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9 Tips for an unrivalled Stag Weekend

Now we've cleared that up, the next step is to get your stag party booked. If you're not sure where to start, don't panic, we've compiled 9 quick stag do tips from the experts to help you plan an unforgettable stag weekend.

  1. Pick the date - Do it early to avoid running out of time.
  2. Check it doesn't clash with a cup final - People won’t go if it clashes with another big event!
  3. Choose the destination - Don’t just head down the local - try somewhere new.
  4. Decide on the budget - Not everyone will be able to afford a Private Yacht Charter.
  5. Pick what you’re doing - Choose what activities you and the guys will battle.
  6. Get all the guests to commit - People are flaky - get them to commit to avoid being out of pocket.
  7. Keep everyone updated with plans - Set up a WhatsApp group to keep the boys up to speed.
  8. Checklist the small stuff (transport, food, etc.) - Minor details that are overlooked can become big headaches later on.
  9. Get StagWeb to do the hard work for you - If in doubt, call in the professionals to help you!

1 Timing

You think you've got plenty of time and have it all covered, but you'd be surprised how quickly that time goes and how often plans get knocked out of shape at late notice, so allow...

  • At least a few weeks for you to coordinate (you might need a little more time if you have to book flights).
  • Time for the groom to have a breather and recover from the stag party before his other big day arrives (you know, the one with the girl in the white dress - yes that day).

It's always best to book early to ensure you get the best deals around and have time to deal with last-minute changes in your stag squad's line-up (due to any falling asteroids, spontaneous human combustion, the sniffles etc.)

We'd recommend having the stag do at least two weeks before the wedding to allow the groom and all the stags time to be on fighting form for the big day.

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2 The Clash

Decide on the date early! Us gents all live busy, action-packed lives (or so we'd have our mates believe) and the groom will be busy in the run-up to the wedding so make sure you avoid any clashes by booking ahead of time.

  1. Will the weather be a factor? You don't want your weekend rained off!
  2. Is there anything going on that day/weekend you should be aware of?
  3. Does it clash with other events or weddings? The hen do? Birthdays? Crucial matches?
  4. Is it a public holiday?

Try and check with as many of the attendees as possible, but ultimately it's the groom's plans you need to allow for.

3 Location, Location, Location

The groom might already have an idea of what he wants to do on his last weekend as a single/free man, which might be the deciding factor on where you go.

  • Does he already have a UK city destination in mind?
  • Does he want to head overseas in search of a new adventure?
  • Should it last for a day or one legendary, action-packed weekend?
  • Budget - this could play a part in how far you roam.
  • Are there any ‘VIPs' to think about? Is his father or, more importantly, any soon-to-be in-laws coming?
  • There might be particular activities he wants to do that are only available in certain destinations, such as bobsleighing in Riga or target shooting in Prague.

If you still need a few pointers for where you can go for a stag do, you can call our team or check out our full list of over 80 stag do destinations. We'd love to help!

Check out the 4 Biggest Stag Do Planning Mistakes

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4 Needs, Budget & Value

Another thing to double-check with the groom is whether anyone has any special requirements or injuries that might restrict them from doing anything? If older relatives are attending, will they be able to do a hardcore zip wire, or should you be opting for something that every stag can challenge themselves with?

The other big consideration you have to make is the budget and value - not everybody will have the same sized wallet and nobody wants to be left feeling awkward, so you want the price point to be comfortable for the group while not being short-changed on quality.

A question we always get is: "Does the stag pay for himself?" and the answer is that it simply depends. Splitting the cost of the groom between the group can be a great gesture to show him what he means to you all, but if you've got loads going on, you could always let him pay for himself and surprise him with a stag treat like a sexy stripper or tickets to a special event!

5 Selecting Your Epic Activities

No matter the location or the budget of the group, we have plenty of awesome activities on offer to cater for all. From the popular to the weird and wonderful, we have thousands of activities to pick from.

If you need any more advice or info, get in touch with a member of our team today. Just remember when you're planning to bear in mind what the groom would enjoy - it is his party, after all!

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6 The Management

Invariably you'll have to face some attention deficit with the boys - sometimes it's like interviewing a politician trying to get a straight answer. But stand firm and try to get them to commit sooner rather than later (even then, be prepared for potential last-minute dropouts).

Getting everyone to pay up can be a hassle, too, so we've taken care of that for you. Our new Client VIP login system means all the boys pay direct, so you don't have to run around chasing payment from everyone.

7 Check Mates

Stay in touch - setting up a Facebook/WhatsApp group is a good way to contact everyone easily, plus it will allow everyone to see who is slow to reply and how on the ball you are with their arrangements. Whichever way you do it, make regular contact with the guys and keep them in the loop.

8 Small Things, Big Differences

The difference between average and unforgettable stag parties is often in the detail. Think ahead and try to cover as many bases as early as possible to set the groom up with the best weekend. Other things to consider:

And make sure you've got any necessary paperwork (e.g. insurance, visas, etc.)

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9 Book With StagWeb

We’ve been arranging stag celebrations since way back in 2002 and we’ve seen and done it all before. We know what works and what doesn’t, and can take all the hassle out of the organising process for you. Get in touch today and book a memorable weekend you’ll be talking about for the rest of your lives.

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