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Heard of 'wetting the baby's head'? Well, we're taking things to the next level...

Welcome to the era of the Dad Do, brought to you by StagWeb, the UK's premier stag party masterminds.

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The last blowout before the baby.

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Being a dad isn't just about eating a huge bag of gummy bears as your wife gives birth. It means being comfortable with the word 'hero'.
Ryan Reynolds

Dad Do FAQs

What is a Dad Do?

Think of a stag do, but sprinkle in some dad vibes.

Yes, it's a pre-baby bash for soon-to-be dads who want to party with the boys before the due date.

Why Have a Dad Do?

Post-baby, between nappy changes and bedtime stories, guy time will be limited.

The Dad Do is your golden ticket for a lads' night out before stroller duties kick in.

How Long is a Dad Do?

While your typical stag do might stretch over a weekend, the Dad Do is your high-octane one-nighter or adrenaline-pumping day trip.

What Should You Do on a Dad Do?

Your Dad Do, your rules!

We're all in for stag classics like Bubble Football, Go Karting, or something a little more left-field like the Wrestling School.

Then... how about some grub, beers and clubs?!

Who Plans a Dad Do?

While stags have a best man, a Dad Do doesn't always come with a planner.

However, this is your chance to rally the troops and surprise the man of the hour!

When Should You Have a Dad Do?

Let's err on the side of caution. We'd say have your Dad Do at least two months before the due date in case the little one decides to make an early entrance.

Who Should You Invite to the Dad Do?

Besides the man of the hour? All the bros, grandads, uncles, soon-to-be godparents - whoever!

Let's Dad Do!

Yes, this is your chance to make lasting memories with the lads before the baby's first steps.

Start planning your Dad Do today with the help of the UK's leading stag do (and now Dad Do) planners, StagWeb.

Start Planning My Epic Dad Do!

The last blowout before the baby.

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