Looking for the ultimate in stag party luxury? If you're a Premier League footballer, investment banker, lottery winner or have just found a suitcase stuffed full of unmarked £50 notes down a dark alley, here's how you could spend big on the ultimate stag party.

At StagWeb we believe in quality whether you're spending £100 or £1,000,000 on your stag weekend so we've put our 12 years of experience to the test to create the finest pre-wedding shindig known to stag-kind.

10 friends, 10 days, 7 destinations, 1 trip of a lifetime!
Day 1 Scotland

Day 1 - Take the High Road - Scotland

  • Golf - Tee off your stag trip with a round at St Andrews, the home of golf
  • Celtic Dinner - Your own private chef will cook the menu of your choice
  • Whiskey - 2 bottles of 18yr old malt whiskey
  • Castle - Exclusive stay in your own private castle
  • Lord - Each stag will become a titled Lord

The ultimate stag party tee's off with a round at St Andrews, the home of golf. That evening you'll sit down to your own select menu made from the finest Scottish ingredients, local caught salmon or lobster, Aberdeen Angus steak or even traditional haggis which you can enjoy over two bottles of £5,000 18yr old malt whiskey. The groom and his guests will then spend the night with exclusive use of a 16th century Scottish castle, complete with a bar, study, games room and grounds.

As a reminder of their adventure each stag will receive a lifetime reminder as they'll be honoured as fully titled Lords. (Including deeds to change to their personal documents, family crest and a noted landholding).

Day 2 - Travel Day

Day 2 - Travel in Luxury...

  • Champagne Travel - Champagne limousine to Edinburgh Airport
  • Private Jet - Private jet to London
  • First Class - First class flights London Gatwick to Las Vegas
  • Limousine - Private limousine to your hotel
  • Playboys - Hugh Heffner Sky Villa Suite
  • Butler - A private butler
  • Dining - Fine dining at Caesars Palace
  • VIP Nightclubbing - VIP guestlist entry to Tryst

Get ready for some rockstar style international jet-setting. A champagne limo will transport the newly titled 'Lords' from their Scottish retreat and whisk the group to Edinburgh Airport. A private jet will take you south of the border where at London Gatwick the final leg of this travelling day will be completed with a first class flight to Las Vegas.
On arrival in Vegas 'Presidential Limousines' will transfer your party of high-rollers to the Hugh Heffner Sky Villa suite at the Palms Casino Resort where a private butler will remain at your service throughout the evening. You'll finish the night dining and dancing at Caesars Palace before heading to the desirable venue, Tryst.

Day 3 - Las Vegas

Day 3 - Viva Las Vegas - USA

  • Nascar - Hit the track in a race prepped Nascar
  • Shark - Dive with exotic sharks
  • Game On - Bellagio Resort Casino
  • Champagne - 2 bottles of fine champagne
  • Jean Georges Steakhouse - Stag party fine dining
  • VIP Nightclubbing - Enjoy some stag party XS

The morning will begin on the famous Las Vegas Nascar track as each of the stags will get behind the wheel of a fully specced, race ready Nascar. The afternoon will be spent face to face with nature's most formidable hunters on a shark dive at the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. The evening is all about tables; gaming, dining and drinking with each guest enjoying a sporting line of credit at the tables, as well as sharing a couple of bottles of Ace of Spades Gold Champagne (£15,000 a bottle) as you exchange your stakes for steaks and chips for...er... chips at The Aria's world class Prime Steakhouse before VIP guestlist entry and table service to the amazing XS nightclub.

Day 4 - Miami

Day 4 - Miami Heat - USA

  • Spa - Spa treatment at your hotel
  • Limousine - Transfer to McCarran Airport
  • Private Jet - Miami via private jet
  • Limousine - Limousine transfer to your hotel
  • Luxury Vodka - 2 bottles of Swarovski Crystal Vodka
  • Fine Dining - At Azul
  • Courtside Seats - NBA action with Miami Heat

A spa treatment will be awaiting each guest to help ease any excess enjoyed the night before. You'll then enjoy luxury travel on board a Gulfstream Jet to Miami's Mandarin International Hotel before fine dining at the Azul restaurant which will be accompanied by a couple of bottles of Swarovski Crystal Vodka. Your evening will be spent getting up close and personal with Miami Heat courtesy of courtside seats at an NBA game.

Day 5 - Caribbean

Day 5 - Stag Parties of the Caribbean - Caribbean

  • Limousine - Transfer to Port Miami
  • Luxury Yacht - Set sail from Miami to...
  • Private Island - Your own private Caribbean Island
  • Luxury Fishing Trip - Caribbean catch of the day
  • Private Chef - To cook your day's catch
  • Rum - 2 bottles of Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo

A short limo ride will set you on the quayside to step aboard a luxury £4,000,000 yacht before setting sail to your own private Caribbean island for total relaxation. On arrival at your exclusive island getaway you'll take to the ocean once more for a luxury fishing expedition. Later that evening your catch will be prepared for you by a private chef and washed down with two bottles of Havana Club's Maximo Extra Anejo rum.

Day 6 - Carribbean

Day 6 - Stag Parties of the Caribbean II – Best Man's Rest

  • Private Caribbean Island - Exclusive island getaway
  • Tennis court
  • Gym
  • Infinity Pool
  • Boat Dock
  • Watersports

As a midpoint rest day, take time to relax and stretch out on golden sands on your own exclusive island paradise. You'll have full use of all the island's facilities including a tennis court, gym, infinity pool, boat dock and even a private airstrip. There's also an array of watersports available for those still requiring adventure.

Day 7 - Travel Day

Day 7 - Luxury travel to Barcelona

  • Helicopter Transfer - To Miami
  • First Class - Fly from Miami to Barcelona
  • Limousine Transfer - To an exclusive Barcelona hotel
  • El Vino - 2 bottles of La Faraona 1012
  • Fine Dining - At Barcelona's Eixample restaurant
  • VIP Nightclubbing - VIP guestlist entry to Opium Mar

It's time to don those rockstar shades again as it's star treatment all the way from the Caribbean until you arrive at your luxury suites at the WOW Hotel in Barcelona. But the night will still be young and with scant regard for jetlag you'll head to Opium Mar nightclub via an unforgettable dinner at the Eixample restaurant.

Day 8 - Barcelona

Day 8 - Barcelona Beat - Spain

  • El Classico - Private box for FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
  • Fine Dining - The taste of Espana at Cinc Sentits
  • VIP Nightclubbing - VIP guestlist nightclub entry to Pacha

Your second day in the home of the Catalan footballing giants will allow you to experience one of the beautiful game's greatest rivalries from a private box as FC Barcelona play Real Madrid. From there you'll be taken to one of the city's finest restaurants, Cinc Sentits before going on to Pacha nightclub where VIP guestlist entry will see the red rope lifted as you bypass the queuing masses and enjoy table service.

Day 9 - Monaco

Day 9 - Party Princes - Monaco

  • Supercar Road Trip - Barcelona, Montpellier, Marseille, Cannes, Monaco
  • "If you got 'em smoke 'em." - Ghurka Black Dragon Cigars
  • Fine Dining - A table at Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse
  • Casino de Monte-Carlo - £15,000 credit each.
  • VIP Nightclubbing - Guestlist nightclub entry to Jimmy'z

Having enjoyed passenger status up until this point you'll now take to the road Top Gear style with a road trip in some of the world's finest supercars (including; Bugatti Veyron, McLaren P1, Lamborghini Superleggera, Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder). Celebrate your arrival in Monaco with a meal at the world class Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse restaurant before lighting up Ghurka Black Dragon Cigars. With another sporty credit limit at the gaming tables for each of the 10 stags you can rub shoulders with Monaco's high-rollers at the Casino de Monte-Carlo before ending the night with a lavish closing party at Jimmy'z nightclub. Hooray!

World's most expensive burger

Day 10 - London Calling - England

  • Private Jet - To London
  • Limousine Transfer - From London Heathrow
  • World's Most Expensive Burger - Fine stag fayre at the Honky Tonk
  • Limousine Transfer Home

The final leg of this incredible boys only weekend will see you arrive back at London Heathrow before tucking into the world's most expensive burger (£1,100) at Chelsea's Honky Tonk restaurant. This deliciously decadent "glamburger" weighs in with a massive 2,618 calories and consists of Kobe wagyu beef, black truffle brie, lobster, caviar and gold leaf. Perfect to settle the stomach after a big night out. Finally you'll each be taken home by limousine remembering that from now on those you left behind should be addressing you as "His Lordship..." as is befitting a man of your newly elevated status.

Price from: £1,000,000 for a group of 10.

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