just send us your enquiry, it really is that simple. And while you're busy taking all the credit for organising the weekend, we'll be doing the hard work for you, putting together your ultimate custom-made package of accommodation, activities and nightlife. It's quick, easy and best of all, totally free with no obligations until you're 100% happy that we're the guys to get your party started.

Or you can give us a call on 01225 474200. We love talking about all stag weekends no matter the size, so pick up the phone and let's start planning your Krakow adventure today.

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