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Magaluf Stag Review
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8 Best Magaluf Stag Do Ideas

  1. Catamaran Party Cruise - Join over 100 people on this awesome party cruise!
  2. Water Jetpack - Time to fly like the stag superheroes you are!
  3. Go Karts - Fast and furious action to decide who is the fastest stag.
  4. Jet Ski Racing - Skimming across the waves at high speed? Game on!
  5. Paddleboarding - One of the coolest looking watersports on the planet!
  6. Wakeboarding - Cooler than James Bond? Come see for yourselves...
  7. Adult Waterpark - An entire waterpark with bars and no kids. Hell yeah!
  8. Golf - You simply haven't played gold until you've played a course like this...

A Guide To Your Magaluf Stag Weekend

Best Bars in Magaluf

Magaluf’s reputation for partying is real. They take it very seriously here, with a whole ½ mile strip dedicated entirely to partying.

It’s not designed for shy stags, and only the most polished partiers will survive a night here. It’s well worth saving some cash during the day so you have more to spend at night on the banging drinks deals and late-night eateries for when the hungry hits. It’s wall-to-wall club heaven where you can join in the paint or foam party fun well into the early hours! Keep your eye out for famous DJ sets that’ll give you bragging rights for years to come when you tell the stories of your epic Magaluf stag party.

"Ricky tiene un pedo de mucho cuidado"
- Translates as "Ricky is really drunk."

Where to Visit in Magaluf


Magaluf is bursting at the seams with places to go for an epic stag night, but the only street signs you should be looking out for read "Punta Bellena". Magaluf's famous party strip, Punta Bellena brings pristine beaches, buzzing nightlife and an anything goes atmosphere together for one of the best party streets in the world!

Must see...

Making it to Black Lizard Island is something of a Magaluf rite of passage. The small, uninhabited (Well ... apart from lot of black lizards) island sitting of the bay of Magaluf is frequented by a large number of holidaymakers every year, who swim or pedalo out to the island. It's a lot of fun, and great place to rest off any hangovers.

Pub Trivia

Magaluf is sunny 95% of the year.
The Carthaginians were the first civilisation in Magaluf from 3,000 BC to 123 BC.
Magaluf has two official languages, Spanish and Catalan.
Magaluf has two names ... the other one is Magalluf.

A Taste of Magaluf

Eats - Ensaimadas are a must try while you're in Magaluf, and Ca'n Joan de S'aigo, Palma's oldest ice cream parlor, serves us some of the best of these sweet pastries.

Drinks - If you need to beat the heat on your scorching stag do you can't go wrong with Spain's national drink, Sangria! Loved by all, this ice cold wine cocktail is the ultimate day time drink.

Getting Around Magaluf

Magaluf is small enough to be tackled on foot with everything being close to the beach and some world class nightlife the only need for using public transport would be to travel to any of Mallorca's other highlights.

Of course if you're looking to get back to your accommodation in a hurry or want to save your legs for running Baywatch style along the beach or dad dancing in the nightclubs taxis are good, cheap way to get around. Buses travel around the island too and are not too expensive, however routes around the resort are limited.


"Hola" - Hi.
"Qué camino al bar más cercano?" - Which way to the nearest bar?
"Puedo tomar una cerveza, por favor?" - Can I have a beer, please?
"Puedo tener mucha más cerveza, por favor?" - Can I have a lot more beer, please?
"Te apetece mi amigo?" - Do you fancy my friend?
"Senorita" - Miss.

Magaluf Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Magaluf


Gatwick, Manchester, Leeds Bradford and Glasgow airports all offer flights direct to Magaluf (be sure to check well in advance to be on the safe side) which will take about 2 hrs and 30 mins.

Getting from Magaluf Airport to the City Centre

You’ll be flying to Palma de Mallorca Airport and from there it is a 27-kilometre journey to the party town of Magaluf (which will take around 30 minutes by car). The easiest and least hassle way of getting to Magaluf is via an airport transfer which will whisk you from the airport to your accommodation in a flash. There are also taxis as well as buses which vary in price.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

As in most places, a 10 per cent tip in restaurants is the general rule of thumb if you’ve enjoyed a nice meal and good service. You’re not expected to tip for drinks.

Price of Beer in Magaluf

As this is party central, there are loads of daytime drinks deals knocking about, and you could get a pint for as little as €1.

Magaluf Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 15/8
  • February - 16/8
  • March - 17/9
  • April - 19/11
  • May - 23/14
  • June - 27/18
  • July - 30/21
  • August - 30/22
  • September - 27/19
  • October - 24/16
  • November - 19/11
  • December - 16/9

Is Magaluf Good for a Stag Do?

If you and the boys are looking for a colossal party then Magaluf is the place to head. Not only are the nights unrivalled, but there are also a load of great daytime activities to keep you all occupied and help you conquer those hangovers.

22 Reasons Magaluf is An Awesome Place to Party

Ensaïmada - These fantastic local pastries are way too good. Their name is derived from the Arab word for 'fat', they are, you will be, but they're still amazing.

The Strip - This is one of those things you have to see to believe. A stroll down 'Carrer de la Punta Bellena' is tantamount to a barrage of neon lights and pulsating bass beats promising and delivering a legendary night of Magaluf stag weekend fun!

Guided Bar Crawl - The strip is packed with brilliant bars but you don't want to waste time on your Magaluf stag do trying to figure out which ones are worth visiting. To find out where's hot and where's not hook onto one of our epic guided bar crawls. See more...

Pop Culture - More than 27,832,865 people visit this island every year to experience the best of the Spanish sun, sea and unforgettable nights out.

Office -Throw some shapes in this awesome party-spot that's become a massive favorite with the Magaluf faithful in recent years and ask yourselves why your office in Blighty isn't more like this?!?

Beach Boys - Magaluf's beaches are brilliant. Full of bikini-babes, there's no better way to sweat out a hangover than to simply lie back and let the Spanish rays work miracles.

150,000,000 years old - Fascinatingly, Mallorca is exactly the same age as Bruce Forsyth?!?

Baywatch Bar - Let's be honest now lads, who didn't fancy the pants off Pamela Anderson in hit TV show Baywatch? Now you can grab a coldie in this brilliant themed bar with podium dancers, drink towers and waitresses dressed as Baywatch Babes.

Cave Men - Did you know that Mallorca has a massive underground cave system? The Jam have yet to release a tribute single.

Booze Cruise - Top DJs, great tunes, cold beers, hunger-conquering grub and bikini-clad eye-candy. The perfect way to party! Find out more...

Sobrasada Sausage - If you love a good banger then give the local delicacy a bash. They're surprisingly good.

Chaplin's - This party spot is LEGENDARY in Maga. Nights here are exclusively massive, and the party games played before midnight always ends in absolute hilarity.

Coyote Ugly - Yep, it doesn't get sexier than this. Based on the hit movie of the same name, the Coyote Ugly is full of tight-topped babes and beery good times. Top tip; don't ask for water...

300 Days of Sun - Magaluf enjoys an astonishing 300 days of sunlight a year, meaning that the beaches are always lively and the skirts are short.

Beer Lovers - With the guys behind Beer Lovers, there really are no gimmicks. If you're purveyors of fine pints then their great beers really are worth getting your lips around.  

BCM Planet Dance - A stunning party palace filled with neon lights, local Latino lovelies and some of the biggest names in electronic dance music. Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Deadmau5, have all played here.

The Beach Club - Take a splash in the pool, throw some moves on the dance floor or just sit poolside with the lads and scout the local 'talent' whilst sipping on an ice cold beer. The Beach Club is the stuff of stag party dreams.

Birthday Suits - Mallorca has its fair share of nude beaches, they're mostly private and largely full of hairy German businessmen so don't get your hopes up.

Stereo - This bar is chilled out to the max during the day, offering the perfect grub to ease that hangover. But the sun sets it's a totally different affair. Stereo lights up in an explosion of colour, and in-house DJs whip the party crowd up creating a superb atmosphere for a big night out.

Placa - This brilliant restaurant is a great place to come for a quality meal on your big weekend. With daily menus you're guaranteed something different every time you stay, making each Placa experience a truly unique and delicious affair. 

Mambo's - The locals rate Mambo's as being the best bar in the Magaluf resort during the day, and they don't think the evenings are too bad either! With banging tunes, stiff cocktails and a genuinely buzzing following, this is the place to be.

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Why Go On a Magaluf Stag Do

If you were hoping for a sun soaked weekend with a bit of flamenco and sample some paella on your Magaluf stag do, you're definitely in the wrong place. Spain's most infamous resort is all about the insane, intense partying, with the sort of electrifying nightlife that's as hot as the weather in Magaluf. The clubbing scene is literally second to none, as the resort hosts Europe's largest super club. Magaluf has spent the last decade building itself in to the premier partying spot for British lads who want to get out of the country and experience something incredible on their holiday - what could be more perfect for a stag do? Well, there's always the three colossal beaches, the clear Balearic sea, and the temperature in the 30s at the height of summer. If you're looking to treat your mate to a world-class stag do, there's no place like Magaluf.

It's not all about the nightlife (although come on, a lot of it is). There's plenty to do during the day as well. When you're done nursing your hangover, there's watersports, beach games, booze cruises, and a boat-load of other activities to enjoy too. Take a quick flick through our suggestions to see what you'd like to do on your Magaluf stag weekend - once you've exhausted sunbathing around a pool, of course.

When is the Best Time for a Magaluf Stag Do?

Magaluf is strictly a summer time destination. Come winter the clubs close for the season, leaving behind a party free ghost town, rather than the usual buzzing party hotspot. Over winter you and the boys will still find a few of the clubs open, but the best of Magaluf will have shut down for the season. Luckily, although Magaluf is definitely at its premium during July and August, the summer months go on for longer than you'd think. Clubs generally will open for the season around the end of May, and stay open until mid October. Around Easter is also a pretty busy time, if you can get over then.

Where is Best to Stay on a Magaluf Stag Weekend?

We're presuming you'll want to be near the biggest, busiest party spots around - and on a Magaluf stag do, that means near The Strip (or Carrer de la Punta Ballena, to give it its full name). Any hotels or apartments in central Magaluf should be easily within walking distance of The Strip, as well as close to all the main shopping, restaurants, and bars around town. As a bonus, any accommodation you book with StagWeb comes with a few bonuses too (besides the fantastic location and excellent value, obviously). Chilled champagne on arrival is the least of it - check out our accommodation page for more information.

How to Get to Magaluf

Magaluf doesn't have its own airport, but Mallorca does - Palma de Mallorca. Only a 20 minute drive from Magaluf, it's easily your best (and only) way of getting the lads on island. Plenty of airports will fly out to the holiday hotspot, particularly around summer - cheap options like easyJet or Ryanair will go from cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Liverpool, as well as London airports like Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick. Essentially, wherever the boys are coming in from, you'll have no trouble getting out and in for your Magaluf stag do.

Booking Your Magaluf Stag Do

We know, we know - there are literally dozens of holiday companies organising trips to Magaluf, why shouldn't you go with one of them and take care of the stag do bit yourselves?

It's simple. Because we're better.

Here at StagWeb, we've been putting together stag parties since 2002 - so we've had a pretty long time to practice, and by now we've got it down to a fine art. This means good things for you and your stag party, since we already know the leading clubs in the area, the best value hotels, and the wildest activities during the day... and we're willing to share that knowledge with you. Finding everything in one place is much easier than having to hunt down everything individually, and we've got literally everything you need just ready and waiting. Don't believe us? Just have a look through our packages, which combine accommodation, activities and nightlife in to one organised bundle, with boring bits like transport between places and timings already taken care of for you. We're also sure that because of our longstanding relationships with those on the ground in Magaluf, we can find you better deals and offers than you'll be able to find yourself.

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