Soccer Saturday
Drinking Game

Crank up the excitement and increase the tension of watching the scores roll in with the hilarious, exhilarating and downright boozy Soccer Saturday Drinking Game.

The rules are simple, the competition fierce and the results... well, that depends on how the afternoon unfolds.

See below for the Soccer Saturday Drinking Game Rules...

Gents, get your Saturday off to a flyer with this awesome football drinking game.

See below for the Soccer Saturday Drinking Game Rules...

Before you check that out, you need to choose which division you're using (Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Scottish Premiership, etc.). Don't just use all the leagues or it'll be full time for you guys before it's even half time in the matches.

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90s Football Weekends soccer saturday drinking game

Please remember, it's a long season, so pace yourselves. Our Soccer Saturday Drinking Game is about having laughs, not who will be the first to kiss the carpet, so please drink responsibly, switch to soft drinks for the good of the team if need be.

A handy list for those sore heads the next day:

Hangover cures Groupia

Have you got any other rules for our Soccer Saturday Drinking Game?

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