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Czech your pulse!

It's simply not possible to have a Prague stag weekend and not have one of the best weekends of your life. Seriously, if you don't have an epic weekend in Prague you need to check your pulse.

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What they said about Prague...

"...18 of us, ages from 19 to 59. The best time was had by all from start to finish! Everything was organised so well, we didn't have any problems. Please book your Stag through this site you will not regret it, i promise you that...."

Prague stag weekend -
08/03/2019 -
5/5 stars

1200+ reviews! See more here...

Top 8 Prague Stag Do Ideas

  1. Beer Spa - The perfect hangover cure, fight fire with fire!
  2. Jelly Wrestling - The groom takes on two sexy babes in the wrestling ring.
  3. Stag Arrest - A hilarious and sexy groom prank all the guys will love.
  4. Target Shooting - Great sporting competition to find the weekend's Top Gun.
  5. Beer Bike - See the best sights from your own pedal-powered pub.
  6. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage where skill counts for nothing.
  7. Whitewater Rafting - A test of man vs nature/hangover and true stag adventure.
  8. Paintball - Check out this epic battle ground and stag weekend warfare!

A Guide To Your Prague Stag Weekend

Best bars icon
Best Bars in Prague

Double Trouble - Bring on the dancing girls! No, literally. At this superb bar the staff get up and dance on the tables, bars, chairs, while a DJ get's the party totally rockin'.
Melantrichova 17, Praha 1
Hooters - The best thing about Hooters is the boobs beers. Yep, it's definitely the beers. Enjoy a pre-booked meal served by legendary Hooter babes. To sample the beer we mean.
U Fleku - This pub and brewery is actually older than the entire nation of America. So if you like your pubs historical then drop by for a some traditional beer and Czech pub grub.
Křemencova 11, Praha 1

Event calendar icon
Event Calendar

February - Masopust. Literally meaning "give up meat", this is Prague's epic meat festival where you can join the locals in eating yourself into a small coma.
April - Witches Night. Imagine a mash-up of bonfire night and Halloween and you've got Prague's Witches Night. Weird, wonderful and the perfect excuse to open a beer (or two).
May - Labour Day. One of the biggest national holidays in the Czech Republic calendar where the clubs, pubs and bars host some of the best parties of the year.
August - Barum Rally. Petrol heads unite as the nation's top rally drivers do battle in the streets of Prague.

"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" - Franz Kafka

Where icon
Where to Head...

Districts - The cathedral district of Zizkov is reputed to have more bars per capita than any other city in Europe. And just the one fact alone makes it an important place of beer worship for any self-respecting stag party.
You can then head on to Vínohrady which as well as a beer garden also has some great bars, clubs and restaurants.

Must See... - Beer Spa - An entire spa where beer is used to help make you feel better. You might be thinking "Well that's just a pub isn't it?" No, this is a proper spa where you can actually sit in a bath of beer. Brilliant!
Wenceslas Square - Not just the place that Good King Wenceslas looked down on at Christmas, it's also a huge area packed with great bars and restaurants. But be weary, prices are a little bit higher to catch the tourist dollar.
"...but is it art?" - Prague has some really weird but entertaining sculptures and street art. Like Banksy on a bender. Find some crazy art and get the guys lined up for a team photo.

Pub Trivia

Per capita, the Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other nation on the planet. They even have a beer museum. Now THAT’S what you call "pub trivia"!

Taste icon
A Taste of Prague

Eats - U Bansethu - If you want to 'go native' and try some traditional Czech dishes then head to this fantastic restaurant/pub. The food is hearty, well priced and there's plenty of it. The roast duck is stunning and they also brew their own beer. Cheers!
Táborská 389/49, 140 00 Praha-Nusle
Drinks - Beer Museum - Prague is one of the world's greatest brewing cities and you simply cannot visit without sampling their finest beverages.
Dlouhá 46, Praha 1

Getting around icon
On Ya Bike! Getting Around Prague

Getting into Prague from the airport is very easy with regular buses which are much less expensive than taxis. Once in the centre you’ll have no trouble getting around the city, two thirds of Prague residents rely on the excellent public transport system. There’s a metro (underground system), trams and buses.

Speaking Da Lingo

"Je to cesta do hospody?" - Is this the way to the pub?
"Jedno pivo prosím?" - One beer please?
"Dvacet sedm piv prosím." - 27 beers please?
"Zenich zaplatí za všechno." - The groom will pay for everything.
"Zdravi!" - Cheers!
"Je to v pořádku, že to není má záchvat, když tančí." - It's ok he's not having a fit, he's dancing.
"Oh my jsme v půli cesty, wo-oh, žijí v naději!" - Oh we’re halfway there, wo-oh living on a prayer!

30 Reasons Why Prague Rocks!

La Bodeguita Del Medio - Wear your whitest shirts, twizzle your mustachios and pick up a cigar or two as you kick off your Prague stag do in this cooler-than-cool Cuban cocktail bar. If you like Pina Colada, and getting caught in the rain, then you'll love La Bodeguita Del Medio. Start the fiesta here...

Stars on the Tube - Local radio hosts lent their familiar voices to the city's metro network, could you imagine that over here? We'd pay good money to hear Chris Moyles giving it large on the tube in London!

Mozart - Everybody's favorite composer Wolfgang Amadeus enjoyed the most successful years of his career in Prague - he was a real rock star back in his day and we reckon he would've been a right laugh on a stag-do, maybe you can build a time machine and go back Bill and Ted style?!?

Tomas Rosicky - Gunners fans rejoice, one of the club's most beloved stars calls Prague his hometown, and he's something of a hero over here, having received 100 international caps for the Czech Republic - 'Super, super Tom...'

Sparta Prague - The city's biggest football club also happens to be the country's most successful with a whopping 33 league titles and 16 cup wins in their 121 year history. Try that for size Manchester United!

Franz Kafka - Who?!? Kafka is only one of the most influential European writers in the history of modern literature, and while you probably won't have read any of his stuff unless you've studied literature at University level, its artists of this high status that make Prague such an alluring place to visit.

Charles Bridge - This is definitely one for the postcards, Charles Bridge is seriously good-looking and you're bound to walk across it at some point during your Prague stag do - and even if you don't, it's worth seeking out just to say 'I've been there'.

Dancing House - Nope, you aren't drunk, this building is basically a massive optical illusion. With one side that's totally distorted, it looks a bit like a real-life modernist painting, and a selfie with the Dancing House will make for an epic profile picture - just make sure you call dibs on it; otherwise every lad will be copying you!

Jindrisska Tower - For the best views of Prague's skyline, a trip up this awesome monument is definitely in order. What's more is that it genuinely looks like something out of an Assassin's Creed game - although we doubt your stags can free-run like Ezio!

Hemingway Bar - Ernest Hemingway - Storied author, world-wise traveller and an infamously hard-drinking aficionado. This stylish bar is the perfect place to race a glass in Hemingway's good name with a smorgasbord of gentlemanly cocktails to pick from. Cheers, Ernie. Read more here...

Black Angels - Blighty's own Sunday Times once called Black Angels one of the 50 best bars in the world. So, brush up, order the infamous zombie cocktail and drink in all the speakeasy atmosphere. This bar is such a well-kept-secret that they won't even let you take photos of the place - so put your phone in your pocket and ask for a cigar to go with that negroni. Discover more...

Tretter's New York Bar - Ah the 1920s. A simpler time, a happier time. Probably because of brilliant bars like these. Journey back through the years to a bygone era where men where men, women were fierce and drinks were stiff. Very stiff - if the manly cocktails on offer in this superb vintage watering hole are anything to go by.

The Dubliner - It's a well-known fact that you can't go anywhere in the world without finding an Irish pub. But there is a reason for that - they're absolutely brilliant, always packed to the rafters and where else are you supposed to fill your Guinness quota for your weekend? The Dubliner is popular, vibrant and most importantly has the footy on. Get your sports fix here.

Art & Food - Art and food, food and art - the lines are blurred in this superb art gallery-cum-steak-restaurant where your waitress will try her very, very best to convince you that the titular "art" is on the walls, but you'll have to disagree once you see the amazing work of culinary genius on your plate. If the preserved body of a cow can win the Turner Prize, then surely a sirloin can?

Give us a hand - Inside the Church of St. James the Greater, there's a mummified forearm just before the tomb entrance - legend has it that a jewel thief tried to steal from the alter of the Virgin Mary, before her statue came to life and grabbed his arm. The monks couldn't get Mary to let go, so they had to cut the limb off - grisly.

The Turk of Ungelt - In the Ungelt area of the city, legend has it that there's a ghost of a young Turk that once loved a girl so much that he returned to his home country to receive a blessing so that he could ask for her hand in marriage, but on his return he found out she had already married - so naturally, he chopped off her head and immediately regretted his decision, trapping him in the world of the living forever in an eternal search to reunite the severed head with the body of his beloved. We reckon he needs to give Jeremy Kyle a call...

Astronomical Clock - A visit to the Astronomical Clock is a must when in Prague. It'll make for some great holiday pictures, and it's genuinely interesting once you start taking an interest in the symbolism behind the different moving pieces in this intricate and famous cultural landmark. It's best seen on the hour where the crowds gather and the 12 apostles parade past the windows.

Prague Castle - This is the largest ancient castle in the world according to The Guinness World Book of Records, and it's seriously epic. It looks like something from Game of Thrones and it's practically impossible to avoid quoting the show when you're touring the grounds which cover a total area that's bigger than seven football fields.

Cathedral - It's absolutely massive and you can't miss it - Prague's Cathedral is undoubtedly impressive. Highlights include the huge entrance, the baroque tomb of St. John of Nepomuck and the tomb of St. Vitus who is said to ward off dog bites, lightning and oversleeping - nice one.

Absintherie - Now you can tell from the name of this brilliant bar that you need to go careful within these walls. Absinthe is not to be trifled with (especially if it's made in Prague, the locals love the stuff) but in the small doses that the city's Absintherie deliver it in, it's actually delicious. And where else in the world can you try Absinthe Beer? Get your fix here.

Prague Beer Museum - This might just be the most appropriately named pub - ever. This venue is always heaving and with 30 Czech-produced beers on tap, there's never been a better place to enjoy the finest brews this country has produced. The only question is which beer will you try next?

Joy Burger Bar & Grill - Big ones, small ones, ones with eggs on 'em, Joy Burger Bar does things with beef patties and brioche buns that other restaurants could only dream of. But it's not all about the meat sandwiches within these trendy walls. Order the totally unique Veal Schnitzel or if you're feeling all Man vs Food, take on the Joy Pork Ribs glazed in BBQ sauce. Find out more...

Déjà Vu - We can only assume the reason why this nightclub is called "Déjà Vu" is because once you've been here, you'll want nothing more than to come back again and again. Whole weekends can be lost partying to the sounds of the city's top DJs and drinking with the locals in the laid-back lounge bar. Any regrets? None at all. See more...

Radost FX - The neon party paradise that is Radost FX has become a permanent fixture in Prague's vibrant nightlife and for good reason; it's totally different from anywhere else in the city, the UV artwork on the walls is simply incredible and the eclectic soundtrack has something for everybody.

O1ne Club Prague - This futuristic nightclub has LED screens for walls, gorgeous podium dancers and a huge selection of unbelievably strong spirits for you to sample. Top tunes, great DJ’s and killer stag-cocktails. Find out more...

John Lennon Wall - 'Imagine all the people' who have come to Prague without visiting this epic cultural landmark. After his assassination in 1980, somebody had the guts to spray-paint a picture of Lennon on a wall in a lonely square near the French embassy with a load of Banksy-esque graffiti and some of The Beatle's lyrics. The cops tried to cover it up, but the activists behind the display just kept on adding to it, to the point where the authorities have given up trying to stop them.

Burrito Loco - Hangover food reinvented. You'll find several 24/7 Burrito Loco's dotted around the Czech party capital, so you're never far away from a soft tortilla filled with delicious, traditional Mexican ingredients no matter the time of day. Loco for burritos? It's time to hit up Burrito Loco. Arrriba! Find out more...

Jan Hus Statue - You might come across this unique looking statue on your travels across Prague, but even if you don't, there are plenty of reasons to pay it a visit. With a flowing cape and the statues dark colors, he looks a little Batman-ish if we're being truly honest - Jan Hus was a hero in his own right though, having sacrificed his life for his revolutionary ideas on religion.

Old Town Hall - The Old Town Hall is a bit of a hotspot for history in Prague - think of it as the city's version of the Sept in Game of Thrones. There are white crosses on the ground to mark where 27 protestant nobles were beheaded in 1621, as well as a plaque commemorating a victory by the Red Army in Slovakia. The building itself was actually partially blown up by the Nazi's a day before the Soviets booted them out of Prague - talk about a dramatic past.

TV Tower - Nope, the offensively 80s building that sticks out into the skyline isn't a UFO about to start an Alien invasion - it's the city's TV Tower, erected in the golden year of 1985. And before you ask, yes, those are model babies climbing up the side of the tower and no, we don't know why they're there!

Fighter Jet - In an activity that's practically exclusive to Prague, you can take to the controls of a MiG 15 or an Aero L-39 and actually fly a fighter jet! You'll have a trained pilot who'll do all the hard flying, so you can sit back, relax and feel the need, 'the need for speed...'

Top Tweeters - Following The Prague Post basically guarantees a constant source of information about all things Prague right now, from the events that need your attention to interesting articles that'll give you a flavor of the local's point of view. Taste of Prague are the biggest hub of foodie information in the city, if you and the lads are feeling the hanger, fix your craving for quality grub with top recommendations from this great page.

Facebook - Radio Prague post fun, offbeat articles about the goings on in the city as well as the folk who make it so great, and I Love Prague is the unofficial travel guide you never knew you needed.

Semtex, plastic surgery, robots are all Czech inventions.

The Golden City

Prague - home to decadent nightclubs, booming pubs, hedonistic bars, mad scientist microbreweries and some of Europe's most beautiful women... It's perfect for the groom's last weekend as a single man. Ask anybody who's been, Prague (or Praha) has it all; phenomenal nightlife, epic sightseeing, big adventures and some of the most delicious pivo (beer) this side of Germany.

"Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws" - Franz Kafka

But if you think you'll have to sell your arm, leg, or left kidney to afford a Prague stag weekend, then think again. The Czech party capital is seriously friendly on the beer-budget (it's almost like they want you to drink more) and at StagWeb's fantastic low rates you can make your dreams of a continental weekend with the boys come true.

Not convinced? 1000+ reviews can't be wrong!

Czech In

One of the best things about Prague is that the city is so compact, you can walk virtually everywhere you'll need to go on your own two dad-dancing feet. But to make completely sure you're in the perfect position to party, we'll only ever put you where we know from our first-hand experience that you'll have the best time. Which in Prague's case is in the heart of the Old Town or the New Town, near the most popular clubs, pubs and bars. Or by the Vltava River, with even more buzzing watering holes to explore on the riverside.

At StagWeb we’ve been working with the best stag friendly hotels and apartments since 2002, we have built up fantastic deals that we can pass on to our groups looking to have a top class weekend without paying high end prices. These include:

  • Lower rates
  • Flexibility on numbers
  • Complete financial protection
Legendary Action

...There honestly isn't a better way to describe it. The pre-wedding adventures that Prague has to offer are legen-wait-for-it-dary, whether your personal tastes lean towards getting hands on with fully automatic machine guns, racing wheel-to-wheel on a race-prepared track or maxing and relaxing in your own tub of beer. Your Prague stag do may very well involve events that the guys can't try anywhere else in the world.

Yes indeed gentlemen, this city is built for big activities and unforgettable moments with the boys. With a smorgasbord of nearly-married action to choose from, here's just a few of the greats...

  • Fighter Jet - Get up close and personal with some of the deadliest aircraft flown by mankind in what is quite possibly the greatest stag party boast ever.
  • Target Shooting - Choose your weapon and test your aim in the Czech Republic's best shooting range. AK47's, shotgun's and Uzi's... Oh my!
  • Beer Spa - What better way to celebrate man's favourite drink than by bathing in a foaming tub of the stuff. Bath night will never be the same again!

Stag Fact #1 - Prague has a "Beer Museum" with 30 of the Czech Republic's best brews on tap at any one time.

Pivo Power

Of course, a Prague stag weekend is nothing without the chance to wet the groom's head with a considerable amount of beers, cheers and phenomenal nightlife - which is fortunately this city's speciality. Ask the locals where's best to head and the chances are they'll point you in the direction of Old Town, with character-filled pubs, vintage bars and a few unique underground nightclubs. But you shouldn't ignore the New Town either. This up-and-coming district has some of Europe's hottest party spots in its midst and attracts a young, party-loving crowd from all over the continent every weekend.

This is one night out where you can't afford to waste any valuable drinking time. But when you book with StagWeb, you'll be guaranteeing your groom the VIP experience in Prague's best clubs with guestlist entry, queue jump and even special drinks deals. Now that's what we call pivo power!

See the groom off in style...

  • Lap Dance Club Tour - Never has the phrase "all good things come in threes" been truer! Visit 3 top lap dancing clubs and witness a variety of insanely hot performers.
  • Ice Bar - Experience what will without a doubt be the coolest bar you've ever visited. When was the last time you drank from a pint glass made of ice?
  • Hooters Restaurant - Enjoy the world-famous Hooters restaurant with two free pints, delicious burgers and Planet Earth's hottest waitresses!
  • Strip Boat - Make like The Wolf on Wall Street and board your own luxury cruise boat with the world's sexiest shipmates.

  • Stag Fact #2 - Prague Castle holds The Guinness World Record for being the largest ancient castle in the world.

    M-M-My Korona

    We know from experience that booking a holiday abroad is stressful enough when you're just managing your own money. But when you're organising everybody else's finances as well, things can be seriously stressful. Gentlemen, it shouldn't have to be this way. Planning a Prague stag do should be brilliant fun, so we provide all our groups with complete financial protection. All you have to do is sit back, relax and tell us where you want to go, as well as what you want to do.

    StagWeb are ABTA bonded (No. W7797) and ATOL protected (No. 11011) meaning that your Czech Korona will be protected from the moment you touch down, to the moment you're on your flights back to blighty.

    Getting The Party Started

    In the 1950's the city centre had a "sobering-up station".

    Getting the party started couldn't be easier - just send us your enquiry! Yep, it really is that easy. And while you're at home taking all the credit (go on, you deserve it) we'll be working away, putting together your perfect custom-made package including your chosen accommodation, activities and nightlife. It's fast, hassle-free and best of all, you don't have to pay a thing until you decide that we're definitely the company for you.

    Or you can give our awesome team a call on 01225 474200. We're a friendly bunch and we love talking about all stag parties no matter how big or small you want your celebrations to be. You can even stop by our office if you prefer the personal touch - bring doughnuts!

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