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Unusual Activities

One thing every great party offers is a break from the norm. A chance for lads to get together to toast the happiness of the blushing groom and give him an epic send off.

And sometimes things get a little bit weird. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact here at StagWeb we celebrate the weird and wonderful and make it a team goal to find as many unique and fantastic activities as we can. See more alternative stag do ideas here.

Let's face it, anyone can be "normal", we all have to do "normal" during our working lives (unless of course you happen to have a particularly weird job to begin with). So when planning a weird stag weekend it's the perfect chance to take a walk on the unusual side, head to pastures new and try some crazy adventures.

Alternative Stag Do Locations in the UK

Birmingham - What raises Birmingham to be celebrated among our weird and wonderful locations is the completely barking array of activities you can dive into, fight like a knight, battle zombies or take on the Asylum. Turn up, tune in, freak out!

Cardiff - We hope the people of Cardiff will forgive us for mentioning their fair city amongst our list of unusual stag destinations but it's meant with affection for a city we love.
Cardiff has fantastic nightlife, a great live music scene, and some outstanding stag party activities. In short, Cardiff rocks! However it is equally off its rocker and any Cardiff bound group can be sure of plenty of laughs.

Woolacombe - Definitely different. Woolacombe is often overlooked but is a superb venue. While it might not offer nightlife on the same scale as major cities like London or Brighton the clubs and bars are far more intimate, less crowded and a little less expensive making it a budget friendly option. What puts Woolacombe on our mad, bad and dangerous to know list is the huge range of top draw, bonkers activities it has up its sleeve.

Unusual Stag Do Locations in Europe

Reykjavik - Despite being the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is incredibly hot. Hot nightlife, hot activities and more than its fair share of hot looking women. On top of that you'll find a wealth of weird and wacky activities for travelling stags. There's nowhere else in Europe where a you can climb a volcano, go white water rafting and drive a snowmobile all in one weekend!

Budapest - There's no two ways about it, Hungary's capital city is bonkers. The nightlife is superbly off its trolley, great bars, great clubs, great people! The activities are madder than a bag of badgers, with toboggans, beer bicycles, tanks and rallying Trabants being just some of the weird modes of transport on an unforgettable weekend.

Amsterdam - It's fair to say Amsterdam is a very "relaxed" city, the people are relaxed, the bars are relaxed, certain laws are relaxed and some of the ingredients they put in their famous brownies are definitely relaxed.

However don't let that fool you. Drug laws might seem more carefree but they are enforced quite stringently. To make sure you don't fall foul of local laws it's worth reading up ahead of travelling.

Tallinn - We're going to ignore the fact that the women in Tallinn are simply stunning (that isn't necessarily weird but is well worth a mention) but if you're after somewhere a little different with top notch activities and a twist then Tallinn is a great place to be.

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