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Nights Out in London

Now then, there are so many words to describe London stag night potential - we'll go with unequalled. Whatever your selections, stag nights in London give you more choices than you'll know what to do with - more bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, casinos, lap dancing - you name it there's more of it! The "Smoke" has its party reputation for a reason, it's a buzz, but the trick to any stag night is expert planning. To get the best out of your evenings, you've got to coordinate the venues to visit in optimum order, gents, it's a big city and we're ready to get you more out of it!

Planning Your London Stag

The first thing to be excited about is the range, it's huge. The trick to a successful London stag do evening is coordinating quality options to your preferences, timings and budget.

London Stag Nights - With Venue Volume Choice Is Key!

The city's such a big place by sheer volume there are more bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, casinos, lap dancing than anywhere else in the country you name it there's more of it and some of the venues are… staggering! The range of options is definitely exciting but getting recommendations is key, with a variety of venues there's also a variety in quality and you don't want to end up on the wrong end of it. You want to make the most of it with the best choices for your budget.

What Should We Do? Things to do in London at Night

If you're still undecided about what to plan there's no time like the present to jump straight in - don't leave it late. Start with the bare bones of what you'd ideally like and flesh it out from there, we're always on hand to give you useful advice. There are world-class venues all over the place and any stag night worth talking about should be trying to fit a few of those in, and, gentlemen, you can go all night! 4-5 things as a minimum should get you on the right track e.g.

  1. Pub - choose something decent, memorable, historic or topical
  2. Bar - London plays host to some of the best bars in the world, take advantage
  3. Restaurant or show - theme the meal in a cool restaurant or take in some comedy or cabaret
  4. Strip club London or casino - try and get a couple in or 1 of each
  5. Nightclub - bit of bad dancing for the traditional finish

Look into our suggested options, there's plenty more detail available, but if you're short on time the easiest thing to do in the first instance is to give us a call for a brief chat and we'll try and give you a steer on what will work best.

The Main Event

Pubs are fantastic, bars are outstanding, the nightclubs, gents clubs and casinos are world-class but you still need a main thing, a main event. By having one you give weight to the evening, it might not necessarily end up the best thing but having a main focus means everyone's onside, the groom's pleased and you can maintain some control. In terms of what the main event is that all depends on what the groom wants and or you think will work best. The main event might indeed be a pub or a pub crawl, a particular club, 3 gents clubs, a private blackjack table but it could also be something else like greyhound racing down at Wimbledon, a particular or themed restaurant, a world-beating comedy club, a cabaret dinner, evening horse racing, music, a special or sporting event or something else. But put a main event in the middle of the London stag night and you'll have an evening everybody will look forward to.

Time Gentlemen Please Fitting It All Together

Whatever you end up planning you've got to think about proximity how close things are to each other. As the organiser you want to set the evening up so there's easy, straightforward movement between venues, you don't want anyone getting lost or left behind. To get the most out of your evenings you've got to coordinate when you visit the venues so the itinerary runs smoothly in a word logistics or as we like to say … London-gistics! That means thinking about the order of things, transferring between venues, considering what's best at what time of night, early shows, late shows, first orders, last orders, entry times and so on. That's where we're expert and we're ready to get you more out of it! In a nutshell, the trick to successful stag nights in London is clued up itinerary planning.

Last Word Big Bird

So at the risk of boring you, but this is important, clued up preparation is key, apart from all the cover and professional bits we're genuinely here to give you the very best assistance in planning your night in London, why not let us help with some useful ideas and recommendations … you can send a brief now!

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