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Welsh Stag Weekends

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A Wales Stag Do is Colossal!

Wales has it all (despite the jokes people make about the weather!): it has monumental party cities like Cardiff and Swansea, and it also has destinations like Brecon and Llangollen which are the kings of adrenaline-fulled, high octane, blood-pumping action!


This is where the SAS (the Special Air Service NOT Super Army Soldiers) come to train so, clearly, it is packed full of epic stag adventures waiting to be conquered! From Bear Grylls Survival Weekends to Kayaking, Gorge Walking, Coasteering and more, you won't be short of monumental activities to keep you occupied!

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This place needs little introduction. A colossal stag playground by day and a monstrous party city by night, Cardiff is big, bold and always bouncing! With a monumental array of activities and a host of incredible bars, restaurants and clubs, you'll be able to give the groom a huge send-off worthy of the stag do history books!

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The home of some of the greatest stag do events on the planet. Boasting the longest zip line in Europe, subterranean cave trampolining, abseiling, axe throwing, canyoning and much much more, this place really separates the stags from the boys.

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Rising up as a slamming party city in its own right, Swansea is close to rivalling Cardiff for its nightlife these days. Also, being coastal, you are spoilt for choice for on-land and water-based stag adventures; surf in the morning, paintballing in the afternoon, partying in the evening, sounds like a pretty solid stag itinerary to us!

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Choosing The Welsh Stag Do Destination That's Right For You

If you're still stuck with which one to go for, ask yourself this: Are you prioritising partying or are you looking to take on some once-in-a-lifetime activities?

If partying's your game then Cardiff and Swansea are both Grade A, gold standard, certified winner! They both pop off during the night and they both feature a load of awesome daytime activities to keep all the guys occupied!

If you're looking for some adrenaline-pumping action, however, Brecon and Llangollen rival anywhere on the planet for epic stag adventures! They also boast great local boozers and bars if you're less of the clubbing type!

Getting There

Cardiff and Swansea are both easily accessible via car or public transport. Cardiff also has an airport for any fancy stags travelling from overseas!

For those travelling to Brecon and Llangollen, driving will be your easiest bet, but you can reach both via public transport. For Llangollen, you can get a train to Ruabon, which is roughly a fifteen-minute taxi ride from the town. And for Brecon, there are multiple stations you can head to depending on where you're basing yourselves.

When To Go

The beauty of Wales is you can go any time of year and you'll still have a colossal time. If you're heading to Brecon or Llangollen it's better to go in the warmer months [insert joke about it never being warm], but for Cardiff and Swansea the party carries on all year round.

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