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Munich hosts the greatest party on the planet: Oktoberfest! So, let's just say they also know how to host a bit stag celebration. No matter when you decide to go, a Munich stag weekend is always ready to party. Avoid the usual planning faff and get the help of StagWeb today!

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Munich Menu
  • Country Germany
  • Language German
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 4.21 EUR
  • Airport Munich Airport
  • Flight Duration 1h 50m
  • National Dish Weisswurst
  • Airport to Centre 35.1 km

8 Best Munich Stag Do Ideas

  1. Beer Bike - See the sights while riding this amazing pedal powered pub.
  2. Stadium Abseil - Scale the heights of this huge stadium before the quick route down.
  3. Stadium Tour - Get a close look behind the scenes of German football.
  4. Whitewater Rafting - Head up stag creek with a paddle in this awesome stag challenge.
  5. Paintball - Give the groom an extreme Dulux makeover in a fight to the death/pub.
  6. High Ropes Course - Push the guys to max in this extreme stag party challenge.
  7. Segway Tour - Get upright and personal on these this upright personal transport.
  8. Brewery Tour - There's very little men love more than a tall, cold beer.

A Guide To Your Munich Stag Weekend

Best Bars in Munich

Munich is the home of Oktoberfest, so you can be damn sure they know how to drink and they know how to party! Beer is, of course, the main tipple of choice here, and you simply wouldn't be doing the stag-community justice without whetting the appetite with a locally brewed bev.

New pubs and bars are popping up all the time in the alternative Glockenbachviertel. It's a very popular party district and always seems to be growing. Schwabing is located near the universities so it's a little cheaper than most of its partying rival districts, just in case you're stags on a budget.

Be sure to check out some of the best beer halls in Munich on your big weekend away, or can you really say you've properly done Munich?

"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans win."
- Gary Linekar

Where to Head...


For a big night out head to Kulfabrik which is packed with 22 bars, clubs, restaurants and late night snack bars. Housed in a former Pfanni factory (yep, we giggled too), it also hosts live entertainment and is popular with the locals and tourists. You can have a huge night out, with a range of options without having to leave the area.
If you want to end the night with style then we'd suggest arrange hassle free Guest List Nightclub Entry to one of the top clubs.

Must see...

If the stags need somewhere to rest their hangovers after a big night out the Englischer Garten (English Garden) is a stunning park and not at all English (there is a distinct lack of graffiti, dog crap and block in an anorak swigging out of a 3l bottle of cider for it to be English). The Olympiapark is also pretty damn impressive, left over from the 72 Olympics and it shows Germany's continued investment in grass roots sport. You might even find somewhere to challenge some locals to a penalty shoot out.

Pub Trivia

The local nickname for Munich is "Minga".
Munich is home to the biggest film studios in Europe.
Germany takes its beer seriously and has strict Beer Purity Laws dating back to 1516.
Bayern Munich is Germany's most successful club of all time.

A Taste of Munich

Eats - If you're looking for good stag grub without blowing the drinking budget head to Hans Im Gluck Bugergrill. Germany's largest burger chain is not your average fast food burger bar.
Drinks - We're not entirely sure but it's possibly illegal to go to Germany and not try the beer (if it's not, it should be). The Hofbrauhaus is a great place to not only sample the city's finest export but you can also get some great traditional German pub grub.

Getting Around Munich

Pretty much everything you'll need to find in the city centre is walkable, the city's main streets were pedestrianised for the 1972 Olympic Games and have simply stayed that way ever since which is excellent news on a big night out. If you are in need of transport grab an MVV ticket which gives you unlimited travel on buses, trams and underground trains.

Speaking The Lingo

"Gute fahrt." - Have a good trip.
"Botshcafter." - Ambassador
"Arschgeweih" - Ass antlers (tramp-stamp)
"Ein bier bitte." - A beer please
"Zwei bier bitte." - Two biers please
"Viele biere bitte." - Lots of beers please.
"Möchten Sie tanzen?" - Would you like to dance?
"Nein" - No
"Das sind meine Freunde" - These are my friends
"Dribbeln Sie, oder haben sie die Tollwut." - Are they dribbling or do they have rabbies?

Munich Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Munich


All the London airports plus Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Edinburgh and Cardiff offer direct flights to Munich, so you can get there with ease no matter where you're based in the UK.

Getting from Munich Airport to the City Centre

Munich Airport is situated 40 kilometres from the city centre. The quickest and easiest way of getting to your accommodation is via an airport transfer, though there are taxi, bus and even train options available.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

A 10 per cent tip in restaurants where you've enjoyed the food and service is the standard, whilst rounding up to the nearest euro in a bar/café is also a nice gesture.

Price of Beer in Munich

You should be able to get a beer for around €4, though this is dependent on where you are and the type of establishment you find yourselves in.

Munich Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 3/-3
  • February - 5/-2
  • March - 9/1
  • April - 14/4
  • May - 19/8
  • June - 22/11
  • July - 24/13
  • August - 24/13
  • September - 19/10
  • October - 14/5
  • November - 8/1
  • December - 4/-2

Is Munich Good for a Stag Do?

Great activities a vibrant party scene, plus brilliant Bavarian beer, Munich ticks a helluva lot of boxes in terms of what is required for an unforgettable stag weekend.

25 Reasons Why Munich Rocks!

Oktoberfest - Munich's Oktoberfest (which actually starts in September) is world renowned as the largest folk and beer festival of its kind. 7 million visitors each year, 7% local beer only, 6 million litres of beer consumed annually and weeklong festivities make this a stag must.

FC Bayern Munich - Probably the best football team in the world, The Bavarians (as their beer-mad fans call them) are 25 time German Champions, five time Champions League winners and 17 time national cup winners. Any football crazy stag will want to see the team's hometown and enjoy a pint with their fans.

Lederhosen - Traditional Bavarian dress doesn't come more iconic than the lederhosen. Originally worn for hard work these leather breeches are known worldwide as a symbol not just of Bavaria, but also of Germany. Fancy dress anyone?

Big Six - Munich has six large breweries (not to mention more small breweries than any stag could handle) that any visitor has to know intimately before they leave. A taste test or three of each brew is essential, so ask for anything from Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, Augustinerbrau, Hofbrauhaus or Lowenbrau while you're in Munich.

Allianz Arena - With a ridiculous 75,000 capacity and looking a bit like an inflatable boat, FC Bayern Munich's home ground is certainly worthy of the players that step onto the turf week in, week out. Go on a Stadium Tour of this epic football stadium to truly get a feel for how massive it is!

Beer Gardens - Munich is famed for its quality beer garden culture. Walk around town in summertime and you'll come across thousands of thirsty Münchners sitting down in the sunshine and working their way through a mass of beer. If that doesn't sound like heaven on Earth, we don't know what does!

The Old Peter - Munich's oldest church isn't just a great place to escape the bustle of the big city, its spire offers the ultimate view of Munich.

Wurst - No stag do in Munich, or Germany for that matter, is complete without consuming the stag's weight in quality German sausage, known as wurst. We might love our bangers and mash in Blighty, but when it comes to wurst in Munich ... you're onto a wiener!

Famous Münchners - A number of hugely famous and influential people have called Munich home at some point during their lives. Albert Einstein grew up in Munich before he became a know it all, Arnold Schwarzenegger worked at a gym (where else?) in Munich, legendary footballer Franz Beckenbauer was born here and ... umm ... Adolf Hitler briefly called Munich home during his rise to power.

Masters Home - A restaurant with a difference, at Masters Home you pick your drinks and the food you don't want before being served a surprise menu. Rid yourself of the pre order panic where you can't pick what to have and simply enjoy the gourmet grub that's laid out before you. You can even skip courses or hop straight to dessert at this mad capped eatery.

Nice Beemer - Munich is home to the iconic German car manufacturer BMW. The company's museum, BMW Welt & Museum, is a cathedral for car enthusiasts looking to see everything from race mod M3s and historic coupes to state of the art one offs and concepts that never made it to the factory floor. Gentlemen ... start your engines!

Surf's up! - Head to the Eisbach River in downtown Munich to spot some of the best surfing in Bavaria ... a land locked area of Germany. Surfers regularly hit the man made waves on this river to show off their board skills that has made Munich the river surfing capital of the world.

Bavarian Brunch - Munich boasts plenty of culinary marvels, but few top their white sausages. Served with sweet mustard and pretzels, these gorgeous meat treats are only served before noon owing to how fresh and free of preservatives they are.

The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar - An ultra cool penthouse bar with great views of Munich and cocktails so good they're like works of art. See more...

Beer Halls - Munich practically invented the beer hall and any beer loving stag will relish the chance to take a seat in one of the Bavarian capital's many iconic beer halls and enjoy a glass of the hall brew (served up a by a buxom bar maid and all).

Three Club City - While FC Bayern Munich might grab all the silverware and headlines, Munich actually has two other notable football sides. Neither TSV 1860 München nor SpVgg Unterhaching play in the Bundesliga, but during the 2000/2001 season all three clubs played in the German top flight.

Beer Festivals - It's not all about Oktoberfest in Munich, even if it is famous worldwide. Munich is home to a number of beer festivals from beer cellar craft beer offerings at Löwenbräukeller or Augustinerkeller to the epic Spring Festival that sees a massive beer garden set up in the middle of Munich. Book your place and beery times here.

German Engineering - Did you know that at Munich's Tech University a system of slides (sometimes 4 storeys high) is in place to help students get to class on time?

Hungry for Beer - Bavaria officially recognises beer as a food ... not a drink.

"Munich" - "Munich", the 2005 historical drama about the 1972 Summer Olympic Munich Massacre was not filmed in Munich.

Bar Sehnsucht - A truly original watering hole that chews up curious visitors and spits them out. Visitor's bras hanging over the bar, metal blasting through the speakers and lining the walls and beer, lots of beer; what else could you want?

On Top of the World - Despite being in South Germany, Munich is actually further north than every American city bar Alaska.

Munich Likes You - The city's motto is proof enough that Munich is a great place. "München mag Dich" literally translates as "Munich likes you".

Hofbräuhaus München - Three floors of authentic 16th century beer hall at your disposal. Bavarian music give the local treasure an upbeat vibe while the house beer, brewed since 1592, keeps the festivities going well into the night. Traditional beer halls don't come better than this.

Wiener Platz - Munich's smallest permanent market, but its most traditional by far, Wiener Platz resembles a Bavarian village with a maypole at its centre and the many green shanties offering up fish, fruit, vegetables, bread and meat among other things. This is the ultimate slice of Bavarian culture served up in the heart of metropolitan Munich.

München mag dich!

It seems ridiculous to suggest that a stag do in Munich - a city that looks like its sole architect was Walt Disney, a city whose main draw is the scenery, a city that looks more like a postcard than an actual place - could be a world class stag do. To the nay sayers, we have just one word: Oktoberfest. Munich is the undisputed beer capital of Germany, which is a bold claim to make about the country that's essentially the beer capital of the world - but Munich certainly has the goods to back it up. The beer halls alone are worth the trip to Europe, let alone the beer gardens, breweries, and yes, the beer festivals too. It's the only city we know of that required a 'Bayerische Biergartenverordnung' (a Barvarian Beer Garden decree), as well as a Beer Purity Law - clearly, they take their drinking very seriously.

It's not all slamming back pints on a Munich stag do though; the city has plenty else to offer stags outside of the pubs. It's known by locals as a city of 'laptops and lederhosen', referring to both Munich's status at the forefront of technology and its long history - and for stags, this translates to an innovative, forward thinking city that hasn't forgotten how to have some good old fashioned fun! StagWeb can offer a whole lot of activities to give you something to do while you're waiting for the pubs to open.

(We're kidding, they never close.)

The history of beer in Munich

Beer is as entwined with Munich as vodka is with Russia or tequila is with Mexico, but we'll try and keep this short:

63BC- 21AD - Germans brewed beer in large quantities, Romans disapproved. Luckily, they kept a written record of their disapproval, before eventually giving in and taking it up themselves.
13th Century - Monks (admittedly not a group renowned for their binge drinking) begin brewing beer to get themselves through fasting. We would accuse them of cheating, but we're too busy being impressed they managed all that alcohol on an empty stomach. 
1600's - The monks used to share their beer with the royalty to get on their good side, and by the 1600s the royals liked it so much that a royal brewery was formed.
1800's - Oktoberfest begins. People in Munich drink around 6 litres of beer per day, even when the festival's not on.
19th Century - People begin to refine the practise of brewing, turning it from a game of chance in to an exact science.
21st Century - Beer remains exactly as popular as it ever has (except with monks).

When to go?

We're not even going to mention Oktoberfest. If you don't know what it is, we're not going to help; we'll leave it to the more deserving few. Obviously though, it's the time when a Munich stag do is at its absolute busiest and in a city as popular with the tourists as Munich is, that's very busy - 7 million peoples worth of busy. We'd book well in advance if you fancy turning the stag in to a Bierleichen (a beer corpse, or someone who can't handle their alcohol, to you and me.) There are plenty of other festivals to enjoy in Munich at other times of year though, so don't give up on a wundervoll Munich stag do at any time.

Where to stay?

To be in walking distance of most of the top tourist attractions you'll want to be around Aldstaht, the old town. However, because of all the tourist-y attractions, it's also the more expensive area to stay. If you're hoping to be nearer the nightlife, you'll either want to head just outside the centre near the Haidhausen area, or Berg am Laim - with an S- Bahn service it's very easy to get to and around. Alternately, go north to Schwabing for a quieter but equally active nightlife.

How do we get there?

Munich has an airport (Flughafen München), so flying the boys over isn't difficult. The airport has also won the award for Best Airport in Europe three times in a row - not an award we were aware existed, but we're glad to hear it nonetheless. Getting to your Munich stag do has never been easier, plenty of flights come in directly from the UK - easyJet do departures from London, Manchester and Edinburgh, Ryanair from London, Dublin and Edinburgh, and some German companies will fly out from Birmingham or Guernsey. From there into the town centre the S- Bahn runs around every fifteen minutes and takes about 40-45 minutes.

So Why StagWeb?

Munich is a brilliant destination for a stag do - we challenge you to find a more beautiful place to enjoy a better beer. That said, organising the do isn't easy. Pulling together accommodation, activities, and a fantastic night out is hard enough in an area you know when you can speak the language but in a different country it's a whole different level of difficulty. We here at StagWeb have over a decades experience dealing with this sort of thing, already knowing the best places on the ground to send you and saving you cash along the way as well. If you want a smooth running stag do that includes some serious fun, send us a message and we'll start helping you create your perfect Munich stag weekend.

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