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Serbian nights are unlike anything you'll find anywhere across the world particularly in their capital city. The Belgrade nightlife guarantees you a good night, with the city regularly appearing on lists of the top nightlife cities in the world. Parties are usually followed by after-parties, followed by after-after-parties, followed by trips to a café since the hard-partying Serbs don't head home until the next day begins. There are cool, avant-garde bars that wouldn't be out of place in Tokyo or Berlin, traditional pubs for sipping a Rakia, and most importantly the floating river clubs. When summer hits, the nightclubs pack up and move to the river, floating on barges along the Danube or the Sava. They're known as Splavovi or Splav, which roughly translates as 'raft' which doesn't quite cover what it's like to be on a barge that is literally full of crowds dancing to mixes of cutting edge techno and traditional Serbian folk music. The cheapest drinks, the loudest music, and people more than ready to party makes Belgrade one of the best places for nightlife in the world.

What's the plan? What to do on Belgrade nights out

With such an incredible variety of nightlife on offer, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you can just show up in Belgrade and begin to party. Unfortunately, that's not the case typically for mainland Europe, Belgrade clubs don't tend to open until late into the night, preferring to party until well into the next day instead. Unless you and the boys relish the idea of sitting around in your hotel room waiting for time to tick by, you'll want to organise something to keep you occupied until the Belgrade nightlife is ready for you as well as something that will ramp up your own pre-party atmosphere. A few games at a casino is a brilliant way to start the night, as well as racking up a little spending money for you and the boys not that you'll need it in super-cheap Belgrade. Even after you hit the town, some semblance of a plan is necessary many of Belgrade's best clubs look like standard Soviet-era buildings from the outside, so a little guidance may be necessary. A guided pub crawl ensures that you'll find the best places around the city and an English-speaking native is always useful when ordering drinks.

Lining your stomach

Having a good meal before you head out is important for a number of reasons partly because of health reasons, and partly because it's the ideal way to sit down with the lads and catch up on the weekend so far. Serbia isn't exactly known for its haute cuisine… but it is known for its hearty meat meals, which is, fortunately, a lot more filling. It's kind of a mixture of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, and Hungarian cooking which means things like Moussaka made with beef and potatoes, and Mediterranean fare like stuffed peppers being filled with meat and served alongside stuffed cabbage. If you're on the hunt for some Belgrade bites yourself, bohemian Skadarlija Street has some of the best native restaurants around. You'll also want to give Serbian alcohol a chance lethal Rakia is made from fermented plums and can be anything from 40% to 70%. If you don't fancy tracking down the best restaurants in the city, let us do it- and with strip dinners too, you're guaranteed a tasty start to your night.

Stag staples

There are some things that every stag do needs… and luckily they're ready and waiting for you in Belgrade. We can get everything sorted prior to your arrival, so you'll be able to roll up to the top nightclubs in the city like a VIP to enjoy your night no hanging about in queues or haggling entry fees. We can even make sure the basics are sorted out pre-arrival and by basics, we mean things like entry to a Lap Dancing Club to see the Belgrade babes. Whether you consider it an integral part of a stag do or the cherry on an already unforgettable cake, you'll be in for the night of your lives!

So why StagWeb?

Belgrade nights aren't short of options on where to go and what to do the only obstacle is pulling it all together. This is where StagWeb can help, tracking down the best of Belgrade nightlife and ensuring you get to experience it. We've been planning stag dos since 2002, and are market leaders in providing top class service and the craziest stag ideas. But don't just take our word for it, the reviews from previous clients speak for themselves. When it comes to providing great quality and saving you money, we're at the top of our game, and we're ready to show you a Serbian stag do you'll never forget!

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