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Speeding down the side of a mountain a la James Bond, hurtling through an icy tunnel Cool Runnings style... sweeping up the floor, just the way your mum does... (although there's probably a little more skill to curling than that). With StagWeb's range of winter sports it's all possible. And why wouldn't you go for them? Winter sports are, if you'll excuse the pun, very, very cool. As sports, they have that competitive edge that amps up the interest and anticipation on a stag do, but they offer a lot more than that. Winter sports are always a little exotic and unique - it's unlikely you'll find too many luge tracks in the UK. They also provide a brilliant bonding activity for you and the boys, creating some irreplaceable memories... after all, how many chances to snowmobile over a Reykjavik glacier do you get in life?

As StagWeb offers a huge variety of winter sports, you and the boys are guaranteed to find some that are just right for your stag group. You could try some adrenaline fuelled Winter Olympic sports like bobsleigh, or stick to the classics with skiing.

One thing to bear in mind with winter sports is that they are extremely location dependant, and naturally fairly at the mercy of the seasons too. If there's something you're particularly keen for your stag to try, like ice hockey, you'll want to look at the cities that can give you the very best experience for that - in this case, Bratislava should be top of your list. Alternatively, once you've decided on your destination, see if there's any particularly cool winter sports on offer when you're there. Ice fishing is only available in Reykjavik, and is the perfect Sunday morning activity when you're in the city. You don't have to jet off abroad in order to get your pick of the best winter sports though, there are plenty available up and down the UK. We've got dry skiing sites up and down the country, and snowboarding is only an option for lads in England and Scotland.

As the best man and stag organiser, it's up to you to make sure that all of the gents have a good time. Don't forget to take in to consideration the physical abilities of all the blokes, as well as their age. If the stag has brought his elderly dad along, he probably won't appreciate breaking his hip (again) trying to race down a hill on a toboggan. Fortunately, StagWeb has activities suitable for every age, with things like curling sessions or snowmobiles being suitable even for gents with hair as white as the winter snow.

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