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The great and the good have all passed through Hamburg. Most of them in a fairly aggressive way, the Romans, the Vikings, the Polish, the Danes (again), Napoleon and the Allies all came saw and conquered.

And now its your turn as your Hamburg stag do awaits!

Indeed it was Napoleon (he of the short legs and massive ego) who coined the phrase "An army marches on its stomach" and while that is very true we're fairly sure you will in some small way leave a little internal space for beer. So the next thing to worry about is where you'll lay your heads and store your hair products.

Where are the best Hamburg hotels?

As far as we're concerned the only place to stay in Hamburg is (if we might borrow a phrase from Mr Snoop Dogg Esq) "where the party's at" and we wouldn't put you anywhere else. All our Hamburg stag accommodation is set right in the heart of the buzzing metropolis. Whether you're heading out for your day's activities or returning from a hard night on the town, you don't want to have to spend hours or large amounts of Euros getting back to your hotel. We also have a great range on offer from cheap hotels in Hamburg to more upmarket gaffs.

What if we're trying to tighten our budget?

Booking any kind of group holiday is always tough as not everyone will have the same financial means. So if you book canny you can make sure you find good prices to suit every pocket.

We have been working hard and finding the best Hamburg stag hotel deals for 11 years and in that time we've built great relationships with all our partners, suppliers and Hamburg hotels.

So here's the maths bit... We book numerous stag groups every year, as valued customers we get offered exclusive rates which we can then pass on to you. So even booking direct and flirting with the receptionist (no matter how good your line of patter maybe) you simply won't be able to make the kind of savings we've already made for your Hamburg stag hotels.

Are you really that good?

Well we're glad you asked. Yes. Yes we are but don't take out word for it read our reviews to hear what others have said.
In fact 96% of our stag & hen groups say they would book with StagWeb and GoHen again.

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