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StagWeb's Chilled Stag Do Ideas

Sunday mornings are an eternal dilemma on a stag do. On one hand, you and the lads want to make the most of the weekend, not let any of your precious activity time slip away from you and delay the return to the real world as long as possible. On the other hand, you're usually all feeling a little fragile the morning after. We've found that dragging yourself out of bed to give whitewater rafting or bobsleighing a go with a hangover just isn't the most tempting prospect.

However, a hangover shared is a hangover halved, and getting out of bed and facing the day is an infinitely better way of dealing with it than suffering through it with coffee and paracetamol - not to mention considerably more fun, too. StagWeb have been on enough stag dos to be well acquainted with the morning after feeling, which is why we've crafted a selection of activities that are uniquely suited to stealing back Sunday mornings from hangover apathy and missed opportunity. Although all of our activities are available all weekend long, these are perfect for extending the stag do a little longer, whilst still treating your pounding head with the delicacy it requires. They dust off the cobwebs and clear the mind to allow you and the boys to extend the fun and ensure the day is just as good as the one before, rather than ending the party with a write off. You can even finish things up with hair of the dog at a pub lunch in order to completely round off the weekend.

As stag party organiser it's up to you to decide what will best get the lads out of their hangover hibernation. Something that gets them up and running around in the fresh air is always good, and football is a low cost option too. If they'd rather something a little gentler a game of golf is always a winner, and helps you walk off last night's indulgences. If heads are feeling delicate, something like deep sea fishing are good choices to let the lads recover in peace. Getting some sea air in your lungs is a good shout too - if you're in land try punting in Oxford or Cambridge, or rowing around the rest of the UK (not the whole coastline mind you) or white water ribbing if a short, sharp shock to the system is just what the doctor ordered. And of course, for pure pampering and indulgence, there's no shame in schlepping off to a health spa for the day like the modern metro-sexual guys you are. After the night you've had, you deserve it.

It doesn't matter what chilled out stag do activity you decide on; the only important thing is making it count. Put a little extra in to the planning and set aside a few quid for one final activity and you'll have not only extended the stag party a little longer but taken the whole experience that much further, setting you apart in the best man stakes. The trick is getting the best out of the location, the scheduling and the budget, and that's where our expertise can come in and help you pull together a stag weekend that's nothing short of genius!

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