The Ultimate Stag Do Guide

When? Where? Why? and Whoa!!

If you’ve never been a best man before arranging a stag do can be a daunting task, you’ve got a group of lads to cater for, all with differing ideas, opinions, tastes and amounts of hair and moisturisers all of them expecting the most bang for their stag dollar.

So with that in mind here’s StagWeb’s ultimate guide to booking the perfect stag do.

Where Should We Go?

Again this is hugely subjective and you'll need a steer from the main man. If he has relocated then a visit to his old home town, or city he went to uni in might be fitting.
Does he have any particular interests or hobbies or an activity he's always wanted to try? You could base your weekend around that. Does he want to get away somewhere hot after weeks/months of planning his wedding?

Budget might well play a factor too so talk to the groom, alternatively check out our list of destinations to give you a steer.

Check out our stag destinations...

When Should We Go?

Where you're planning on going will play a big factor, depending on weather, school holidays (worth considering as these will have a big impact on price if you're flying), when the wedding is, etc.

With regards to when in terms of the wedding date, 2 to 6 weeks before the wedding date is the standard. Don't plan the stag the weekend of the wedding, that might work out well in the movies but in real life the groom WON’T want to be turning up on the day stinking of a stag hangover and trying to get the taste of 3 day old flip flops out of his mouth.

Stag destinations

What Should We Do?

Once again this matters entirely on the groom and the group. At StagWeb we often get asked about "the best" activities or destinations but this is hugely subjective, for some groups the perfect stag weekend is shooting high powered rifles in the day before heading out to the buzzing bars and clubs of Tallinn.

Other stags would consider this their idea of torture and would rather spend the weekend deep sea fishing and then hanging out with their mates in a small pub in the harbour.

Start with the groom, what does he want to do on his big weekend and plan from their. If you're completely stuck for inspiration then we have hundreds of great activities that might wet your whistle or help get your creative juices flowing for stag inspiration.

Stag activities

How Is The Best Way To Plan It?

If your laptop explodes you call an IT engineer, when your girlfriend car blows up you (try to look manly before admitting defeat and you) call a mechanic.

It's always best to call in the pros to get the best man for the job. StagWeb have been building top quality stag weekends since 2002 and with over 600,000 clients we certainly know a trick or two about how to get you the most fun for your hard earned money. With only a weekend we always aim to make sure you get the most out of it with no wasted time, so you can take advantage of our years of experience and let us do the running around for you.

Looking after the team is critical, it's not just your money you're spending so you want to be sure you're doing it right rather than having to explain to 15 hairy stags that you've lost their beer money. StagWeb are ABTA bonded which means you are financially protected. Our advice would be if you book with us or through any other source always make sure your booking is financially protected should anything go wrong.

How Much Should We Budget?

When it comes to booking a stag do the world is your lobster, if you want a weekend close to home and keeping things wallet friendly then it's perfectly doable. At the other end of the spectrum you can head off to sunnier skies.

Invariably the group will be made up from different areas of the groom's life (friends, colleagues, family, etc) who will have different resources. The groom will know what is viable for all the group to attend or he might be aiming for a high budget weekend with a more select group of friends.

For one night in a central city hotel with paintballing, guestlist nightclub entry and lap dancing prices start from £69pp.
But you can completely build a package to suit you, it doesn't have to cost the earth as using our contacts we'll make sure you get the best prices.

How Many Stags Should Go?

We are asked this question a lot but it all depends on how popular the stag is or how many close friends and family he wants with him. Our average stag group is 14.

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Who Do We Have To Invite?

Another popular question, for a stag party the groom doesn’t HAVE to invite anyone he doesn’t want to, however in certain circumstances it might be easier to invite certain family members for familial diplomacy. However there are no standing traditions about inviting and future in-laws or family.

What Are The Most Popular Activities?

Trends come and go and some activities will be really popular one year and then go colder the next.

What Are The Best Value Options?

You can book events completely tailored to your weekend, if it's just one night, packages start from as little as £69pp. Full weekend packages are available from £99pp which includes paintball, comedy club, casino, lap dance club, guestlist nightclub entry and two night's B&B in a central hotel.

Stag Do Packages

How Far In Advance Should We Book?

The sooner the better to ensure you get exactly the weekend you want, popular destinations and activities can get busy so it’s always best to plan your weekend well in advance. We can always amend the booking for numbers up to two weeks prior to the event or in exceptional circumstances up until the 11th hour (although this will depend on availability and changes made within the two week run-up to your event may incur costs).

How Should I Stay In Contact With Everyone?

Life has got easier with the interweb which is just as well as the groom’s friends could all be in separate locations. A good tip is to set up a Facebook group (you can restrict the privacy settings so only attendees can see the group’s posts) which will give you a forum to discuss and plan the weekend and keep everyone informed of plans, ideas and any changes if they occur.

How Do We Get Large Groups Into Clubs/Bars/Venues?

It is an issue you should consider. Many venues don’t allow large groups of guys in, it’s their door policy and their right. You can try booking ahead however some individual groups do have difficulty in getting in. To be 100% sure of having no issues talk to our client directors about guestlist nightclub and/or bar entry.

Stag Nights

What Can Go Wrong?

"The best laid plans of mice and men..." Of course as with anything there is always potential for a hiccough along the way.

  • Booking with a reputable stag weekend provider will certainly help as they have extra sway with activity companies and hotels.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to plan and book in advance.
  • Always have some back up emergency funds (cash).
  • Try to avoid making last minute changes to your itinerary.

How Do We Avoid Upsetting The Bride?

Don't shave, tattoo, mark, or damage the groom in anyway shape or form and you should avoid turning a perfectly reasonably bride-to-be into "Bridezilla". While you're thinking "Great story and photo op" she'll be worrying about anything that could affect their wedding photos on the day.

Also try to avoid anything that might cause the groom to have his first married barney before he's even been down the aisle, if the bride is likely to really object to him being in a lap dance club or has banned him from casinos because of his bingo habit then spare him the grief and book something that won't land him in the spare room for the first month of his marriage.

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