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Tonight, we're gonna party like it's 1992!

That was the last time Leeds won football's top flight but the city's party credentials are bang up to date.
Leeds stag weekends offer amazing activities, great prices and legendary nightlife.

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"...Our service from StagWeb was flawless from start to finish. We couldn't recommend them highly enough...."

Leeds stag weekend -
01/03/2019 -
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8 Top Leeds Stag Do Ideas

  1. Paintball - Give the groom a complete Dulux makeover. Game on!
  2. Quad Bikes - Time to test your driving skills to the max.
  3. Go Karts - Fast and furious wheel to wheel stag weekend action.
  4. Foot Golf - Two of the greatest sports collide in this competitive mash-up.
  5. Beer Tasting - When in Rome… When on a stag weekend…
  6. Off-road Karts - Get off road and personal on these mazing racing machines.
  7. Battle Archery - It's like darts… Except you get to shoot at people.
  8. Bubble Football - That damned united haven't seen anything like this before!

A Guide To Your Leeds Stag Weekend

Best bars icon

Best Bars in Leeds

Nation Of Shopkeepers - Unlike Napoleon meeting his Waterloo, the Nation of Shopkeepers isn't where things end but where great nights begin.
Crowd of Favours - Without question one of our favourite pubs in a city overloaded with great venues. Good food, good beer, good times!
Smokestack - Superb funk, soul and blues venue. Great food, epic drinks menu and one of the best intermit live music venues in the north of England.

Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

Feb - National Yorkshire Pudding Day Leeds gets into the spirit of celebrating this fine fayre.
May - Live At Leeds A definite "I saw them back when..." gig, renowned for showcasing amazing talent alongside well established acts.
August - Leeds Festival One of the biggest gigs on the UK festival calendar.
September - Leeds International Beer Festival Oh yes... Beer, on an "international" scale!

"Ya get nowt for second place lad!"

Where icon

Where to Head...


Leeds is without doubt one of the hardest partying cities in the UK. In fact Leeds is where other cities go to learn how to party. From the pubs and bars around The Calls (close to the river), you can then head to Greek Street where you'll find many well known chains. Keeping things real, New Briggate is much like The Calls with a greater concentration of independent bars and restaurants.

Must see...

If you're looking for something a little more highbrow away from the Stag Dares and Drinking Games Leeds has plenty to offer.
National Armoury Museum - The National Collection of Arms and Armour.
Leeds & Liverpool Canal - The perfect spot to walk off any sore heads after a big night out.
Henry Moore Foundation - Another great spot to clear those heads and take in some amazing artworks. Bloody big ones.
Second World War Experience Centre - A great charity set up to preserve first hand accounts of WWII.

Pub Trivia

Inventions created in "God's own country" include; Flushing toilet, beer pump, catseyes, glider, mousetrap, Marks & Spencer, Sooty & Sweep.
The first ever moving pictures were filmed in Leeds.
Leeds residents are living in a gangsta golfer paradise with 21 golf courses.

Taste icon

A Taste of Leeds

Eats - Red's True Barbecue This is man cooking on a whole new scale and quite possibly the finest burgers in the world. Ever! Discover the gospel according to Red's, it's the art of BBQ taken to near religious fervour.
Drinks - The good folk of Yorkshire are rightly proud of their brewing heritage and keeping the flag flying is the superb Leeds Brewery. We recommend wrapping yourselves around a very fine pint of their finest brews, available at a few top notch watering holes including The Midnight Bell, Brewery Tap and Crowd of Favours.

Famous Yorkshire Sons

Jeremy Clarkson
David Seaman
Kevin Keegan
Gordon Banks
Brain Blessed
Thomas Crapper (inventor of the flush toilet)
Guy Fawkes
Sean Bean
Dick Turpin
Leigh Francis

Getting around icon

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Leeds

Leeds city centre has excellent transport links. The most cost effective tickets are MetroDay, Half MetroDay and Weekender tickets which give you unlimited transport on both bus and trains.
However for nights out the city centre is compact enough to navigate on foot and all StagWeb's stag accommodation is based right in the heart of the city centre keeping you within (bad) dancing distance of the best of the action.

Speaking Da Lingo

"Alreet cock?" - Hello Sir, how are you?
"Owt/Nowt" - Anything/Nothing
"'av a word wit best man flower, he'll be paying for all t'drinks." The best man will be paying for our beverages.
"Will 'e eck as like!" - I don't think he will.
"Mardy" - Moody
"Wazzock!" - Idiot
"'e got his head shot off at paintball and now e's bein' a right mardy wazzock!" - He took a few pellets during paintball and the old boy's not too happy about it.

36 Reasons Why Leeds Rocks!

The Accent - "T' accent is reet good and nay bother."

The Warehouse - Gentlemen, prepare to party. The Warehouse has been on top of the dance music scene in Leeds since the 80s with fans including dance legend Fatboy Slim. A top place for a big night out.

Leeds United - Historic Leeds United have had their share of controversy and footballing glory during their years in the top tiers of English football. But Tony Yeboah's wonder strike is still one of the best goals in Premier League history.

Leeds Festival - Not content with letting Reading have all the fun, in 1999 the city became the second host of one of the greatest festival line-ups ever featured in Blighty and has been thrilling music lovers from far and wide ever since.

Fazenda - This is real man food. Meat, superbly cooked and plenty of it and Fazenda is the perfect place to toast the blushing groom while getting incredibly well fed.

Get Shirty - Leeds were the first club to start selling replica club shirts back in the 1970's. If only all Newcastle fans could be talked into wearing their club shirt we could be saved from some terrifying sights.

Subbuteo - A generation of rainy Sunday afternoons thanks to the geniuses at Leeds based Waddingtons, who gave the world Subbuteo, Cluedo, Risk and the game behind many a family row Monopoly.

Sexy French Maids - Give your Leeds stag do a smoking-hot lift with our seriously sexy French Maids who'll act as your hostesses for an evening of banter and beery good times. Read more...

Crowd of Favours - This brilliant Yorkshire boozer is relaxed, understated and the perfect place to grab a few beers and a bite to eat on your big weekend.

Tetley's vs Houdini - In 1911, Tetley's challenged the world's greatest performer Harry Houdini to escape from a padlocked cask of ale. The stunt went wrong and Houdini had to be rescued. Tetley's 1 - Houdini 0.

Football Heroes - Leeds has produced a few notable names in the beautiful game including Johnny Howson, Aaron Lennon and James Milner.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot, Ruby, Oh My God, Everyday I Love You Less and Less, no it isn't a description of the nearly-wed's impending married life, but the banger-filled back catalogue of one of Leeds' most successful bands!

Oracle Bar - The future is bright. Especially if you spend some of it in this amazing bar/nightclub. Oracle offers good tunes, good drinks, good crowd, good times!

Carnival - The city's Carnival is the oldest of its kind in all of Europe. It's a truly brilliant, colorful celebration of Caribbean culture with plenty of great food, music and great atmosphere.

Meat Liquor - This brilliant restaurant celebrates the two essential ingredients in any manly man's diet; meat, and booze. Help yourselves to plenty in Meat Liquor's chilled-out surroundings and thank the stag-do gods for providing you with such an epic joint.

Darts - Leeds was the first English city to broadcast this great sport from Leeds Irish Centre's 'Indoor League'. We would have loved to have seen the 'Outdoor League'?!?

On A Mission - Club Mission is one of the city's best clubs. Top DJ's, superb sounds and plenty of Leeds lovelies to give the guys something to admire when they're not busy throwing shapes on the dancefloor.

Gangster's Paradise - Leeds was the hometown of ruthless 1900's New York gangster Owney 'The Killer' Madden. It's thought that he even had the local newspaper sent to him in the US because he missed home so much.

Scary Spice - The powerhouse behind 'Girl Power' and subject of many a teenage crush is a Leeds lass through and through.

Pryzm - A stag-sized party palace perfect for your Lords of the laughter on your big weekend. Get down to the biggest tunes and display your dad-dancing prowess on the 70's-style tiles.

Bubble Football - It's the beautiful game made hilarious. If you're sick of being skilled out by your mates, then this gives you the chance to not only play on a level field, but to also knock them into next week in your giant inflatable ball! See more...

Leigh Francis - The crazy mind that brought us Keith Lemon is another of Leeds' favourite sons. "Word to ya mum."

Gives You Wings - Leeds has had wings for over a century. The Blackburn Type D was built by Robert Blackburn here in 1912 and is still the oldest flying aeroplane in Britain.  

Jelly Tots - One of your favourite childhood sweets was accidentally discovered in Leeds when scientist Brian Boffey was trying to create a powdered jelly that set instantly when added to cold water.

Brazilian Soccer Schools - The now famous footy academy opened its first branch in Leeds back in 1996. Stag fact; Micah Richards is just one of the many players to have learnt skills here.

Twister - In the golden year of 1962, a bizarre tropical storm tore through the city causing absolute chaos. We wonder if they named it 'Hurricane Dingle'?

Barry Cryer - If you just thought "who?!?" then you need to educate yourself. This Leeds-born legend has written for some of Britain's most infamous comics including Spike Milligan, Tommy Cooper, The Two Ronnies and even Morecambe and Wise. Buy that man a pint!

HiFi - Incredibly popular with Leeds' student crowds as well as the young working professionals of the city, HiFi is bang on trend and perfect for lads looking for laid back vibes and tunes to bang your heads to.

Capitol Hill - Leeds architect Latrobe is the man responsible for Washington D.C.'s awe-inspiring 'United States Capitol' building. We assume they gave Leeds a McDonald's as a thank you.

Picture Perfect - Frenchman Louis Le Prince filmed the world's first moving pictures in Leeds back in 1888. The clip he filmed was only 2 seconds long, but we still reckon it's still better than Twilight.

Golfing paradise - This city is the home of no fewer than 21 public and private golf courses including Moortown, the site of the 1929 Ryder Cup which featured an appearance from legendary American golfer Walter Hagen, or so a little birdie tells us (sorry!).

Pop Culture - Leeds actually manages to attract more visitors each yeah than traditional English holiday destinations like Brighton and Torquay. Probably because of the city's epic clubs, bars and beautiful Yorkshire babes!?!

Antiques Roadshow - The most expensive piece of British furniture ever was a Leeds made Harrington Commode made by the renowned Thomas Chippendale, it was sold in auction for over £3,000,000 in 2010. That's a lot of money for a wooden toilet!

Ad Guru - When BBC local radio first came to Leeds, top boss Phil Sidey had to buy a greyhound and call it 'Radio Leeds' to ensure the station still got a mention in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Sooty & Sweep - Yorkshireman Harry Corbett came up with the idea for the popular children's puppets in Leeds. Seems like the perfect fancy dress theme to embarrass the blushing bridegroom...

Leeds Rhinos - In English Rugby League there has perhaps not been a more dominant force than the Leeds Rhinos. Their tough tackling style has brought respect of Rugby League fans the world over.

Top Tweeters

Leeds List - Daily updates on food, music and events in this epic city.

Leeds Inspired - All things art and culture in this creative town.


Leeds News - Get the lowdown on Yorkshire's biggest city.

Live at Leeds - The best local music talent from the city's premiere indie festival.

Leeds hosts its own international beer festival.

Why? Reasons for a Leeds stag do

Leeds. 'The UK's favourite city'. 'Visitor City of the Year'. 'The Knightsbridge of the North'. We could go on... (honestly guys, the accolades just keep coming). Small enough to be manageable, big enough to bring it home in style, the city has been welcoming the crowds for years and it does it with passion, charisma, a hearty 'ey up' and a huge appetite for entertainment. Regularly billed as a 'must visit city' it's undeniably one of the greatest destinations in the North. Take it from us gents, a Leeds stag do promises to be a truly unforgettable event.

There's a reason it was voted 'Best English city outside London': Leeds has your weekend covered. With a friendly welcome, buzzing nightlife, global menu, adventure playground on its doorstep AND a huge bill of entertainment, the city knows how to keep its guests happy... and at StagWeb we've got the accommodation, exclusive offers and expert team on hand to pull everything together for the ultimate stag experience.

When? The best of times

The city brings a little bit of everything to the occasion with quality sports venues, a solid line-up of live events and some pretty decent weather to its name (main men, terrace, cold beer or two...). It can certainly get busy at times, but with some careful planning a stag do in Leeds will be a sure fire hit any time of the year.

Sport guarantees extra bodies when the city's main venues are in action. There's always a buzz around Elland Road and the Carnegie Stadium when the home teams are in force and if you're a fan and can get tickets you're on for a memorable trip.

Summer sets the ball rolling for a season of events that defies you not to find something to take your fancy. Leeds Loves Food in May, while July's Party In the Park brings 70,000 music fans to the city to party in the... er... park, with the mighty Leeds Festival hot on its heels in August. The International Film Festival puts Leeds centre stage in November, quickly followed by the festive German Market, which will more than likely see everyone heading to Millennium Square to sample a glass or two of Germany's finest.

How? Getting to Leeds

Leeds is in a great location and easily accessible by road, rail or air. Major motorways link the city in all directions, so driving to your Leeds stag do is definitely a solid option. Leeds Railway Station provides frequent connections across the country and will see you from London to the city in a little over 2 hours, while Leeds-Bradford Airport lies less than 10 miles from the city.

Where? On location

Make your way riverside to the ultra-modern Brewery Wharf with its fancy bars, restaurants and laid-back city vibe, or head to the trendy Call Lane which boasts some of Leeds' top clubs and independent bars in the very heart of the city centre. The Exchange Quarter offers a tight selection of top notch dining and clubs, while Millennium Square takes its cocktails and champagne very seriously and has an unbeatable mix of live music, chic bars, global cuisine and traditional ales to boot. We have a great selection of 2, 3 and 4 star accommodation across the city but Leeds is a massively popular party destination, so it definitely pays to plan ahead.

What? Leeds stag weekend action...

Leeds won't just deliver on the nightlife, there's a pretty impressive range of activities available to keep the boys entertained during the day too. Thrill-seeking stags can get the adrenaline hit on the go-kart track, or get down and dirty with some full on 4X4 action, while the ultra-competitive can battle it out paintball style, or take to the rage buggies for an afternoon's time trials. For something altogether more relaxing dig out the plus fours for a morning on the green or opt for a session at one of the country's top clay pigeon sites. Fast-paced or chilled out, indoor or outdoor, our top selection of Leeds activities really does have something for everyone.

How much? The Leeds budget

The world's first motion pictures were shot in Leeds.

If you're looking for a top value stag weekend there are some great deals to be found in Leeds. Yes the city is a massively popular tourist destination so prices can rise at peak times, and it certainly has its fair share of fancier venues, but it's also home to one of the country's largest student populations and there's no shortage of affordable entertainment on offer. Whether you'd like to us to build you a unique bespoke weekend, or you want to take advantage of one of our proven ready-made packages we're confident we can deliver a stag weekend to suit your budget.

And now?

If a stag do in Leeds seems to fit the bill and you'd like more ideas, have a browse of our website and get in touch. Our friendly team are on hand to take care of the small details and put together the ultimate stag experience. So why not contact us today? StagWeb provides full financial protection and offer no risk, no obligation quotes.

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