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Riga stag weekend -
03/05/2019 -
5/5 stars

1200+ reviews! See more here...

A Guide To Your Riga Stag Weekend

Top 8 Riga Stag Do Ideas

  1. Bobsleigh - This stag weekend's gone downhill fast! Olympic sized challenge.
  2. Beer Bike - See the sights aboard your own beer/pedal powered pub.
  3. Target Shooting - Get your itchy trigger fingers on some serious firepower.
  4. Retro Rally - Hit the mean streets of Riga in these hilarious retro cars.
  5. Stag Arrest - Fake coppers, handcuffs, strippers and one very scared groom!
  6. Vespa Treasure Hunt - Like stag do Hells Angels, on really cool Vespas. Let's roll!
  7. Husky Dog Sledding - A once in a lifetime experience all the guys will love.
  8. Drift Trikes - Possibly the coolest stag racing challenge ever invented!
Action icon

Action Stations!

Bobsleigh - Just awesome! There aren't many chances in life to ride a bobsleigh down an actual Olympic run. Seriously breath-taking.
Retro Rally - Get behind the wheel of some amazing pimped up Fiat Pandas. Solve the clues and complete the course and make the other stags eat your dust.
Beer Bike - Saddle up on your own pedal-powered, mobile pub. Pour your own pints as you tour the city streets.
Target Shooting - Get your itchy trigger fingers on some serious heavy metal. You and the guys will shoot semi-automatics like the legendary AK-47. "Yippee-kay-aye mother hugger!"

"Right in the Baltics!" StagWeb spend 48hrs in Riga.
Read more here...

Best bars icon

Best Bars in Riga

Cafe Leningrad - Totally cool venue! Like stepping back in time to the Soviet era but instead of a menu of turnips and oppression, you'll find a real trendy crowd, great drinks and awesome live music.
Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 4, Centra Rajons, LV-1050
Shot Cafe - 111 different types of shots. Add great DJs and a happy vibe and it's party time!
Torņa iela 4, Centra Rajons, LV-1050
Hardcore Hangover Club - A trendy, hipster, tattoo and beard kind of venue with a 3 hour happy hour! Nuff said!
Peldu iela 21, Riga 1050
Bierhaus - This hearty pub prides itself on having Riga's best collection of craft beers from all over the world and even brews it's own on the premises.
Lāčplēša iela 12, LV-1010

Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

May - Latvia Beerfest. This is the largest beer festival in the Baltics and the perfect excuse to sample some of Riga's best local brews (as if you needed one).
July - Blues Festival. "Everybody needs somebody" in a Latvian musical fiesta that would make the Blues Brothers proud.
August - Riga City Festival. The city comes to life in celebration of the Latvian capital with parties in the streets, live music and a brilliantly festive atmosphere.
November - Staro Riga. Riga enjoys an overnight transformation with stunning displays and performances for the annual festival of light.

Where icon

Where to Head...


Having been occupied by the Nazis, communists and pretty much everyone else, Latvians have spent a fair amount of time drowning their sorrows, they've become experts at drinking extremely hard liquor! Now totally independent the country is making up for lost time and parties every day of the week in a really diverse and loud selection of venues. The Old Town is definitely the place to be, this one small area to keep a stag party afloat for months.

Must see...

Veranes Garden is the city's largest public park and the perfect place to rest your hangovers and lizard-like let the sun's rays gradually warm you back to life. Another great spot is the Town Hall Square which has a nice vibe, is the perfect location for a team photo. The bars aren't the cheapest here and a bit tourist heavy but there are plenty of great watering holes in the surrounding streets.

Pub Trivia

'Gonoreja' (yes the J is pronounced like a 'Y') is not the most attractive Latvian Girls names. "Have you met my girlfriend Gonoreja?"
Nearly 1/3rd of Latvia's entire population lives in Riga while major migration means only 45% residents are Latvian.
Hot Babes! Latvia produces more fashion models per capita than nearly any other country in the world.

Taste icon

A Taste of Riga

Eats - If you need some proper man food then head to Street Burgers. These guys really don't do things by halves and these stunning towers of meat, cheese and soft buns will keep all the guys happy. They even do a 'Breakfast Burger', genius!
Meza Street 4a, Riga 1050, Latvia
Drinks - At a whopping proof of 90% Riga's Black Balsam could strip the fake tan off a TOWIE babe from 20 paces. It's a blend of natural ingredients mixed with pure vodka and possibly the Devil's bath water "It burns! It BURNS!!".
FYI Drink prices are on average half of those back in the UK. "No I'll get these, you get them when we get home..."

Getting around icon

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Riga

Riga isn't the biggest capital city but that just makes it easier to get around. The city's best bars, restaurants and clubs are all easy to reach on foot so there's no need to try and squeeze 15 stags (and potentially fatal clouds of aftershave) into one taxi. If you do want to travel further afield get yourselves eTickets to hop on trams, buses and trolleybuses whenever the mood takes you. But if you're feeling fit you can hire a 'Sixt' public bike for just a few Euros, which are dotted around the city (like London's Boris bikes).

Speaking Da Lingo

"Sveiks" - Hello
"Ludzu" - Please
"Paldies" - Thank you
"Alus lūdzu" - A beer please
"Divus alus lūdzu" - Two beers please
"Daudz alus lūdzu" - Lots of beers please
"Šis kungs par visu samaksās" - This gentleman will pay for everything
"Jūs vēlētos dejot?" - Would you like to dance?
"Ne" - No"
"Mans gliseris ir pilns ar zušiem." - My hovercraft is full of eels.

32 Reasons Why Riga Rocks!

Freedom Monument - The locals have called the Freedom Monument ‘Milda', and we've got it on good authority that she takes a mean selfie... seriously though, this monument is really impressive, and it's cultural and historical relevance should not be underestimated.

Riga Castle - It's a little bit battered at the moment due to a fire in 2013, but Riga Castle is still epic. What's even more awesome is that the Latvian president actually rules from here - although we imagine he probably forgoes sitting on the throne while chomping on chicken wings like a real Medieval King.

Riga Central Market - A walk through the market could be a great hangover cure on your Riga stag do, it's also a really cool historical site as well, seeing as it's housed inside a series of retro WW1 Zeppelin hangers.

What's in a name - The region wasn't always known by the name of Latvia - historically, the country has been called Lettland with its people considering themselves ‘The Lettish.'

Language - Latvians are fiercely proud of their native tongue, and they actually hold contests to see who can use the language in the most eloquent ways - somehow we don't think this'd work in the UK, imagine a Geordie against a Bristolian?!?

Ice Hockey - Get your skates on lads, Ice Hockey is more popular than football over here - actually, even basketball is preferred to the beautiful game in Riga.

Crocodile Dundee - Legend has it that the real inspiration for Crocodile Dundee was a Latvian bloke called Arvid Blumentals who apparently killed 10,000 crocs in his lifetime. ‘That's not a knife...THAT's a knife!'

Skonto FC - The Riga locals aren't massively interested in football, but for those who are, Skonto FC is the most successful side in the top flight of Latvian football having won the league title a total of 15 times since their inaugural season in 1991.

Dinamo Riga - Riga's premiere Ice Hockey team are a class act on the ice, and the locals love to head down to Arena Riga on a match day to enjoy some of the best hockey in the country while cheering on the home side with the same kind of passionate energy found in England's best football grounds.

The Great Kristaps - The story goes that Great Christopher once helped a child saint across the river, and when the child arrived on the other side, he transformed into a chest of gold which Christopher then had the good sense to use to buy land and build Riga. There's a statue of the scene you can visit by the rivers edge, but don't expect any wads of cash to magically appear on your Riga stag weekend...

Riga Black Magic - Beer is sometimes not enough, too light, too refreshing. This, your stag do, deserves more. You head here, taking in the old-school speakeasy surrounds. The barman nods. You agree, to what? A shot of Riga's infamous Black Balsam. You drink, you suck your teeth. You beg for more. Black Magic? It may well be the case. Find out more.

Monks of St. John's Church - Local legend has it that a couple of monks tried to escape the monastery in search of honest wenches and beery good times. Unfortunately, they ended up sealed inside the church wall and starved to death. Tough luck lads, tough luck.

TV Tower - Riga's TV Tower either looks like a rocket about to take off, or a tripod from War of the Worlds that's about to wake up and start wasting buildings and people everywhere. It's really cool, and you can enjoy 360 degree views of the city from the heights of the viewing platform.

The Armoury Bar - This modern bar is loaded with lethal shots, beers, ales and spirits, making it the perfect taster for Riga's hedonistic nightlife. You'll even find table football and other classic pub games in your sights. Oh, and please ignore the AK47 on the bar, "Matilda" doesn't like to be touched. Get loaded here.

Bar XIII - If James Bond came to Riga, this is where he'd have his shaken not stirred. Bar XIII is equal parts traditional Latvian boozer and stylish cocktail bar, giving it a totally unique atmosphere for pre-club drinks with luxury décor and all the city's "beautiful people". And we bloody love it.

Moonshine - An old-school American diner. In the middle of Riga. Logical? Who cares when it's this damn good. Slick back your hair, lock up your daughters and swing those hips gentlemen, this bar is greased lightning in a bottle. Our recommendation? Order the Crocodile Burger, it's off the scales. Discover Moonshine.

Easy Wine - You, a suited-and-booted band of gentlemen looking for a sophisticated start to an evening of macho madness. This bar, a classy, arty venue fuelled by the best wines this side of Europe. Together? You're a match made in heaven's vineyard. Find out more...

GameStation - "Yeah mate, I've got mad FIFA #tekkers, my FUT team is the real deal" etc. We've all heard it, now it's time to prove it. GameStation Bar is like your dream lad pad, with comfy sofas instead of tables, a huge collection of video games instead of a darts board and pool table as well as countless flat-screen TVs to play them on. All with a Latvian pint in hand. Get your game on here.

Richard Wagner - The man who unwittingly provided the soundtrack to one of the most famous scenes from Apocalypse Now with his infamous composition Ride of the Valkyries was a Riga resident for many years of his career, although that's not to say that you'll discover any hidden musical talents while you're here...

Meet Point Pizza Bar - Mamma mia! This pizza is good. The best in Riga in fact. But that's not enough for the masterminds behind Meet Point, so they've added a huge range of beers and cocktails to try while you stuff your laughing gear with Italy's best gift to the world since civilization itself. Get your pizza fix here.

Nemiers - There are some things that you shouldn't mix. Football and commercialism. Wine and beer. Spirits and fire? Hold that thought. The brilliant (and slightly crazy) people at Nemiers light it up every night with fire-breathing barmen and the most vodka we've ever seen in one go. Don't be alarmed if the bar goes up in flames, it's just another day in spirit-soaked paradise. See more...

Snowmobiles - Riga is one of the best places in Europe to don the snowsuit to take on some of the most exciting off-road action you can have without wheels. Rip up the powder on high powered snowmobiles and put on your best Bond impressions as you cut through a thrilling course. Read more...

Studio 69 - The Latvians turn up their noses at British nightclubs. Why? Because they've been spoiled by brilliant party spots like Studio 69. A huge, luxury venue where you'll find the city's top DJs spinning the decks and Riga's beautiful locals strutting their stuff. Discover Studio 69.

ONE ONE - The best house party you've ever been to, period. This vibrant nightclub is set in a traditional Riga building but in the present day it's packed with top tunes, great times and all the #vibes. And if you get tired of dancing you can always hit the outdoor terrace for a pint in the cool Latvian night-time. ONE ONE is the one. Find out more...

Bobsleigh - You've probably seen this high speed sport in the Winter Olympics, now, you can see how you and the lads fare in the fast-moving confines of the bobsleigh. This is seriously adrenaline pumping stuff and it's only for the toughest of stags - have you got what it takes?!?

BK VEF Riga - The city's premiere basketball team have a massive following, they're four time Latvian champions and they also compete in the Eurocup, which is Basketball's answer to the UEFA Champions League. Not bad VEF, not bad...

Coco Loco - Step off the streets of Riga and into this brilliant South African bar that could've been cut and paste from the nightlife of Johannesburg. Treat yourselves to some truly awesome alcoholic concoctions and cut some Springbok shapes on the dance floor. Go totally loco here.

La Rocca - The biggest nightclub in Latvia and they certainly don't come much badder than La Rocca. Essentially three brilliant venues under one roof, you'll have your choice of hip-hop and R&B rooms, a stylish Russian bar and the rocking main room with sexy podium dancers keeping the party going until the early hours. See more...

Target Shooting - Unlike in the UK, you're allowed to get hands on with proper firearms in controlled conditions in Riga, and every lad owes it to himself to give it a try. Feel the power of the all-powerful Glock, used by special services around the world, and get hands on with the iconic AK47. Read more...

Street Burgers - The Latvian locals think that the beef patties Street Burgers load their buns with are the best in Riga, and who are we to disagree when they look this darn good. So, pull up a chair, order a beer and chow down on a "Ghetto Burger" packed with grilled grass, fed beef, salad, cheese and street mayo. Conquer your hunger here.

Labietis Brewery - To find one of the best watering holes in the city, you've got to head underground. Labietis is full of folks in the search for beer-fuelled fun just like you, there's a fantastic atmosphere and if you head down early enough, you can even watch the beers being made in the craft brewery. These are pints that are worth the pilgrimage.

Garaza - This restaurant is epic. They do the best burgers in town, loads of tasty beers and the interior is decked out like a real garage, from the number-plate décor to the repurposed car-seat bar chairs. This is wheely, wheely great!

Top Tweeters - LIVE Riga will keep you up to date with all the latest goings on in the city as well as when and where the best live events are happening so that you won't miss a thing during your stay. Riga Guide will keep you in-the-know when it comes to the city's best restaurants, bars and other worthwhile attractions.

Facebook - Follow the city's Facebook page for epic shots of Riga as well as loads of information about what's on and how to get about town.  

Latvia's most popular sport is Ice Hockey.

Kick It In The Baltics

The drawing back of the Iron Curtain has revealed Riga to be one of Eastern Europe's greatest pre-wedding destinations as a party capital packed with behemoth nightclubs, seriously awesome bars, gorgeous Baltic beauties and beers almost half the price you'd pay in the UK.

What's more is that you won't have to sell an arm, leg or any other vital organs to afford your stay in this European Capital of Culture - A Riga stag weekend is actually seriously budget-friendly and when you couple that fact with StagWeb's brilliant low rates, you'll be left with plenty in your wallets to treat your groom to an absolutely unforgettable weekend in the Baltics.

Stag Fact #1 - Latvia was once known as "Lettland" with its people considering themselves as "The Lettish".

Baltic Beer Bonuses

We salute all our groups heading overseas in search of bigger, badder and better adventures than they'd find in the UK by offering you special benefits that you might not receive if you book anywhere else. These include -

  • Lower rates
  • Flexibility on numbers
  • Complete financial protection

We've been helping guys plan awesome Riga stag weekends since 2002, in that time we've built the best network of stag friendly hotels, clubs and activities and we can help you and the guys benefit from our exclusive deals and rates so you can make the most of your stag budget.

Still not convinced? See 1000+ positive reviews right here.

Stag Fact #2 - Crocodile Dundee was inspired by a Latvian. Arvid Blumentals allegedly killed 10,000 crocs in his lifetime.

Old Town, New Tricks

We've got a huge range of hotels whether you're looking to save money with a budget-friendly 3-star hotel or hostel, a little more luxury with a 4-star or going the full Bond and booking our state-of-the-art 5-star hotel. Whichever you choose, we'll only ever put you where we know from experience that you'll have the best time, which in Riga's case is right in the heart of the action in the city centre, close to the clubs, pubs and bars in Old Town where you'll find the best nightlife the Latvian party capital has to offer.

See our full range of tried and tested accommodation here.

Stag Fact #3 - Riga's Skonto FC are the most successful team in the Latvian Football League.

Riga Stag Do Adventures

When it comes to epic pre-wedding adventures, Riga takes the trophy, straps a wad of C4 to it and blows it sky-high. There's action here that you simply won't be able to try anywhere else in the world whether you're an outgoing group of lads who love taking on new adrenaline-pumping challenges or the kind of guys who'd rather sit back, relax and let somebody else do all the hard work for you. From getting hands-on with fully-automatic AK47's to maxin' and relaxin' on your own Strip Boat, Riga really does have something for everyone.

Here's some of the greats -

  • Target Shooting - Get hands-on with weapons that wouldn't be allowed to see the light of day in the UK and find out who's a crack shot and who's not!
  • Beer Bicycle - See the sights on your own portable pub powered by your squad of thirsty stags and a keg-load of man's favourite fuel... BEER.
  • Retro Rally - Turn your stag do into an episode of Top Gear as you take to the wheel of funky Fiat Pandas for a day of hilarious motoring challenges.
  • Bobsleigh - Unleash your inner Winter Olympian as you fly down Riga's World Championship Bobsleigh run at speeds of up to 93mph.

Stag Fact #4 - Riga's Freedom Monument has been nicknamed "Milda" by the locals.

Big Nights In The Baltics

Latvian 'Black Balsam' is 90 proof & looks like crude oil.

No Riga stag weekend is complete without the chance to wet the grooms head with beers, cheers and a healthy amount of Baltic beauties - all of which this amazing city delivers up gladly before asking if you handle more. The best thing about celebrating here is that all the nightlife is one convenient place, the Old Town (seriously, it's like Riga was built for partying) where you'll find the most popular nightclubs, the hottest lap dancing clubs and brilliant bars rubbing shoulders to get your evening started.

But this is no ordinary weekend. Oh no gentlemen, this is the groom's last weekend of single living and it needs to be marked as such, so we'll be giving you the chance to receive the VIP treatment. Guestlist entry to the best clubs in town? Just walk under this rope. Limousines with very sexy, stripping passengers? Say hello to "Hilda". Medieval Banquets? Where would you like to start, m'lords?

Treat the groom -

  • Nightclub Entry - We'll arrange guestlist entry to Riga's greatest and best nightclubs. All you have to do is arrive, give them your names and you're in.
  • Naked Dessert - The tastiest dessert... Ever! Cover a gorgeous Baltic beauty with cream and fruit before eating it off her naked body. It's a hard life...
  • Strip Dinner - Feast your stomachs and eyes as you dive into a steak dinner before an Eastern European hottie drops her clothes for you and the boys.
  • Bar Crawl - Discover Riga's best pubs and bars with an expert local guide to lead you and the stags like horses to water, or should that be beer?

Protecting The Beer Budget

Planning a weekend away can be seriously stressful even when you're only managing your own finances. So, when you're responsible for managing everybody else's funds as well, possibly even money belonging to blokes you don't even know, things can seem even more worrying. But fear not gentlemen, StagWeb are both ABTA bonded (No. W7797) and ATOL protected (No. 11011) which means we adhere to strict codes of conduct, giving you and your booking complete financial protection.

Get Him In The Baltics

So how do you get the party started? That's the easiest bit of all. Just send us your enquiry. That's right, no gimmicks, no complicated booking process. All you need to do is tell us how you want the weekend to run and we'll do all the hard work, putting together your perfect package of accommodation, activities and nightlife. It's fast, easy, and best of all, completely free with zero obligations until you decide to give us the green light and start booking your Baltic weekend.

Or you can give us a call on 01225 474200. We love talking about all stag weekends great and small, so whether you know exactly what you want for your pre-wedding party or you haven't the foggiest, just pick up the phone and we can start planning your groom's last hurrah today!

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