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8 Best Manchester Stag Do Ideas

  1. Inflatable Games- Tackle inflatable obstacles as you take on various crazy stag challenges.
  2. Wrestling School - Let's get ready to rumble! Time to channel your inner Hulk Hogan, fellas!
  3. Go Karting - High-octane, wheel to wheel stag action! A race for the bragging rights!
  4. Clay Shooting - "Pull!" Discover the group's sharpshooter in this stag on stag event.
  5. Urban Axe Throwing - Imagine playing darts but where the darts have the ability to fell trees.
  6. Foot Golf - The best combo since fish and chips! Two of the world's greatest games in one.
  7. Urban Axe Throwing - Stag competition 2.0. Darts, but for real men!
  8. Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience - Yes, gents, this isn't your ordinary drinking activity!

A Guide To Your Manchester Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

Manchester is essentially a giant stag weekend playground with more epic activities than you can shake a hungover groom at. We’d give a particular nod to:

Bubble Football - A hilarious (full force) take on the beautiful game.
Escape Game - Possibly the most terrifying stag activity in Manchester. A group of stags find themselves locked in a room... "Do you want to play a game?"

Where to Drink in Manchester

Where to start?! Castlefield comes alive at the weekend with plenty of places to fill up your glass from traditional boozers to buzzing bars. Chilling out over a cool craft ale or a tall glass of your favourite liquor is a great party starter.

Head on over to The Northern Quarter for an array of eclectic cocktail bars where the 2-for-1 deals keep on coming. It’s trendy, quirky and the no.1 choice for locals.

Canal Street isn’t just a hotbed of great pubs and exciting spirit havens, but it’s home to Gay Village so every stag can feel included in the fun. The atmosphere at the weekend is always lively and always promises everything you need for a great night out contained to one street!

"Manchester's got everything except a beach."
Ian Brown - The Stone Roses

Where to Head...


  • Deansgate Locks are the famous haunt of many a Premier footballer and Coronation St lovely.
  • Northern Quartergives an entirely different, more boho vibe for arty stags.
  • Printworks & Millennium Quarter - put on your metaphorical dancing shoes and get ready to party Madchester style!
  • Castlefield is the place to be if you’re in a Rat Pack kind of mood, in the summer months this is definitely the place to watch girls go by.
  • Oxford Road is a budget-friendly, mile-long strip very popular with students owing to the more generous pint per pound ratio.
Pub Trivia

The name Manchester derives from the Latin "Mamicum" which means "breast shaped hill".
The Football League was formed at the Manchester’s Royal Hotel, in April 1888, last orders were called before the signing but attendees declared "Fergie time" to get a few extra minutes (although we might have made that bit up).
If you laid all the bricks in the Manchester viaduct end to end, they would stretch to Madrid and back
(and if you laid out all the bricks in the shape of a viaduct, they would be as long as Manchester viaduct).

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Manchester

Manchester has great travel links, as well as the bus network you can hop on and off Metrolink trams. For quicker and more budget-friendly travel in Manchester pick up a System One travelcard.


"Proper" - Very
"It was proper, cool man." - It really was marvellous, Sir.
"Buzzing" - Excited/happy
"I was like buzzing an that." - I really was jolly pleased.
"Fettling" - Doing/Fixing
How ya fettling, lad? - How are you doing, old chap?
"Keks" - Trousers
"’e’s wearing some right jazzy keks. Looks proper dodgy." - His trousers are a touch bright and it is perhaps a questionable sartorial decision.
"Ginnel" - Alley
"’e were right crap in’t net, ‘e couldn’t stop a pig in a ginnel." - He wasn’t very good in goal, I dare say he couldn’t catch a pig in an alley.
"Pea wet" - The water that peas come in.
"I’ll ‘av fish, chips, peas and pea wet please luuve." - There simply isn’t a Southern translation!
"Give yer ‘ead a wobble." - Too have a rethink.
"You’ve not got pea wet down ‘ere? You wanna give your head a wobble!" - You don’t serve pea water down south? You should reconsider your actions forthwith.
 "Rain" - Manchester equivalent of air.

39 Reasons Why Manchester Rocks!

Chip Barmcake - In our humble opinion this is probably Manchester's greatest invention. Simply put, its chips stuffed into a bread roll with a healthy amount of red sauce squeezed on top; wave that hangover bye-bye boys!

Mummies - Manchester is the only place in the world where you can study them and get a degree for it. And no, we don't mean the kind that used to cook your tea every night!

Karl Pilkington - We've all got weird and wonderful mates, but perhaps none like the baffling Karl Pilkington considering quotes like 'People are always saying they were born to do a certain job, but what if you were born to do a job you didn't like?'

Manchester United - Arguably the most supported club on the planet and England's most successful team. Sir Alex Ferguson's tenure brought about great things for the club who perhaps haven't been the same since.

Manchester City - The noisy neighbours have given the red rivals less to crow about and with their wealthy owners showing no signs of closing the cheque book and an impressive squad more silverware is likely.

Stadium Tour - Whether your football colours are red or blue, our Stadium Tours are perfect for your Manchester stag party to go behind the scenes of two of the UK's biggest clubs. Find out more...

Football Mad - One fan apparently took his love for The Red Devils too far and in 1997 his wife case cited her husband's obsession with Utd as the grounds for a divorce. To be fair you would want to divorce someone who became a Man U fan.

Sankeys - There aren't many clubs in town that'll let you experience Ibiza nightlife on your Manchester stag do but Sankeys is one of them. The best DJs in the country can be found here churning out cutting-edge bangers until the early hours.

Australasia - Creative food is what the talented people behind Australasia do best. Be honest, when else have you been able to try Indonesian, Japanese and Aussie food all under one roof? And it's all awesome!  

Emmeline Pankhurst - The Manchester born leader of the suffragette movement brought about massive changes for women suffering at the hands of men. But what about men suffering at the hands of women? When will men stand up and protest against the hours we're forced to spend in shoe shops?

The Liars Club - This seriously slick speakeasy is quite simply one of the coolest bars on the planet! Don't' believe us? Check it out for yourselves, you won't be disappointed.

Venus - A favourite with the party-loving locals and students alike, Venus is a great alternative to the city's brasher clubs. Grab a beer and let the good times roll with epic live bands, top DJs and one of the most vibrant crowds in town. 

Oasis - Noel and Liam might be at each other's throats, but we'll happily wait for a reunion if it means we get the chance to hear hits like Wonderwall and Cigarette & Alcohol live for one last time.

Class of 92 - Neville, Neville, Giggs, Scholes, Butt and Beckham totally transformed both United and briefly the hopes of England fans. Is there honestly anyone that wouldn't give their entire Panini sticker collection to see talent like that emerge through their own club's academy?

Tribeca - Gentleman, prepare to party! Tribeca is simply awesome; we've never seen so many booths to drink in; although there's still plenty of space to mingle with the lovely locals on your way to get the next round in...

Michelle Keegan - This lovely lady began her career on Coronation Street but has since turned her attention to modelling and just generally looking absolutely gorgeous wherever she goes. A brilliant move, we reckon!?!

Curry Mile - The 'Curry Mile', a massive row of establishments featuring no fewer than 70 curry houses and it ain't 'alf hot mum.

China Town - If you'd rather go 'mental, mental chicken oriental' then the city's China Town has some amazing Chinese and Asian restaurants for all tastes.

Mojo Bar - Mojo claims to have 'everything except the beach' and to be honest, they're not lying. We didn't even know that so many rum-based cocktails existed?!?

New Manc? - In Jude Law's 2004 remake of British classic Alfie, they actually transformed entire Manchester streets to look like the big apple. 'Bloody hell Audrey, t'Statue of Liberty has taken over Old Trafford?!?'

The Alchemist - This brilliant bar and restaurant realize that mixing the best food and drink really does come down to a precise science. We've performed our own experiments, and we've come to the conclusion that you should probably give The Alchemist a visit.

Professional Football - We've got Manchester to thank for the existence of professional footy in the first place! In 1888, the world's first pro league was set up in the Royal Hotel, inspiring over 100 years of triumph, tragedy and relegation tears.

Car-puccino - In 2010, a car fuelled only by coffee made its way from London to Manchester, stopping every 60 miles to refuel and using the equivalent of 11,000 espressos along the way. That's a latte caffeine!

Train-ing Day - Manchester has a whopping 98 train stations. That's one hell of a lot of trainspotters!

Atomic - Manchester was the site of one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in modern history as Ernest Rutherford first split the atom here in 1919. Is it just us, or is there a double entendre in there somewhere? Your move Big Bang Theory...

Coronation Street - OK, so we're not big fans of the storylines, scripts, acting or Rovers Return but Michelle Keegan, Samie Ghadie, Georgia May Foote, Catherine Tyldesley.... Hello!!!

The Smiths - The unashamedly grumpy Morrissey might not be everyone's cup of verbal, vegan tea but you can't deny the staying power of hit tunes like This Charming Man and How Soon is Now?

Danny Boyle - One of the nation's most prolific filmmakers, Danny Boyle is a true British visionary. Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire and the sensational 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Alan Turing - Not only did Turing crack the Nazi enigma code and shorten WWII dramatically but if it wasn't for the 'father of computers' you wouldn't be reading this right now!

Fifth - One of Manchester's most popular clubs, Fifth is always buzzing on a weekend as people from all over the city flock to the dance-floor to throw shapes to the current chart hits and golden oldies alike.

Tony Wilson - You might not have heard of him before, but without this music mogul we would never have had Joy Division tunes like Love Will Tear Us Apart on our airwaves as he started his own record label, Factory Records upon discovering the now infamous Manchester band. Nice one, Tony!

Joy Division - Speaking of which, this band provided the moody soundtrack for many British lad's youth in the 80s, and they're still widely celebrated today despite releasing only two studio albums due to Ian Curtis' untimely death.

Karl Marx - As well as having a 'great big bushy beard' Karl Marx also met Frederick Engels for the first time here in 1842, forming a friendship which resulted in the birth of socialism.

New Order - As if the members of Joy Division hadn't already given enough to the musical zeitgeist, after Curtis' death they formed dance music outfit New Order and sparked a nationwide clubbing revolution. World in Motion is still a banger!

Anthony Burgess - Stanley Kubrick owed a large proportion of his cinematic success to this Manchester-trained writer, as without his seminal novel A Clockwork Orange he would never have been able to produce the award winning film based on the book.

Rolls Royce - Henry Royce and Charles Rolls met in Manchester in 1904 and thus the now-famous car manufacturers was born. The Queen still uses hers today, which if some pensioners driving is anything to go by is actually quite a worrying fact...

Paul Scholes - Born and bred Mancunian Paul Scholes is without a doubt one of the greatest English players of all time, with even Arsenal legend Thierry Henry admitting that Scholes is the greatest Premier League player of all time.

Bubble Football - Madder than Louis Van Gaal at a pre-match press conference, Bubble Football is the Manchester stag do activity you never knew you wanted to try. Discover more...

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Why a Manchester stag do?

Manchester home of the 24 Hour Party People and Theatre of Dreams it’s a city that knows how to party and rarely closes its eyes. The famed hangout of WAGS, Premiership players and Karl Pilkington. Ok forget the last bit but if you’re still deciding where to hold your stag do, Manchester should certainly figure towards the top of any list.

Manchester has always had something of a swagger in its walk, rightly proud of its working class, industrial roots which has fuelled its resident’s artistic endeavours for decades. Oasis, Pixie Lot, The Stone Roses, Peter Saville have all walked Lowry’s cobbled streets although the "cats, dogs and matching clogs..." are believed to have been optional. Ask not what you can do for Manchester but what your Manchester stag do can do for you... And if you choose it’s northern lights then Manchester can do a lot.

If this is your first time organising a stag weekend and you’re in need of ideas there’s no shortage of party pleasure palaces for your nights on the tiles and more sporting, mechanised or downright crazy activities than Roy Keane fans can wave a prawn sandwich at.

As famed as it is for its sporting endeavours the city has an equal renown for a party scene that spans decades, considered something of a backwater compared to it’s other noisy neighbour Liverpool, "Madchester" re-emerged in the late 80’s and 90’s with a massive music and club scene mostly lead by the legendary Hacienda club which Newsweek Magazine called "The most famous club in the world." Since then the city has grown from strength to strength and the once largely ignored backstreet club scene has given way to a massively diverse nightlife.

How can we find the best Manchester has to offer?

Simply put, you don’t have to. We’ve already done it for you. We’ve helped plan many a Manchester stag do and so know not only the best the city has to offer but because we’re been operating in the city for so long we have exclusive deals on activities, accommodation and nightlife that are unrivalled in our field.

If you want more info you can send us a quick enquiry.

When should we plan to visit?

To be honest there is no bad time for a trip to Manchester. Like anywhere in the UK it has the great British weather to consider. Manchester seems to celebrate its rainy reputation but in fact its average rainfall is not as bad as some of its grumpier residents would have everyone believe. Rain or shine Manchester still has much to offer.

Places to go, things to do, people to see... So where’s the party at?

Manchester is spoilt for choice in terms of nights out. It has a great music scene as you can imagine of a city that has produced so many world renowned acts in the past. Whether its musical lineage is to your tastes or not is hard to argue with a geographical back catalogue that includes; The Smiths, Oasis, The Happy Mondays, Badly Drawn Boy, Herman’s Hermits, Simply Red, Beady Eye, Joy Division, The Bee Gees, Chemical Brothers and George Formby!

It’s also been no slouch on the comedy front either; Jason Manford, Caroline Aherne, Chris Addison, Doug Naylor, Les Dawson, Mark Addy all cut their comedy chops growing up in the city. And if comedy is your thing then we can arrange a great comedy night for you, including a comedy roast of the groom so you can see him not just shot down by your own gags but actually roasted properly by a professional in front of a paying audience while you and the rest of the stags can sit back, laugh and enjoy your handy work.

And with a myriad of party districts full of a dizzying array of great pubs, bars and clubs it really is hard to beat in terms of variety. Daytimes aren’t too shabby either with some amazing activities for you to enjoy, white water rafting, a specialist go karting venue unlike any other and one of the best multi-activity sites in the UK.

Anything to declare?

It's a city frequented by the rich and famous as well as having more than its fair share of Lancastrian lovelies to enrich its many wonderful beauty spots. Want to sit in the sun with an ice cool beer watching the girls go by? A stadium tour of one of the most celebrated grounds in the footballing world? Catch an upcoming band or the next big comedy legend? Or are you simply looking for top draw activities, great nights out and more pies than a Greggs’ staff outing? Manchester stag do... We’re mad for it!

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