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8 Popular Nottingham Stag Do Ideas

  1. Inflatable Games - Like your very own giant TV gameshow. It'll get messy.
  2. Go Karts - Get all kind of sideways as you race for stag weekend glory.
  3. Quad Bikes - Just about the most fun you can have on four wheels!
  4. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage where skill counts for nothing!
  5. Ultimate Tank Experience - Get set for the ultimate heavy metal experience!
  6. 4x4 Activity Combo - Add two awesome activities to your weekend.
  7. Escape Room - Locked inside, have you got skills to beat the Escape Room?
  8. Whitewater Rafting - Test yourselves against he UK's no1 whitewater facility.
Nottingham stag do ideas

A Guide To Your Nottingham Stag Weekend

Where to drink in Nottingham
Where to Drink in Nottingham

Nottingham is facing a brewery revival and in almost every pub you’ll find a homebrew or local concoction of some description. So, beer’s on the menu, but what else?

Underground cocktail bars with expert mixologists ain’t hard to find. Bounce up Hurts Yard for some of the quirkier venues.

Around the Lace Market, you’ll stumble upon corner pubs with all sort of alcoholic offerings. Down by the canal are some seriously suave waterfront contemporary bars; perfect for summer stags. Likewise, up in the Hockley area lies the infamous nightclubs and a sprinkling of independent drinking venues for late-night revellers who plan on partying till the early hours.

Bars in Nottingham are sublime and you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your tastes!

"Virtue Outlives Death"
- Nottingham city motto.

Where to Visit in Nottingham


Talbot Street is essential if you and the boys are looking for one of the best nights out of your single lives! With the legendary Rock City and a much loved local nearby (Stealth), this is the very best of Nottingham's clubbing scene separated by just a minute's walk.

Must see...

Lace Market, once the centre of the British Empire's lace production, is packed with unique and lively bars, restaurants and clubs. It's Ideal for a glimpse into the past and a crisp pint at the same time.

Pub Trivia

Nottingham gave us MRI scans, HP Sauce, Ibuprofen, tarmac and traffic lights.
Nottingham owes its name to a man called Snot. Seriously.
There is still a Sheriff of Nottingham; the role is no longer reserved for evil doers.
Shin pads were first used by Nottingham Forest.

A Taste of Nottingham

Eats - Nottingham can proudly boast itself as the home of HP Sauce, so you can't go wrong with a morning after bacon cob with a hearty dollop of this iconic brown sauce; nothing will fix a hangover quite like it.

Drinks - Nottingham's once famous breweries are sadly no longer running, but the Nottingham Brewery has since been revived. Available in a number of pubs across the city, these epic craft beers are a must-try for any stag worth his salt.

A taste of Nottingham
Where to drink in Nottingham
On Ya Bike! Getting Around Nottingham

While Nottingham's city centre and old town streets are easily tackled on foot, getting around is best done by bus. Frequent, reliable and reasonably priced, the bus system is one of the best outside London. Multi buy tickets and all day fares can also be purchased to make getting around even cheaper.

Cycle hire is popular in Nottingham too, which when combined with the city's increasing cycle friendliness makes this an appealing option for getting around.


"Ay-up" - Hello.
"Ay-up miduk" - Hello (to a female).
"Wairza booza?" - Can you direct me to the nearest pub?
"Gizzabitt" - Can I have some of that?
"Cob" - Bread roll.
"Blather-yeded" - Silly person.
"Puddled" - Drunk.

Nottingham Stag Do Trip Tips!

Nottingham Night Out

The clubs in Nottingham are always bouncing and the bars are always packed meaning you’ll have an atmosphere ready-made for the main man’s big celebration.

Getting to Nottingham

Nottingham Train Station is pretty much in the centre of the city, so you’ll be able to get right to the heart of the action on arrival. Nottingham is also easy to drive to, but be sure to check your parking options at your accommodation before you set off.

Is Nottingham Good for a Stag Do?

Great activities, great eateries, great accommodation, great nightlife - in our professional opinion, it definitely ticks all the boxes for the groom’s memorable getaway.

38 Reasons Nottingham is an Awesome Stag City!

Snot - Because it used to be called "Snotingham" (the town of Snot's people) named after the Anglo-Saxon chief called 'Snot' in 600AD. We bet the neighbouring towns must have been green with envy.

Hooters - Is this the perfect Nottingham stag weekend dinner ever?!? Beers, burgers and boobs, what more does a lad need in life? Find out more...

Robin Hood - Fact or fiction he's still one of the greatest English folk heroes and subject of so many movie incarnations. Plus Robin and his Merry Men makes great stag fancy dress.

Tilt - Fans of The Blues Brothers will love this awesome blues bar for its subtle but intimate atmosphere. Any stags that tell you that cocktails aren't manly have clearly never tried a 1796 Old Fashioned.

HP Sauce - Nottingham shopkeeper Frederick Gibson Garter came up with the recipe for HP Sauce and future hangover breakfast staple in 1895 and simultaneously began thousands of 'red or brown' bacon roll related arguments.

Oceana - Gentlemen, prepare to party! Oceana is absolutely massive and you'd be forgiven for temporarily thinking you'd traded Nottingham for Ibiza in the throes of one of these gigantic club nights.

The Pit & The Pendulum - Heavy-metal stags won't be able to get enough of The Pit & The Pendulum's gothic décor. Some of the décor really does look as if it's come straight from a Black Sabbath music video.

VCR - Another great Nottingham invention. Before the days of 'on-demand' TV, there was only one way to record and rewatch your favorite shows; VCR. The very first, invented in Nottingham, was called the Telcan or 'television in a can'.

Hot fuzz - The first ever radio message by police car was sent here in 1932, and two years after that the city became home to the first police forensic laboratory. CSI: Nottingham anybody?!?

Shin Pads - Getting two-footed would absolutely cane if you didn't have these on and you know it. You can thank a very early Nottingham Forest side for coming up with the idea in 1874.

Medieval Banquet - Treat the groom to a real taste of Medieval 'Knightlife' with a bombastic banquet full of Kingly foods, superb entertainment and beery belly laughs! Discover more...

Nirvana - You really will be in Nirvana with a visit to the city's most stylish hotspot for beery good times. The nights here are always buzzing and the lovely ladies here are simply gorgeous, what's not to love?

Boots - Seller of hangover cures and every lads' favourite rubber wallet companions, Boots was founded in Nottingham and has gone on to help cure hundreds of Saturday morning sore heads.

Rock City - See big name bands and local acts at this storied club that's been rocking the Nottingham crowds since 1980. Beers, music and tattooed babes, what more could you ask for?!?

The Sheriff of Nottingham - Believe it or not, this historic position still exists today. Although you probably won't see a local councillor chasing down bandits on horseback during your big weekend.

Munchies - For a truly unique array of hangover-conquering treats, Munchies has the best American-style cookies, cakes and other US goods for mega-affordable prices.

Bodega - A bastion for local music and up-and-coming bands over the years, Nottingham's Bodega is truly brilliant. Grab a beer and bang your heads!

Rescue Rooms - Nottingham's Rescue Rooms are chilled out during the day and raucous once the sun's gone down as some of the best bands and DJs in town take to the stage to wow the music-loving crowds below.

Carl Froch - One of Britain's most successful boxers, Nottingham hard man Carl Froch has been there and done it all. We reckon that the entire nation felt the punch that knocked out George Groves in their second fight!?!

Stealth - This epic venue is for real music lovers only. Stealth is a favorite amongst the clubbing locals for it's commitment to emerging DJs and electronic artists that really know how to please an intimate and lively crowd.

Tarmac - Yeah, it's not the most exciting thing ever, but where would we be without it? A Nottingham surveyor by the name of Edgar Hooley came up with the idea here in 1901, giving us the perfect surface on which to show up our mates with our (obviously) superior driving skills.

Traffic Lights - While they can seem like the bane of a commuter's existence, a world without traffic lights would be truly chaotic. After seeing too many people die on the lawless roads, a Nottingham High School pupil by the name of John Peake Knight invented the first 'traffic light', a revolving gas-powered lantern with a red and green filter.

Goose Fair - Centuries before Glastonbury and V Festival people in their thousands flocked to Nottingham's Goose Fair which still continues to this day.

The Forum - Find any hung-over lad on the streets of Nottingham and he'll probably tell you he was at The Forum last night. Students, working professionals and full-time party-starters come together here to make what many believe to be the best club nights in town.

MRI - One of the biggest medical breakthroughs in the world happened here, with a University of Nottingham professor inventing the first MRI machine - although it was only big enough to fit a finger in, it could still rip your digit off if you wore any rings around it.

Ibuprofen - You can thank Nottingham-born Dr. Steward Adams for the amazing creation of wonder-drug ibuprofen. And yes, it's true that it was tested on hungover lads.

Raleigh Bikes - If you had a Raleigh bike as a lad, you'll know that these bad boys can pick up some serious speed when pushed to their limits, and it all started in their factory on Nottingham's Triumph Road.

NG1 - This club is brilliant, no two ways about it. They simply don't do quiet nights at NG1, and with a closing time of 6:30am, you can quite literally party through the night, shots, shots, shots, shots!

Bruce Dickinson - We wonder how different things might have been for Iron Maiden without leading man Bruce Dickinson? The Nottingham-born vocalist is a heavy metal legend and has leant his banshee-like wails to classic tunes like Run to the Hills and Number of the Beast.

Tank Driving - Take on the challenge of Tank Driving and run roughshod over Mother Nature as you discover what happens when man meets terrain-crushing machine. Discover more...

Nottingham Forest - This historic club has one of the most charming stories in the history of football as former manager Brian Clough took them from the second division to the pinnacle of English football, winning a league title, a European cup and four league cups in the space of 16 years. Nice one Big 'ed.

Notts County - The less successful but equally plucky Notts County are always a goal threat and Italian football maestros Juventus liked their black-and-white kit so much that they actually nicked it for themselves, praise indeed!

The Accent - 'Ay-up midduk, owya goinon then serri?' Nope, we don't understand it either.

Andy Cole - Fans of Manchester United will remember the goal-scoring antics of Nottingham born football sensation Andy 'The Goal King' Cole in the hugely successful red devils side of the late 90s. "Andy Cole, Andy Andy Cole, he hits the ball he scores a goal..."

Rebecca Adlington - Brilliant Becky Adlington showed the world that Britain's still got it in the pool in her competitive career, winning Olympic gold not once but twice in Beijing's 2008 games. We're sure she'd still pan us in the lanes!

Celebs - Joe Dempsie of Game of Thrones and Skins fame is from Nottingham, as well as Gavin and Stacey funnyman Matthew Horne, and you can't forget This is England's beautiful, BAFTA award winning Vicky McClure.

Ghosts and ghouls - Nottingham is an old, historic city and has its fair share of phantom hangers-on. The old courthouse is said to be filled with the souls of those who were executed on the site, and it's thought that Newstead Abbey is a particularly troubled site...

Nottingham Castle - This medieval fortification is epic and a walk through the infamous underground tunnels is guaranteed to keep the lads entertained on your Nottingham stag weekend.

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A Guide to Your Nottingham Stag Do

The playground of kings.  Home to England's oldest pubs. Boasting the UK's largest city square.  Constant billing as a ‘top ten must visit'.  And it gave rise to THAT first main man and his band of merry stags… 

Nottingham, like the prince of thieves himself, is the stuff of legend! 

Don't just take our word for it though gents.  1994 saw the dark master of the big screen himself bring one of THE best films of all time straight from Cannes to its UK premier at Nottingham's Broadway cinema.  They don't come much bigger than Tarantino.  They don't get much bolder than Pulp fiction. And they don't come much better than Nottingham.  A stag weekend in the city promises to be an experience of epic proportions.

Why Choose a Nottingham Stag Weekend?

Nottingham was the first. The big one. The city that played host to StagWeb's premier weekend.  Fast forward over eleven years and it still takes centre stage as one of our top ten stag destinations.  The city has been welcoming the crowds since the dawn of time and with a buzzing nightlife, rich heritage and the mighty Sherwood Forest providing its own adventure playground Nottingham really is arguably one of the best weekend destinations in the UKAnd at StagWeb we've got the accommodation, the pick of the top activities and the exclusive offers to pull it all together to create a truly unforgettable stag weekend.

When is the Best Time for a Nottingham Stag Do?

With top entertainment, quality sports and a solid line-up of live events throughout the year Nottingham brings a bit of everything to the party.  So it can certainly get busy at times.  But with some careful planning and early booking a Nottingham stag do is guaranteed to bring the results any time of the year.

Unsurprisingly extra bodies flock to the city when its main sports venues are in action and key fixtures in the sporting calendar can mean fierce competition for the city's accommodation.  But with some early planning and flexibility on timing you should be fine.  There's always a buzz around Nottingham when England's Test Matches arrive at Trent Bridge, so if you're a fan it's a terrific time to experience the city, and if you can get tickets you're on for a memorable trip.  Football season finds the city awash with red, black and white and the Nottingham marathon, voted number two in the country only behind London, brings thousands of competitors and spectators to the city's streets in September. 

But whether you choose to book around them, or include the city's top events in your plans, some early preparation will make for a top weekend.

How to Get to Nottingham

Nottingham is in a great central location and easily accessible by road and rail. The M1 feeds into the city from the north and south, making driving a definite option and cross country bus services offer links to London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Yorkshire. Nottingham railway station provides frequent services across the UK and will see you from London or Manchester to the city in around 2 hours, so travelling by train is a straightforward alternative.

Where to Go On a Nottingham Stag Do

Make your way to Forman Street with its continental vibe and bars and restaurants spilling out onto the pavements, or head to the trendy Lace Market and Hockley. With their fashionable pubs, stylish bars and first class restaurants the cobbled streets are a haven of night-time activity. The Cornerhouse brings a great selection of global cuisine, bars, clubs and live music to the table, while a trip to the waterfront will find some top entertainment and alfresco dining in a relaxed canal-side atmosphere. We have a great selection of accommodation available for your Nottingham stag do but the city is a hugely popular destination so it pays to plan ahead and book wisely.

What to Do On a Nottingham Stag Do

Nottingham doesn't just offer an impressive array of events and nightlife, it also arguably boasts some of the best stag activities around. Those looking for some traditional outdoor action can head to the shooting range, race-track or paintball field, while the thrill-seekers among you can take to the high ropes, hit the rapids or head for the dirt track. And the ultra-competitive will be able to battle it out with the ultimate in stag warfare… tank battle! Or for something altogether more laid-back the fitting surroundings offer the prime opportunity to indulge in some archery or crossbow practise under the expert guidance of some of the country's top instructors.

Is a Nottingham Stag Do Expensive?

If you're looking for a top value stag do, Nottingham really is the city to beat. Yes it's a hugely popular tourist destination, over a third of Brits live within two hours of its limits after all, so prices can certainly rise at peak times but it's also home to a thriving student population and there's no shortage of affordable entertainment on offer. Nottingham is quite simply one of the best value destinations in the country. So whether you'd like us to build you a bespoke weekend, or you want to take advantage of our proven ready-made packages we're confident we can deliver a stag weekend to suit your budget.

Booking Your Nottingham Stag Weekend

If Nottingham seems to tick all the boxes for your top stag weekend have a browse of our website and view the options we have available. If you're still unsure or would simply like a few more ideas our friendly team of experts are on hand to take care of the finer details and create your ultimate stag weekend experience. StagWeb offers full financial protection and no risk, no obligation quotes. So why not get in touch today?

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