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10 Most Popular Stag Activities

  1. Bubble Football - Complete stag do sporting carnage in this hilarious/crazy team sport.
  2. Beer Bike – Take to the streets on your own pedal-powered pub!
  3. Off Road Karts – Get off-road and personal with these ferocious, high-speed karts!
  4. Paintball - Give the guest of honour a complete Dulux makeover.
  5. Go Karts - Go wheel to wheel in this high-speed stag battle.
  6. Footgolf - A mash-up of two of the world's great sports and a great stag challenge.
  7. Quad Bikes - "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!"
  8. Clay Pigeon Shooting - The world's loudest hangover cure and epic stag competition.
  9. Target Shooting – Find out who your group's sharpshooter is in this awesome activity.
  10. Escape Room - Just one hour to escape before it's 'Game Over'. Permanently!

If you want to be sure of finding something all the guys will love, you can be sure of these most popular stag party activities.

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Getting the planning right for your big event is key so it's definitely worth spending a little extra time looking at the pros and cons. This page is a great opportunity to fill your boots with our selection of top stag activities, and with our support behind you it's guaranteed to make you look like a clued up stag planner. The activities below are some of our most popular, which include target shooting, paintballing and white water rafting, they're sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Hit the mark on the action and there's no doubt it sets the tone for an unforgettable, group and groom pleasing day; plus you sir bathe in reflected glory and come out of it very well indeed. All the activities shown are worth a full review - prepared well and at the right venues they really can add big time quality and a lot of value to the itinerary. Zap cats, for example, is perfect if the lads are looking for an all-action, high-speed, white knuckle water sport. Other chart toppers include highly recommended all-rounders like clay pigeon shooting and hovercrafting.

The Old Dog & Damage

When it comes to organising amazing stag weekends, we know exactly what we're doing. Since we began creating unforgettable experiences back in 2002, the activities listed on this page have consistently been our most popular choices! Far be it from us to stifle your creativity (you can save that for your stag pranks) but picking out popular stag activities for your mates to enjoy means that everybody stays happy. Especially when you're faced with a large group, some of whom you won't have met, these choices will hit the mark with just about everyone. Our most popular activities range from the traditional to the totally unexpected. Compete, shoot and speed against your friends and most importantly create memories which will last far longer than any blurry night out at the pub!

These days, a stag is so much more than a pint or two down the old Dog and Damage - which is great news for the groom to be and guests, but often equals a lot more stress for the organiser. Even though expectations are high, there's no need to be overwhelmed because help is at hand. With StagWeb, even the simplest of paintball battles is far more affordable than booking up by yourself because we have great connections with all our suppliers. Believe it or not, taking the package route is actually much cheaper than booking each element separately!

Showing the Laydeez

Hitting the club, enjoying a pint or three and treating the ladies to your very best 90s disco moves are all a big part of any stag weekend and no, we're not expecting you to remember all (or much) of it. However, wasting your Saturday afternoon down the pub or Sunday morning rolling around in bed declaring a severe case of 'death by hangover' means that your mate's last night of freedom is really no different from a standard night out on the town. A stab at one of our most popular activities is sure to encourage even the laziest of pub-loving stags to let loose! Competitive driving and racing stag activities work magic for bringing different friendship groups, colleagues and families together in party harmony, as well as a healthy dose of competition. Squeeze the most out of your weekend away with one of our great value activities - they've got the seal of approval from thousands of happy stags already!

It's Going To Get Messy

If you're planning on a big night, we've got plenty of options to suit those likely to be feeling a little more delicate. How about more relaxing options such as golfing, pitch-and-putt, or horse racing? In our experience, Saturdays are best kept for adrenaline fuelled activities like extreme dodgems and canyoning when the whole group is in need of an ice breaker or two. There's nothing like a freezing cold lake or tricky white water rafting move to get the interaction flowing!

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