The thought of a sober stag do might strike fear into the heart of many best men, but it could just be the best thing you and the boys do.

Forget the hangovers.

Forget the extra booze expense.

This is your chance to do something truly memorable.

From classic ideas to insane adventures, here at StagWeb, we've sourced the best activities out there, so you can conquer your boozeless weekend with ease.

10 Classic Sober Stag Do Ideas

1. Bubble Football

Suit up and bounce your opponents into the stands as you and the boys put your silky skills to the ultimate test.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Bubble Football.

2. Off-Road Karts

Fast-paced, frantic, ferocious – these fierce off-road karts are like the Tasmanian devil of the motoring world and will chew up and spit out any surface you put in front of them.

Available: Across the UK

Read more about Off-Road Karts.

3. Paintball

Paintball is a classic for a reason... it's f***ing great!

Put your sharpshooting skills to the test as you pepper the stags with a range of multi-coloured bullets.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Paintball.

4. Go Karting

Another timeless stag adventure.

It's time to put those 'Who's the best driver?' arguments to bed as you take to the track and battle it out once and for all.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Go Karting.

5. Clay Shooting

There's nothing quite as satisfying as blasting a clay out of the sky with a shotgun in hand.

Who'll hit a perfect score? And who couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo?

Let's find out, shall we?!

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Clay Shooting.

6. Quad Biking

Get off road and personal with some high-powered, adrenaline-inducing quads as you speed off on a high-octane adventure.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Quad Biking.

7. Footgolf

Gareth Bale's dream sport.

This is the ultimate mash-up of two of the greatest games on the planet. Following the rules of golf but with footballs swapped in, it's a hilarious way to put your fancy footwork to the test.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Footgolf.

8. Battle Archery Tag

This is paintball without the mess.

Using plastic projectiles, you'll get the opportunity to legally take aim and fire at the groom as you battle it out for the sweet taste of victory.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Battle Archery Tag.

9. Dodgeball

Channel the 5 Ds of dodgeball as you dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way to victory.

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

Available: Across the UK

Read more about Dodgeball.

10. Inflatable Games

The closest thing you'll get to Total Wipeout in the health-and-safety haven that is the UK.

Take on a range of inflatable games as you release your inner kidults.

Available: Across the UK

Read more about Inflatable Games.

Planning your weekend has never been easier!

Check out our top stag do destinations!

Stag do destinations

9 Alternative Sober Stag Do Ideas

1. Wrestling School

Let's get ready to rummmmmblllllleeeee!

Learn the moves you need to become a pro wrestler as you show the rest of the stags the meaning of a smackdown.

Available: Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester

Read more about Wrestling School.

2. Cave Cycling

This subterranean cycling adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime stag experience you simply have to try.

If you're heading to the buzzing city of Ljubljana for the groom's big send-off, be sure to add it to your weekend.

Available: Ljubljana

Read more about Cave Cycling.

3. Zombie Survival

We have a range of zombie stag activities spread all over the UK.

From boot camps to survival training, you'll be prepped for that inevitable zombie apocalypse... and believe us, it's coming!

Available: Across the UK

Read more about Zombie Survival.

4. Europe's Highest Swing

Situated atop of a big old building in Amsterdam is the highest swing in Europe.

You'll be raised up and swung over the edge. The views are truly stunning... if you can bear to open your eyes.

Available: Amsterdam

Read more about Europe's Highest Swing.

5. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have absolutely boomed in popularity in the last decade.

Why? Well, they're the ultimate pressure test, putting your brains and problem-solving under the microscope.

Available: Across the UK & Europe

Read more about Escape Rooms.

6. Trampoline Cave Adventure

Yes. It's as epic as it sounds.

This underground cave trampoline adventure is a top sober stag do idea and proof it proof was needed you don't need booze to have a belting time.

Read more about Trampoline Cave Adventure.

7. Winter Sports

From snowboarding to sledging, bobsleighing to curling, ice fishing, tobogganing and more – we have a cracking range of winter sports activities for you and the boys to tackle.

Available: Across Europe

Read more about Winter Sports.

8. Coasteering

This is stagging to the extreme.

Take the plunge as you plummet from a coastal cliff down into the deep blue sea below.

Available: Across the UK

Read more about Cliff Jumping.

9. Demolition Derby

Surely, we're all up to speed with what a demolition derby is!

Prepare for some destruction as you and the boys crush into each other in a range of beat-up bangers.

Available: Tallinn

Read more about Demolition Derby.

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How to Plan a Sober Stag Do

The Daytime

If the whole group is going to be sober, you're going to want to focus on the activities rather than revolving the weekend around the boozer.

For a complete list of stag do activities, follow that link and build the weekend that works for you.

We'd recommend at least a couple of activities per day (depending on duration).

The Nightlife

Rather than the usual pre-drinks and nightclubs, why not revolve the nights around food?

A juicy steak or a sizzling curry certainly trumps that 3 am kebab many other stags will be relying on.

Depending on the destination, we have a range of stunning stag dining options available.

Check out our range of destinations and navigate your way to the nightlife section for more info.

How Do You Go on a Stag Do and Not Drink if Everyone Else Is?

We get it can be tough to be surrounded by others drinking if you're not.

But you can still have a blast sober.

You can always go along to the daytime activities and then dip out before the clubs if you feel you want to.

If you're worried about it, speak to the stag or the organiser and explain your anxieties, and they can help ensure you're included in the activities.

How Do You Go to a Nightclub Sober?

If you've committed to going out with the guys sober and you're heading to the nightclub, don't fret – you can have just as good a night as the rest of them.

3 Tips to Enjoying the Nightclub Sober

1. Throw Some Shapes - Yes, just because you aren't drinking, it doesn't mean you can't dance. Everyone else in there will be drunk anyway, so there's no reason to feel self-conscious.

2. Capture the Guys' Awful Moves - As the sober guy, you can have your camera at the ready, so you're on hand to capture all the awful dad-dancing on display from the other guys.

3. Get on the Non-Alcoholic Booze - Whilst they're zero-alcohol, it's amazing how even the taste of a non-alcoholic beer can make you feel like you're boozing with the lads.

Don't Forget the Games...

Whilst you'll have the big stag adventures sorted, it's important not to forget those rare moments of downtime or the evening plans.

Be sure to check out our awesome list of the 14 best hangover-free stag do games for non-drinkers and take your sober celebration to the next level.

10 Most Popular Sober Stag Do Ideas for 2024

  1. Go Karting
  2. Paintball
  3. Bubble Football
  4. Clay Shooting
  5. Quad Biking
  6. Footgolf
  7. Target Shooting
  8. Glamping
  9. White Water Rafting
  10. Escape Game

And there you have it, your guide to a sober stag do.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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