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Trending Prague Stag Do Ideas

Here are 8 belting stag activities for a colossal weekend in Prague.

  1. Beer Spa - The perfect hangover cure, fight fire with fire!
  2. Jelly Wrestling - The groom takes on two sexy babes in the wrestling ring.
  3. Stag Arrest - A hilarious and sexy groom prank all the guys will love.
  4. Target Shooting - Great sporting competition to find the weekend's Top Gun.
  5. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage where skill counts for nothing.
  6. Whitewater Rafting - A test of man vs nature/hangover and true stag adventure.
  7. Paintball - Check out this epic battleground and stag weekend warfare!
  8. Go Karting - Our Prague stag party go kart track is quite simply superb!
Top Prague stag do ideas

A Guide To Your Prague Stag Weekend

Best bars in Prague
Best Bars in Prague

Prague is a stag favourite for so many reasons. Not only is it budget-friendly, but the nightlife is incredible, the bars in Prague are next level, and the local brews are top-notch.

Prague is a stag favourite for so many reasons. Not only is it budget-friendly, but the nightlife is incredible and the local brews are top-notch.

An evening stroll around Old Town Square is an easy way to get into a bar crawl scenario, as the best bars are dotted around on the very cool streets. When the sun sets, these streets come alive and you’ll be joined by party-ready locals and tourists, too!

Kizkov is also not to be missed as there are more bars here than your wildest dreams could conjure. It goes without saying that you have to try some of the locally brewed beer - it’s what the Czech Republic is famed for and you wouldn’t want to be rude, would you?!

"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" - Franz Kafka

Where to Visit in Prague


The cathedral district of Zizkov is reputed to have more bars per capita than any other city in Europe. And just that one fact alone makes it an important place of beer worship for any self-respecting stag party.
You can then head on to Vínohrady which as well as a beer garden also has some great bars, clubs and restaurants.

Must see...

Beer Spa - An entire spa where beer is used to help make you feel better. You might be thinking: "Well that's just a pub, isn't it?" No, this is a proper spa where you can actually sit in a bath of beer. Brilliant!
Old Town Square - Also known as Staromestske Namesti - found in the Old Town quarter of Prague and one of the greatest tourist attractions.
Wenceslas Square - Not just the place that Good King Wenceslas looked down on at Christmas, it's also a huge area packed with great bars and restaurants. But be wary, prices are a little bit higher to catch the tourist dollar.

Pub Trivia

Per capita, the Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other nation on the planet. They even have a beer museum. Now THAT’S what you call: "pub trivia"!

A Taste of Prague

Eats - U Bansethu - If you want to 'go native' and try some traditional Czech dishes, head to this fantastic restaurant/pub. The food is hearty, well priced and there's plenty of it. The roast duck is stunning and they also brew their own beer. Cheers!
Táborská 389/49, 140 00 Praha-Nusle

Drinks - Beer Museum - Prague is one of the world's greatest brewing cities and you simply cannot visit without sampling their finest beverages.
Dlouhá 46, Praha 1

Best places to eat & drink in Prague
Getting around Prague

Getting Around Prague

Getting into Prague from the airport is very easy with regular buses which are much less expensive than taxis. Once in central Prague, you’ll have no trouble getting around the city; two-thirds of Prague residents rely on the excellent public transport system. There’s a metro (underground system), trams and buses.


"Je to cesta do hospody?" - Is this the way to the pub?
"Jedno pivo prosím?" - One beer, please?
"Dvacet sedm piv prosím." - 27 beers, please?
"Zenich zaplatí za všechno." - The groom will pay for everything.
"Zdravi!" - Cheers!
"Je to v pořádku, že to není má záchvat, když tančí." - It's ok, he's not having a fit, he's dancing.
"Oh my jsme v půli cesty, wo-oh, žijí v naději!" - Oh we’re halfway there, wo-oh living on a prayer!

Prague Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Prague


Most UK airports offer direct flights to Prague (be sure to check in advance), which can take from between 1 hr 50 mins to 2 hrs 20 mins depending where you depart from.

Getting from Prague Airport to the City Centre

Prague Airport is 16 kilometres from the centre of town (roughly a half-hour drive) and there are a number of buses and taxis right outside the entrance which will be able to take you there. Having said that, the easiest way (which is also the least stressful) is to get an airport transfer which will take you straight to your accommodation in a flash.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

In Prague, you're expected to tip 10% of your bill in restaurants - if the food and service are up to scratch, that is.

Price of Beer in Prague

Away from the tourist traps, you can buy a pint for as little as €1.50 (sometimes even cheaper). Yes, Prague is famed for its cheap drinks deals, you’ve just got to have a look around and not just land on the first place you see.

Prague Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 3/-1
  • February - 5/-1
  • March - 10/2
  • April - 17/7
  • May - 20/10
  • June - 24/14
  • July - 26/16
  • August - 26/15
  • September - 20/11
  • October - 14/6
  • November - 8/3
  • December - 4/0

Is Prague Good for a Stag Do?

Awesome activities, great beer prices, big nights out, sensational surroundings - it ticks every box (and then some!) for the groom’s big trip away. A weekend in Prague is a guaranteed winner!

48 Hours to Party in Prague

Ooh, Czech you out! Getting all fancy and heading off to Prague for your big weekend, but you know what they say: "Oh my jsme v půli cesty, wo-oh, žijí v naději!" Exactly!
So if you want to avoid the same mistakes as other less organised (and let's be honest, less handsome) best men, check out our stag party guide to Prague to make sure you're armed with the right amount of knowledge to get the job done in style.

You've landed...

Tray tables are up, wheels are down, the groom (who's frightened of flying) has wiped the tears from his cheeks. Gentlemen, you've just landed in one of the hottest party capitals this planet has ever seen. Prepare yourselves for your epic stag weekend in Prague. It's going to be wild!

48 hours in Prague
Thirst things thirst...

Getting through the airport wasn't too much of a pain in the Czech Republics and you arrive at your accommodation in no time. It's the first night then boys, ditch the bags and hit the town! You're going to want to bounce across to Wenceslas Square where the nightlife really kicks into gear.

Bar no.1...

You've just had your first sip of a beer in the first bar, but you're going to have to leave soon to join one of the long lines for one of Prague's epic clubs... Oh no you won't! Gary, the legend, had the foresight to arrange StagWeb's Guest List Nightclubbing so you can skip the queues! Gary, you Beauty!

Prague doesn’t know what’s hit it...

So, after a couple more beers, you've bypassed the queues and now you're in one of the city's biggest party venues. The shots are flowing, the groom's body popping, someone's pulled out the worm, it's all going off. You're feeling great, you don't think you'll even be hungover in the morning…

48 hours in Prague
The first morning…

You wake up with a chronic hangover. Well, these things happen, let's crack on. Day one proper, time to find a hearty breakfast and get your bearings. Head across to the Old Town Square and chill out in one of the great cafes whilst soaking up some of the great sights. Two birds, one stone.

Stagtivity no.1...

Now that everyone's feeling a little more human it's time for your first mega stag activity. You've decided to 'break the ice' with some stag vs stag competition with a game of ice hockey. Obviously, you're amazing at it whilst the groom spends half the time doing his best Bambi impression.


You're back in the centre of town and it's lunch o'clock! Time to try some of the local cuisines and have a nice refreshing pint of pivo (beer). Pickled cheese is a 'must try' on your trip. Similar to Camembert, they soak it in oil, garlic, peppers and spices, and serve it with some tasty Czech bread.


After your refreshments, you want to squeeze in some sightseeing. The top tourist sights are the Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle, which are both pretty epic, but why not check out something a bit different like the Lennon Wall or an old air vent which has been converted into R2-D2?

Stagtivity no.2...

Stagtivity numero two. You're in one of Europe's most famous beer capitals and it's a stag weekend, after all, you want to check out the local brews. Well with a brewery tour you can really get to know the local drinking scene and tee yourselves up for another evening on the town.

48 hours in Prague

Though there are plenty of great restaurants in and around the city centre you and the boys plump for a dinner cruise. A great way to do a spot of sightseeing, try some great local food and relax ahead of an evening on the town.

Get me to the boozer(s)...

You're back on dry land and no one managed to fall overboard, congrats. Now you've fuelled yourselves for the night ahead you're ready to go big for your final evening in the city. What better way to get things going than with a bar crawl which includes nightclub and lap dance club entry!

Never Leaving...

Yep, that's it, you're never going home, this place is just too good. The city's fantastic, the nightlife is off the chain, the people are great, the beer is better than anything ever in the history of time. You'll speak to your boss Monday and see if they have a Prague office...

48 hours in Prague
Morning (hangover) no.2...

You wake up with a fuzzy head, there's a tiger in the bathroom and Mike Tyson is annoyed. Oh, no, hang on, that was a different thing. You do wake up with a fuzzy head but you instantly don't care because you remember you've gotten the groom a little surprise: a sexy wake up strip show!


After the boys and the blushing bridegroom have enjoyed the sexy wake-up call, you've got a bit of time to squeeze some more sightseeing in before another great activity. You quickly fire back to that café with the attractive waitress for a spot of breakfast before heading off around the city.


After breakfast, you take a leisurely stroll across Charles Bridge, one of the most popular attractions in the city, where you grab a few hungover squad selfies. You then decide to trek up the two-hundred-and-ninety-nine steps to Petrin Hill to check out the impressive views of this great city. Worth it.

“When I say ‘pork’ you say ‘knuckle’. Pork...”

You've got time for a spot of lunch and an ice-cold beverage before your final activity. It's about time you tried a Pork Knuckle. "Tell me more" we hear you say! Well, this Czech delicacy is a huge joint of pork which has been marinated in beer. Beer, meat, what more could you possibly want?

Stagtivity no.3...

Your last stagtivity of the weekend! You and the boys get your game faces on for one last time as you take on an epic Escape Room. Think Crystal Maze meets The Cube meets Saw. You couldn't have an epic weekend away without throwing in this awesome stag classic..

48 hours in Prague
Done deal...

By some miracle, in your semi-hungover states, you manage to escape, which is just as well because you have to collect your things and head on over to the airport to fire back to Blighty. As much as you'd love to be trapped in such a great city the time has come to head on home.

Home time...

Tray tables up, wheels are down, groom's crying like a little girl (again), you're a little jaded, but you've gone hard in Prague and conquered the stag. Time to kick back, relax and bask in the glory of being absolute legends for arranging the best stag weekend imaginable.

QI - The Czech's drink more beer per person (160 litres each year) than any other nation on Earth.
We'll drink to that!

Beer Gardens

Beer gardens are really popular in Prague. They're especially busy at the beginning of the evening and are a great place to start your night out, enjoying the early evening air and sampling some of the Czech Republic's favourite tipples.

Old Town (Stare Mesto)

You'll find the biggest concentration of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs in this area. It's also home to what is one of the largest nightclubs in Europe - spread over 5 floors it's pretty awesome (ask our team about guest list entry). The Old Town really is the best taste of the Czech nightlife, the crowds are friendly, and you'll find a great mix of local and international choices for both drinks and dining. That should keep all the guys happy. It's the 24-hour party region!

Mala Strana

Meaning 'Lesser Town', it certainly isn't second rate. Located close to Charles Bridge, there is a really good selection of restaurants to keep the guys well fed.


This is where the cool kids hang out. An area that was once the meatpacking district is now all beer gardens, microbreweries, coffee shops, tattoos and beards. This is the city's creative hub so you could even luck into some live music.


With a more boho feel, this area is popular with students. It's quieter than the Old Town, but there is certainly no shortage of pubs (there are literally hundreds of them). Another good tip is that the area is great for both food and drinks which tend to be cheaper in this part of the city. So yeah, go ahead, treat the groom to a whole pint.

Wenceslas Square

Yes, that good king from the Christmas song, there's also a square named after him. With amazing architecture and a large selection of bars and restaurants to choose from, it's a wonderful spot to enjoy a drink or meal sitting out in the open spaces of the square.

QI - One of the most popular dishes in the city is pork knee. It's actually a lot better than it sounds and good man-food, perfect for a stag feast.

Prague Sightseeing

Yes, we know you were already planning on seeing a few beers, but the Czechs consume more beer per person than any other nation. To see how to do it like a native, head to one of the city's many beer gardens.

KGB Museum

Museum? On a stag do? Actually yes. This is an uber-cool museum that deals with spies, spycraft, cool gadgets and underhand dealings during the KGB era and the Cold War. You can even go below ground in a real nuclear bunker.

Czech Out a Cerny

David Cerny is a sculptor who has come to be known for his fun take on the world, throwing his sculptures in the most unusual of places. Like Sigmund Freud hanging in mid-air, the pink tank, the barge with a giant purple fist giving the finger, two men urinating outside the Kafka Museum (we're guessing he wasn't a fan) and the ladders that lead up to… well, we'll leave you to find those for yourselves.

Get Arty

If you've been inspired by the work of Cerny, there are a number of really good art galleries that have a quirky sense of humour rather than the dry, brown looking, crusty canvases you find in most galleries.

Charles Bridge

One of the oldest bridges still in use, this pedestrian-only bridge was built in 1357. It's a cool place to see the city, see some of the local street traders and soak up a bit of Prague.

Old Town Square

One of the best of its kind in Europe and not just for the stunning architecture which is cool (even for a bunch of slightly hungover blokes to appreciate). It's also got a great cafe culture, with bars and restaurants all spilling out into the square, making it a pleasant place to rest your Prague stag do hangovers while you partake in a hair of the dog.

QI - Charles Bridge is said to be haunted by those whose heads were once spiked on top of its walls.

Prague Photo Opportunities
Prague Castle

Grab a Prague stag do team selfie at what is officially the largest castle in the world (you can't argue with the Guinness Book). Dominating the city skyline, the castle seems to stretch on forever covering 70,000 square metres and believed to date back to 880 AD.

Lennon Wall

Yes, for no apparent reason (Lennon never spent time living here), the city has an entire wall dedicated to one of the world's greatest songwriters. It has been built up purely by graffiti, although it has had some major overhauls and even been whitewashed twice (one group of 'funny' students painted over the whole thing and added the phrase 'Wall Is Over', those crazy guys!).

Letna Park

One of the best places in the city to rest your hangovers. A beautiful place for peace, quiet, tranquillity and beer gardens. Lots of lovely, lovely beer gardens, because the best way to treat a hangover is to kill it with kindness or drown it in beer. Also plenty of room for stag team photos.

Petrin Hill

If you're looking for something to post on Instagram with a bit of wow factor (that photo of the groom falling out of bed in just his Hull City boxer shorts won't cut it), then get up Pertin Hill at dusk. The sunsets are pretty special, with views over the whole city, it's the perfect place to get an amazing photo or two.

QI - Many locals claim the Zizkov Tower is the world's ugliest building. And who are we to disagree, it is pretty nasty. The views from the top are awesome though.

Activities & Challenges in Prague

Just like the nightlife and sculptures, the stag activities and challenges the city has to offer are brilliant, different and totally hilarious. Our team regularly visit the city to check out our activities, look for the newest, craziest adventures and make sure we get the best deals, so you get more bang for your buck.

Here are our top 7 choices for a big weekend in Prague.

QI - Prague's narrowest street is so small (50cm) it has traffic lights to stop people getting wedged in it.

Why a Prague Stag Do is Awesome

Prague - home to decadent nightclubs, booming pubs, hedonistic bars, mad scientist microbreweries and some of Europe's most beautiful women - it's perfect for the groom's last weekend as a single man. Ask anybody who's been, they know a Prague stag has it all: phenomenal nightlife, epic sightseeing, big adventures and some of the most delicious pivo (beer) this side of Germany.

"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" - Franz Kafka

But if you think you'll have to sell your arm, leg, or left kidney to afford a Prague stag weekend, then think again. The Czech party capital is seriously friendly on the beer-budget (it's almost like they want you to drink more) and at StagWeb's fantastic low rates you can make your dreams of a continental weekend with the boys come true.

Not convinced? 1000+ reviews can't be wrong!

Where to Stay On a Prague Stag Do

One of the best things about Prague is that the city is so compact, you can walk virtually everywhere you'll need to go on your own two dad-dancing feet. But to make completely sure you're in the perfect position to party, we'll put you where we know you'll have the best time, which in Prague's case is in the centre of the Old Town or in the New Town, near the most popular clubs, pubs and bars. Another great option is by the Vltava River, with even more buzzing watering holes to explore on the riverside.

At StagWeb we’ve been working with the best stag friendly hotels and apartments since 2002 and have built up fantastic deals that we can pass on to our groups looking to have a top-class weekend without paying high-end prices. These include:

  • Lower rates
  • Flexibility on numbers
  • Complete financial protection
What to Do On a Prague Stag Do

There honestly isn't a better way to describe it. The pre-wedding adventures that Prague has to offer are legen... wait-for-it... dary, whether your personal tastes lean towards getting hands-on with fully automatic weapons, racing wheel-to-wheel or maxing and relaxing in your own tub of beer. Your Prague stag do may very well involve activities you can’t try anywhere else, so don’t miss this chance to do something unique.

Yes indeed, gentlemen, this city is built for big activities and unforgettable moments with the boys. With a smorgasbord of nearly-married action to choose from, here are just a few of the greats...

  • Fighter Jet - Get up close and personal with some of the deadliest aircraft flown by mankind in what is quite possibly the greatest stag party boast ever.
  • Target Shooting - Choose your weapon and test your aim in the Czech Republic's best shooting range. AK47s, shotguns and Uzis... Oh my!
  • Beer Spa - What better way to celebrate man's favourite drink than by bathing in a foaming tub of the stuff. Bath night will never be the same again!

Stag Fact #1 - Prague has a "Beer Museum" with 30 of the Czech Republic's best brews on tap at any one time.

Partying On a Prague Stag Weekend

Of course, a stag weekend in Prague is nothing without the chance to wet the groom's head with a considerable amount of beers, cheers and phenomenal nightlife - which, fortunately, is this city's speciality. Ask the locals where's best to head and the chances are they'll point you in the direction of Old Town, with character-filled pubs, vintage bars and a few unique underground nightclubs. But you shouldn't ignore the New Town either. This up-and-coming district has some of Europe's hottest party spots in its midst and attracts a young, party-loving crowd from all over the continent every weekend.

This is one night out where you can't afford to waste any valuable drinking time. But when you book with StagWeb, you'll be guaranteeing your groom the VIP experience in Prague's best clubs with guestlist entry, queue jump and even special drinks deals. Now that's what we call pivo power!

See the groom off in style...

  • Lap Dance Club Tour - Never has the phrase "all good things come in threes" been truer! Visit 3 top strip clubs and witness a variety of insanely hot performers.
  • Ice Bar - Experience what will without a doubt be the coolest bar you've ever visited. When was the last time you drank from a pint glass made of ice?
  • Hooters Restaurant - Enjoy the world-famous Hooters restaurant with two free pints, delicious burgers and Planet Earth's hottest waitresses!
  • Strip Boat - Make like The Wolf of Wall Street and board your own luxury cruise boat with the world's sexiest shipmates.

  • Stag Fact #2 - Prague Castle holds The Guinness World Record for being the largest ancient castle in the world.

    Planning Your Prague Stag Do

    We know from experience that booking a holiday abroad is stressful enough when you're just managing your own money. But when you're organising everybody else's finances as well, things can be seriously stressful. Gentlemen, it shouldn't have to be this way. Planning a Prague stag do should be brilliant fun, so we provide all our groups with complete financial protection. All you have to do is sit back, relax and tell us where you want to go, as well as what you want to do.

    Prague Money-Saving Tip #1 - You can save money on flights by checking other airports. If prices seem costly for your preferred dates, check other airports. For a large group, it could be more effective to travel to a different UK airport in order to save on flights.

    Prague Money-Saving Tip #2 - The city has been blighted by rogue taxi drivers charging tourists too much. To avoid getting stung, book with pre-registered cabs and ask the price in advance. It's best to avoid hailing cabs off the street. Or simply let our team do all the hard work for you. StagWeb can arrange transport to your activities and at the beginning of those nights out, although most of our accommodation puts you right in the heart of the city centre, within walking distance of the best bars, clubs and restaurants.

    StagWeb are ABTA bonded (No. W7797) meaning your Czech Koruna will be protected from the moment you touch down, to the moment you're on your flights back to blighty.

    Booking Your Prague Stag Do

    Getting the party started couldn't be easier - just send us your enquiry! Yep, it really is that easy. And while you're at home taking all the credit (go on, you deserve it), we'll be working away, putting together your perfect custom-made package, including your chosen accommodation, activities and nightlife. It's fast, hassle-free and best of all, you don't have to pay a thing until you decide that we're definitely the company for you.

    Or you can give our awesome team a call on 01225 474200. We're a friendly bunch and we love talking about all stag parties no matter how big or small you want your celebrations to be. You can even stop by our office if you prefer the personal touch - bring doughnuts!

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