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The Only Way is Marbs

It's no wonder Marbella is the party playground of the rich and famous. Now your Marbella stag weekend can get in on the action and become stag legends... It's going to get messy!

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Marbella reviews

What they said about Marbella...

"...Amazing! Incredible stag made so much easier by you guys. Couldn't fault it at all...."

Marbella stag weekend -
21/06/2018 -
5/5 stars

1200+ reviews! See more here...

8 Best Marbella Stag Do Ideas

  1. Water Assault Course - Bring your Ninja Warrior skills to the beach.
  2. Catamaran Charter - Party like Premier League stag do legends.
  3. Foot Golf - The ultimate sporting mash-up. Game on!
  4. Ocean Club - Welcome to Marbella's No.1 party hotspot.
  5. Water Park - Massive laughs for stags who refuse to grow up!
  6. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage. With big balls.
  7. Mud Buggies - "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads."

A Guide To Your Marbella Stag Weekend

Best bars icon
Best Bars in Marbella

Linekers - Perhaps one of the most famous party destinations in Spain, Linekers is perhaps the place to party and no Marbella stag do is complete with stopping by.
News Cafe - Forget the 'café' monika, you won't even see a mug of tea, what you will find is a funky harbourside bar where you can sip champagne on the roof garden dancing to top tunes.
Babilonia - This superb and sophisticated open air cocktail bar will add a little class to your evening where you'll find hookah pipes, trendy clientele, plenty of eye candy and great music.

Event calendar icon
Event Calendar

Feb - Marbella Carnival. It's as if the circus has come to town, but with less clowns and more fireworks and beer.
Jun - Fiesta de San Juan. Its a pyromaniac's dream come true. Huge bonfire's, fireworks, parades, live music in a huge nationwide party.
July - Starlite. Some of the world's biggest artists drop by for a bit of a huge open air Festival. Expect the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie and The Village People (?!?).
August - Marbella Festival. 25,000 people will be getting together for a big weekender with live music, DJs & more.

"Sod this, I'm off to Marbella."
- George Best

Where icon
Where to Head...

Districts - Marbello is a party paradise with enough bars and legendary superclubs to wipeout even the most determined bar crawlers. Puerto Deportivo has some great bars but most of the real action is found just up the coast in the infamous Puerto Banus. Seriously, Banus rocks!

Must See... - Puerto Banus - Playground of the rich and famous, beautiful yachts (worth more than entire housing estates!) are dripping in opulence and long legged lovelies. It's the perfect place to take a stroll and to walk off any sore heads. You'll also find lots of great cafes, restaurants and bars. "Hair of the dog guys..?"

Pub Trivia

'Marbs' is a Mecca for celebs and many come to worship it's golden beaches and bar culture. Celebs to have owned homes there include; Lord Sugar, Antonio Banderas, Simon Cowell, Vladimir Putin, Dolph Lundgren, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Andy Gray and the late Mike Reid.
Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia bought a plot of Marbella cost and built a €108 million replica of the White House.
Marbella has 21 golf courses.

Taste icon
A Taste of Marbella

Eats - Colores Y Sabores. For a real flavour of Spanish cuisine this great restaurant is ideal. Its extensive tapas menu is popular with the locals, which is always a good sign. You can dine al fresco and enjoy a few local cervezas.
Drinks - Orujo. A traditional way to end a Spanish meal is with a glass of Orujo which is a type of Spanish brandy and can be up to 100°. It doesn't just have a kick like a donkey but the whole Spanish national team!

Getting around icon
On Ya Bike! Getting Around Marbella

There's a really easy bus service running from the airport to the town centre. Buses are pretty much the only form of public transport, the station is based in the centre of town and prices are cheap. Taxis are less expensive than the UK but it's always best to agree a price before starting your journey.

Speaking Da Lingo

"Hola" - Hi
"Por Favor" - Please
"Gracias" - Thank you
"Una cervaza por favour" - A beer please
"Dos cervezas por favour" - Two beers please
"Un montón de cervezas por favour" - Lots of beers please
"El novio va a pagar por todo" - The groom will pay for everything
"Quieres bailar conmigo?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"No" - No
"Misspeedosestán llenas cangrejos" - My speedos are full of crabs
"Esa es una buena burra de aspecto!" - Now that's one nice looking donkey!

37 Reasons Why Marbella Rocks!

Tibu - This is one club worthy of your finest threads, Tibu is effortlessly stylish and as a result, the girls are all dressed like supermodels and the faithful crowds have grown to expect the high-class clubbing thrills that Tibu routinely delivers.

Semanta Santa - Party in the streets! This awesome festival dates all the way back to medieval times and it generally means big tunes, sexy senoritas and plenty of sangria.

News Café - News just in - this club is awesome! Banging tunes, beautiful girls and one of the most relentless crowds in town makes a visit to News Café a must on your Marbella stag do.

Lemmon - This club is equal parts stylish and relaxed during the evening, but once 11pm passes it becomes one of the most rocking late night venues in town. You might say that Lemmon is only the very zest!

The Wolf of Marbella - The late king of Saudi Arabia used to bring 3000 of his close personal friends to Marbella (who has 3000 close mates?) spending around 80,000,000 Euros during each stay. #Balling.

Beach Club - A visit to this exclusive Beach Club is a one-way ticket to Marbella stag weekend paradise. Grab an ice-cold beer and get down to top tunes or simply soak up the Spanish rays while enjoying top banter with the lads.

Villa-ins - Rich and infamous folk have flocked to Marballa for decades, Brinks-Mat henchmen, Great Train robbers and other major crime figures have 'retired' on the Costa del Crime.

Water Park - Your Marbella stag do is the perfect time to forget all your adult responsibilities and simply let your inner child run wild on this brilliant water park's rides, slides and wave pools. Discover more...

Rubbing Shoulders - You can buy a €80,000 flat in Marbella, and somehow still end up living next door to a €15,000,000 villa?! Time to invite the neighbours round for beers then...

Footy Famous - Marbella's list of footballing residents has included Zinedine Zidane, Santi Cazorla, Vincent del Bosque and the ever-controversial Andy Gray. Olay!

Antonio Banderas - If you don't agree that Zorro is the sword-swinging, caped-crusading, Spanish equivalent of Batman then please proceed to turn-in your man cards and promptly leave the room.

Pangea - Pangea is the name of an ancient supercontinent, and that's an apt description for this epic party spot. Different cultures from around the world combine for a mammoth clubbing experience you'll never forget.

Jesús Gil - A local legend in this town, Jesús Gil lead a truly eclectic life before passing away in 2007. His 71 years saw him running a shifty construction firm before becoming president of Atletico Madrid (he even said no to Raúl if you can believe that) and was eventually elected as the mayor of Marbella. Surely a movie is in the works?!?

Wine Doughnuts - We don't know who had the idea to combine one of the most sophisticated drinks and the manliest of man-foods but whoever it was, they seriously deserve a pint - these bad boys are delicious.

Bono's Beach - Unfortunately you won't find the U2 front man here, but you will have a Beautiful Day drinking in this exclusive beach bar.

La Taberna del Pinxto - If you aren't already turned onto the idea of Tapas, then La Taberna will make you a believer. The grub is gorgeous and the beers are the stuff of dreams. Simply brilliant!

The Climate - Marbella's micro-climate is scientifically perfect, it's a fact. At a max temperature of 29 degrees, it's never too hot, but it's never cold either and the winters only ever drop to around a slightly chilly 12 degrees. Perfecto!  

Marbella Discoteque - Marbella Discoteque is one of the most popular spots in town for its diminutive but brilliant dance floor and compact clubbing thrills. Get the sambuca shots in boys!

Sean Connery - Even James Bond used to live here! From the years of '70-'99 Sean Connery had his own personal party pad where we assume he had all his drinks 'shaken, not stirred'.

Dolph Lundgren - The big Swede of Rocky IV fame is said to have a property somewhere in Marbella, in fact to use Ivan Drago's own words, Dolph is almost 'not human, he is a piece of iron!'

Going global - Marbella is the home of 137 different nationalities, although if you have trouble communicating you can always resort to the British way of pointing and "TALKING REALLY LOUDLY PEDRO!"

Olivia Valare - The city's vibrant, fun-loving locals can all be found in Olivia Valare on Friday night through to Sunday morning enjoying club bangers courtesy of Marbella's best DJs. Vamanos! 

Green - This city is one of the greenest cities in all of Europe, only Norrkoping in Sweden is better!

Astral - The cocktails you can try here taste absolutely out of this world and are sure to send your Marbella stag do into the stratosphere in the early-goings of a big night out.

The Final Cut - This city's been caught on film a few times, most notably in Hollywood flicks Syriana and Munich as well as classic ITV comedy series Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

The Iron price - Marbella made its fortune on the back of its brilliant smelting industry, although unlike in Austin Powers Goldmember there were no 'unfortunate smelting accidents...'

Foot Golf - Why wouldn't you take two of the best sports in the world and put them together for the ultimate Marbella stag weekend mash-up? Find out more...

Funky Buddha - One of Marbella's most famous clubs, Funky Buddha is a brilliant night out where the thrills and spills never seem to end. Plus the Moroccan décor makes for a refreshing change in atmosphere.

A-list - Marbella is still a mecca for the big stars so you could well find some Hollywood hottie making an appearance in your stag weekend photos. Alternatively you could get turned away by her giant minders and stumble over the cast of TOWIE instead.

The Claddagh Bar - For beery good times and the best live sports atmosphere in Marbella look no further than The Claddagh Bar. Cheer on your favourite team and enjoy a few coldies with mates in the city's finest Irish import.

Life of Luxury - Marbella sells a ridiculous 27% of all Spain's luxury goods, only Barcelona manages to shift more. They just don't do half-measures over here lads!

Bikini Babes - This city is the home of 6km of brilliant beaches, meaning that there are plenty of sexy suntanned senoritas to scout as you chill out on the golden sands during your Marbella stag do...

Party Boat - If you're looking for a taste of how the rich and famous party in their celebrity playground this isn't a bad place to start. Sun, sea and tunes so big you've got to go off-shore to listen to them! Discover more...

La Lingo - While Spanish is the most common language in Marbella, you shouldn't be surprised to hear German, Dutch, French, Russian and even a little bit of Arabic during your stay.

Rick Parfitt - Status Quo's head-banging front-man really does rock All Over the World, its thought that he lives in the mountains behind Marbella, but when you're an 80's guitar hero we guess you can do Whatever you want?

Suite Discoteca - During the day, you can find some of Marbella's most delicious dishes here, but once the sun's set the volume's turned up to provide those seeking spirited good times with a seriously Suite night.

Go Karting - If the nearly-wed fancies himself as a bit of a boy-racer then Marbella go karting is epic. Discover who's a would-be Fernando Alonso and who should really carry the moniker of 'Captain Slow'. Read more...

Top Tweeters

Suzy White - Follow the drop-dead gorgeous Life on Marbs star for top clubbing recommendations.


Marbella Rocks - Clubbing thrills and spills from Marbella's exclusive holiday resort. 

Marbella has 3 Michelin starred restaurants.

No doubt about it, this globally famous party powerhouse of the Med stands head, shoulders and 24 golden beaches above the rest as the place to party, kick back and revel in the blindingly hot tunes and buzzing atmosphere of Europe's sun-blessed south.

Epic nights, world famous clubs, sun-soaked days and belting tunes from the world's top DJs...

When it comes to sun, sea, sand and a slice of the high life, a Marbella stag do really will be, without doubt, the hottest gig in town!

What sets a stag weekend in Marbella apart from the rest?

Nothing's too big, too outrageous or too jaw-droppingly extravagant for this glittering corner of the Costas. We're talking about a resort that was founded by a prince.  A marina packed to the hilt with the biggest yachts, cruisers and speedboats on the planet.  Shores graced by everyone from Sean Connery to Salvador Dali.  And a menu that boasts Michelin stars and cocktails alongside San Miguel and sardines (?!)

Refined, ridiculous, over-the-top or outlandish, you'll find it all here!

  • Nightlife to rival the world's best.
  • Stunning beaches sprinkled with Spanish lovelies.
  • Top flight golf courses perfect for practising that swing.
  • Cool accommodation and great eateries.
  • All-day anthems on the sands.
  • And a monster of a partying partner in nearby Puerto Banus.

Literally anything goes, which makes Marbella a grade A choice in our books!

'Anything goes?'

You've got it!  Marbella presents an unbeatable mix of culture, entertainment, tradition and adventure.  The city boasts some of the finest greens in Europe, has a bucket-load of 'top' awards under its belt (Travellers Choice, Spanish beach and luxury destination to name but a few) and basks in over 300 days of balmy Mediterranean sunshine each year.  By our reckoning that's over 3000 sizzling hours to kick back, hit the town, take in some fast-paced action and marvel at the striking scenery, history and culture of one of the oldest cities in the world.

How about soaking up the sights, sounds and party vibe from the deck of your own private yacht?  Fancy hitting the beach for some footie or volleyball?  Or maybe trying a spot of sphering for size?  Water skiing, sailing, canyoning, karting...  The choice is yours! 

Marbella's massive coastal playground is perfect for stags to kick back and let off steam and StagWeb have got an unrivalled selection of activities for your Spanish sojourn.  As white knuckle or as chilled out as you like, the opportunities are endless. 

And the great news?  It's all less than a three hour trip from good old Blighty.  And with budget airlines departing from major cities across the UK, getting to Marbella couldn't be any easier!

'Just how easy?'

Click here to make a hassle free enquiry. It really is that simple!

When's the best time for a Marbella stag do?

It's always party time in Marbella! The balmy climate means even in winter you can expect a good chunk of sun to be shining down and with a scorching eight month window of summer madness (we're talking a high season of Apr-Nov here, no two week mad-dash to grab the speedos, the Marbella sun is yours for the taking practically all year through) you'll have plenty of opportunity to take in the festivals, top sports events and live music that colour the bustling streets. 

But if it's seriously hot action you're looking for then June-August are the months for you, when beaches and bikini-clad beauties swelter under the sun in glorious equal measure and the San Juan festivities set the sands, bonfires and grills alight at every beach and chiringuito along the shore.

And the place to be seen?

The laid back lifestyle and party attitude mean a wander down any cobbled street or soft sandy shore will soon find you with a warm welcome and cold beer, sangria or mojito in hand.  The white-washed bistros and tapas bars of Old Town are the perfect tonic for a hard night at play and a short stroll down Avenida del Mar will soon have you back on golden sands ready to kick back to the top tunes of the swanky beach clubs.  The Golden Mile in all its classy, over-the-top glory stretches from Marbella to Puerto Banus.  And when it's time to party, Europe's classiest port is the place to be.  Terrace bars, open-air restaurants, legendary clubs, thumping tunes and beautiful party people.... Everything the discerning stag could ever need!

So a stag do in Marbella has it all.  How do we get this party started?

If you're still not sure on numbers or a little bit of expert advice wouldn't go amiss, get in touch and we'll set our intrepid team on the case.  We don't bite and we won't try to twist your arm.  A Marbella stag do is a golden choice and with StagWeb's top drawer activities, first class accommodation and VIP access to the hottest joints in town, you and the boys will be well on your way to stag history in the making.

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