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A Stratford stag weekend is a great option for guys looking for an alternative to the big city. Though it's smaller in size, it doesn't half pack a punch with sublime pubs and awesome adventures. Take the stress out of the planning process and enjoy a top weekend with StagWeb!

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Max Cooper
| 20/04/2022 -
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8 Best Stratford Stag Do Ideas

  1. Medieval Jousting - Suit up in armour as you face off in some medieval stag on stag carnage.
  2. School Sports Day - Go back to the heady days of youth as you relive your school sporting years.
  3. Google Football - We’ve taken football and put a chaotic twist on it for your stag enjoyment!
  4. Go Karting - Chaotic, wheel-to-wheel stag mayhem at its craziest best.
  5. Paintballing - Give the groom a wedding makeover. Lock and load, it’s about to get messy.
  6. Archery - Channel your inner Legolas as you battle to become Lord of the Stag!
  7. Bubble Football - When the beautiful game turns ugly.
  8. Escape Game - Like a crazy mashup of The Cube, Crystal Maze and Sherlock Holmes.

A Guide To Your Stratford Stag Weekend

The historic birthplace of Shakespeare might not sound like the stag do destination of your dreams, but we’re not making Much Ado About Nothing – for gents looking to flee the confines of the city and enjoy a relaxed and laidback stag weekend, Stratford will be just what you’re looking for. With miles and miles of glorious countryside surrounding the town, you and the lads have ample opportunity to get out and get back to nature … and run wild over it in monsters like our quad bikes and off road karts. With quality shooting activities like paintball, archery, and clays to get in to as well, a day in the rural Warwickshire countryside offers plenty for lads looking for their great escape.

A stag night's dream…

Never fear, the incredible countryside location doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck spending the stag night down the local with two old men and their dog. As one of the most popular tourist towns in the UK, it’s swamped with high quality pubs and bars to keep them entertained after final curtain at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The pubs often look all old-timey and quaint, but don’t be fooled. The barmen will go Measure To Measure with any watering hole in the country, and you and the lads are guaranteed a good night. The club scene on a Stratford stag do is thriving too – well, what else would you expect when the town is overflowing with budding thespians looking for their big break and all their groupies too? With StagWeb’s options like nightclub entry and lap dancing (not from us) too, you and the boys can have a night that’s exactly As You Like It.

To book or not to book

Sure, organising a stag do is a big undertaking, but that doesn’t mean you need professional help, does it?

Well, no – you probably are capable of pulling together a good quality weekend for your best mate… that’s why he made you the best man, after all. But just because you can do it by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something bigger and better with a little help from a professional company that knows what it’s doing. That’s us, by the way. We’ve been organising stag weekends since 2002, and we’ve done over 600,000 of them. Not to gloat, but we’re kind of really, really good at them, too. Because we’ve been planning stag parties so long, we’ve got a handle on all the most popular activities for lads to try, as well as some of the more unusual choices just waiting to be discovered. What’s more, we can offer them to you for less, meaning you get a better stag weekend for less money… and with a 24 hour helpline to one of our client advisors too.

Lend me your ears…

You may not have noticed back when you were made to study King Lear in school, and spent more time doodling in the margins than actually reading the text, but the Bard had real skill when it came to creative insults. No outdated ‘your mum’ jokes for him (well, ok, one or two),Shakespeare knew how to trash talk like no one else. Obviously you don’t want to be hurling insults on the stag do, but just in case, take note of…

  • You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave.
  • More of your conversation would infect my brain.
  • This sanguine coward, this bed-presser, this horseback-breaker, this huge hill of flesh!
  • Away, you mouldy rogue, away!
  • Away, you bottle-ale rascal! You basket-hilt stale juggler, you!
  • I wonder that you will still be talking. Nobody marks you.
  • You are a tedious fool.
  • Thou cream faced loon.
  • Thou art as fat as butter.

If you’re going for the low blow, Shakespeare also had a curious thing against toads…

  • Thou art like a toad; ugly and venomous.
  • Thou art as loathsome as a toad.
  • Thou poisonous bunch-back’d toad!

When to go

Whether you want to come back with A Winters Tale to tell, or you’d think that nothing compares to a summers day, there isn’t really a bad time to enjoy a Stratford stag do. There are, predictably, Shakespearean festivals and celebrations going on all through the year, particularly around his birthday in April, as well as a few music and dance festival in summer too.

Getting the boys in

Not far south of Birmingham, Stratford Upon Avon isn’t a difficult town to get to. From further south, heading upwards on either the M40 or on the M5 will bring you relatively close to the town, or come down in the M6 through Birmingham. There are trains running regularly to both Birmingham and London, if you or the lads don’t fancy driving.

What next?

Simple! Give us a call, or leave us a message. It’s entirely obligation free, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have, as well as talk to you about what we can offer for your weekend.

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