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The Ultimate List of UK Stag Destinations

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10 of Our Most Popular UK Stag Do Locations 2024

  1. 1. Bristol

    The number one UK stag city! Bristol is absolutely stacked with awesome adventures, big nights out and plenty to do and see. Our offices are based just down the road in Bath, so we'll have all the inside info on the latest and greatest things to do in this fine city. Put us to the test today!

  2. 2. Liverpool

    Home to the world-famous Mathew Street, an electric atmosphere and massive adventures, Liverpool is a top choice. It's a very stag-friendly city, too, with plenty of bars and clubs ready to welcome party-loving stags and hens with open arms. You seriously won't regret this one.

  3. 3. Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is elite. The iconic Scottish capital has all your stag classics as well as a cool, upmarket feel to it too. You can fly here cheaply from most UK cities and there's plenty to keep you guys occupied - including the world-famous boozing spot that is the Royal Mile.

  4. 4. Cardiff

    Cardiff has everything you'd expect from a thriving capital city - from big nights out to cracking accommodation options to incredible activities for you to try. From Cardiff Bay to the city centre, there are plenty of drinking and eating opportunities to keep you guys fuelled up and ready to party.

  5. 5. Newcastle

    The people's choice. Newcastle is all about the nightlife. From Bigg Market to Quayside, Jesmond to The Gate, you won't be short of places to celebrate here. It also has a load of activities on offer, plus the small matter of a Premier League football ground right in the centre of the city.

  6. 6. Bournemouth

    The big advantage that Bournemouth has over the UK stag do locations above is its beach. Yes, not only can you chill out with a beer in the sunshine, but there are also loads of coastal activities for you to conquer. The nights out are pretty wild, too. Yep, it really is a cracking choice.

  7. 7. Manchester

    Hard done by not to be higher in this elite list of the best stag do locations in the UK, Manchester has a party scene that will rival anywhere in the country. It's hugely popular but definitely underrated. If you've not partied here, this could be the perfect opportunity!

  8. 8. London

    Do we even need to tell you why London is a top city for your stag? It has everything. And by everything, we mean everything! Posh areas, alternative areas, party areas, iconic areas – everything. Wherever you're planning on basing yourselves, we can arrange your events so they're on your doorstep. Ideal!

  9. 9. Newquay

    You don't always have to head to a big city to guarantee a memorable send-off! A coastal adventure offers up so many different options for you and the guys to try. Newquay is perfect if you're looking to carve up the ocean and give the groom a weekend he'll never forget.

  10. 10. Nottingham

    Located in the middle of the UK, Nottingham is a breeze to get to and has loads to keep you guys occupied. From its laid-back vibe to its big nights out, its random activities to its legendary adventures, it's another city that is underrated. It's definitely becoming more and more popular, too, so it's time to jump on that trend.

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What are the best UK stag do destinations?

Of course, it's all subjective, we say "Newquay", you say "Newcastle". One man's bar crawl is another man's pub golf. But if you're looking to find the best UK stag do destination then you can put our team to the test. Tell us your chief criteria (epic activities, budget-friendly, going coastal, etc) then sit back as we do the hard work for you.

Jolly Activities

Great Britain, the United Kingdom - just those two descriptions of our peerless nation suggest we should be confident and for stags at least it's spot on. If you know where to go, Blighty's an amazing place to party! We lead the world in stag weekend celebrations, in the USA they may have "Bachelor Parties", in Oz their "Buck's Nights", but our stags are the stuff of legend.

One question we're often asked is: "Where is the best place for a UK stag party?". That's kind of like asking: "What is the best beer?". It's hugely subjective (although, when it comes to beer, it will be British obviously, not one of those funny fizzy imports) and depends entirely on your group, and of course, the groom himself.

Every stag party has different criteria, some stags are purely looking for big nights out in even bigger nightclubs. Some stags stay off the booze in favour of all-action, man-style adventure. For others, the destination is based on one of the groom-to-be's old haunts, taking him back to where he grew up, where he went to uni or where he had his first pint.

There are some great British stag cities, but choosing the best British stag city...? Even with our many of expertise and over 700,000 clients, we can't simply point at a map and pick the definitive "best British stag party city".

Party Central

On an island famed for its pub life, we are spoilt for choice for great places for a big night out. Newcastle, Bristol, Nottingham all have some great clubs and bars as well as plenty of fantastic choices for food when it's time to get "fed up". After all, a stag army marches on its stomach.

Sporting Pedigree

Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff all have great sporting credentials and so should certainly be in the mix for the Best British Stag City. If there is a particular team that you want to see more of or even a sporting fixture in mind, contact our team, we have a range of Stadium Tours for top football clubs across the UK (we also have stadium tours available in Europe).

Beside the Seaside

If your idea of the best British stag city requires sun and sea then Newquay, Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool are all really well set up for party-loving stags with no shortage of top drawer activities and diverse nightlife.

England, Scotland & Wales - Ready & Waiting

We're ready for you and the lads to enjoy the greatest UK stag weekend options, from England's premier cities to the Welsh valleys to the lochs of Scotland. And we keep the selections fresh, with thousands of clients out every year we're consistently reviewing our UK services and venues to ensure we deliver the best experiences at the greatest value - with StagWeb you really can be assured of exceptional commitment to your weekend planning, as ABTA members even in the UK your event is fully financially protected at the highest level.

Consider This... 3 Tips For Approaching Your UK Stag Do

  1. Weather & Season
    This one's pretty obvious, but seasonality and the British climate can influence recommendations, you have weather and daylight hours to consider. Some experiences are terrific in summer but not ideal in winter and vice versa. It's just about being smart with selections and getting the most from your weekend, for example, you might think Scotland's a no-no in winter, but actually, it's a belter with great availability and unique activities like curling and plenty of skiing. In summer, with more daylight hours, you can take advantage of warmer weather, terrific outdoor settings, longer hours for event planning and evening fixtures like a night at the races. If you've got sports on your mind, then fixtures will have set dates to keep tabs on.
  2. Access all areas, from Newquay to Northern Ireland!
    This is a smart practical consideration when thinking about the lads: Where's everyone coming from? The most important thing is obviously the groom and what he'd prefer, but looking at where the crew is arriving from might play a part. If the boys are coming from all over then somewhere central like Birmingham, Nottingham or London are decent locations to consider. Alternatively, thinking about what's easy for flying internally within the UK and on trains is a good compromise, for example, Newquay might seem a long way for most, but summer train and flight schedules make it available from all over the country.
  3. Tickets, please... The Busy British Event Calendar
    Despite what you hear about us leading the Euro obesity charts, Britain's a leisure hungry nation and that means there are loads of events on at all times. The impact for UK stag weekends is that on occasion cities do book out, for example, York is usually rammed on a race weekend, Cardiff's very busy when the Rugby's on, Nottingham's bursting over any Ashes cricket weekend and even London venues can get pretty tight for availability if there's something really big on. The long and short of it is to either deliberately time your weekend with an event and plan early or try to avoid an exceptionally busy date.

Whatever you need, we'll help you prepare for all eventualities. Why not see what we've done for previous clients and check out our reviews.

UK Stag Do Planning - Taking The Next Steps

So you can see you've got plenty of choice and we're on hand to help you get it right, what you need to do is select your preferred destination, or a choice of 2 or 3, then decide whether you want something ready-made (see all our UK and European packages here) or tailor-made for you (just brief us here and we'll work closely with you to build your preferred itinerary). There's no time like the present, why not book your UK stag do now - it'll be the greatest best man decision you ever make!

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