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City image of Belgrade One of the Top 10 Party Cities in the World!

Serb Nikola Tesla invented an earthquake machine that nearly demolished a New York neighbourhood.

Why choose Belgrade for a stag weekend

Belgrade is the most edgy, energetic, and all around electrifying party city that you’ve never heard of - it might not have the reputation of Ibiza, London, or Amsterdam, but that’s not stopping it taking the clubbing world by storm, topping Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 party cities in the world and fast claiming its place as one of the coolest capital cities in Europe. Missing the opportunity for a Belgrade stag do is missing the opportunity for one of the most astounding, crazy weekends in the whole continent. Serbians would be the first to acknowledge that their country has a troubled history, but in Belgrade they partied outdoors whilst bombs dropped, making it very clear that nothing was going to come between this city and a good time. Now things have stabilised there’s even more reason to celebrate, and every night is Friday night in the underground and apartment bars, and in the floating nightclubs. Partying is practically a national pastime, and you’re invited! It’s not all clubbing though – Belgrade has far more than just that to offer. We love a Belgrade stag weekend not just for the nightlife, but for the crazy amount there is to do in the city, including festivals, activities, and 7000 years of culture. There’s even a beach, and soaring temperatures of 23 degrees – you couldn’t have designed a better stag do destination.

When’s good for a Belgrade stag do?

Tesla also invented the remote control.

Forget about Magaluf or Barcelona – if you want a hot summertime holiday, a Belgrade stag weekend has to be top of your list. With the temperature averaging highs of 29 degrees, sun cream and shorts are definite necessities. We’d pack the budgie smugglers too – Belgrade may be landlocked, but that hasn’t stopped the locals from building their own beach around the river, with around 100,000 daily visitors in summer.

Where? Location, location, location...

Ideally, the closer to the river the better – particularly in summer, when all the clubs relocate to boats, and take to the water. The city centre, around Terezije or Savamala, is a good all arounder – close to the nightlife, as well as the restaurants and shops. If you're a little further out there’s no problem – taxis are incredibly cheap by European standards, and splitting one between the group of you cuts costs even further.

How? Getting to your Belgrade stag do

Belgrade image 2

Not everyone has cottoned on to Belgrade as a top destination yet, so it’s still only London that does direct flights. London Heathrow and Luton both do trips to Belgrade a few times a day with Jat Airways or Wizzair, and the flight is about 2 and a half hours. Belgrade’s airport is about 12km west of the city centre, but there’s a bus route and a minibus to take you in to town, or taxis are a fairly cheap option when travelling in groups.

Its believed Attila the Hun is buried under Belgrade fortress.

How to finance a jet set lifestyle in Belgrade

Flying off to exotic shores always sounds like an expensive trip for the lads, but a Belgrade stag do is more likely to save you money in the long run. Sure, you’ve got flights to pay for, but after that things more or less take care of themselves – beer and food are about a third of the price they are in the UK. When you can pick up a bottle of beer for about £1.18 or a decent wine for £2.99, you know the city’s a good place for a stag. Travelling with StagWeb will save you even more money. We can get you a place to stay, a means of travelling, activities for the day and entertainment for the night from only £119 per person, so literally all you’ll have to pay for is the flights – and a little spending money too.

So why StagWeb?

It’s not just saving money with StagWeb (although we definitely do help with that). We can also help you with all the other aspects of your Belgrade stag do. We’ve got the best activities in the area already hunted down, so you don’t need to worry about brushing up on your Serbian and making any long-distance calls to get things sorted. We also know the whole city very well – and that includes the best clubs, the best bars, and the best restaurants, saving you the indignity of trying to mime ‘nightclub’ to a poor hotel receptionist. We’ve got 11 years experience putting together stag nights – now let us put them all to work for you.

And now?

Next, you can us a call on 01225 474200, and let our Belgrade expert tell you a bit more about it – it’s completely free advice, and with no commitments or obligations. Alternately, you could leave us a message and ask us to call you back, and we’ll have all the information on hand and ready. If you’ve already got a fairly good idea of what you’re looking for, just drop us a quick enquiry and we’ll get back to you with a quote so you can start seeing exactly what you want on your Belgrade stag weekend!

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