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A Birmingham stag weekend is a surefire winner and the second city is a big, bold and downright brilliant location to host your colossal celebration. Take the sting out of the planning process and secure a memorable weekend with the help of StagWeb!

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Trending Birmingham Stag Do Ideas

Here's our top 8 choices for a big weekend in Birmingham.

  1. Tank Battles
  2. Urban Axe Throwing
  3. Peaky Blinders Escape Game
  4. Peaky Pistols
  5. Off Road Karts
  6. Paintballing
  7. Bubble Football
  8. Beer Bike

A Guide To Your Birmingham Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

The UK's second city has a load of first-rate activities for you and the guys to take on - from stag classics like Paintball and Go Karting to a weird and downright chaotic activity like Tank Battles.

If you're looking for a city that has it all, Birmingham is the place to head. Second city? Pffft. This city is in the Top Tier for a monumental stag celebration!

Where to Drink in Birmingham

Broad Street is the place to head for bars in Birmingham. You've heard the hype, so it's time to get down there yourselves and see what all the fuss is about. This half-mile street is buzzing enough at the weekend to be worthy of your entire night out. In fact, there's not much else there than bars, so you can take your sweet time exploring without worrying about staying together or taxiing around.

It's earnt its reputation on the stag circuit for good reason. There's something for everyone: traditional pubs (the pubs in Birmingham are fantastic!), eclectic bars, craft beer joints and cocktail lounge vibes. It's built up and busy. The sports bars are great

Where to Head...


The Jewellery Quarter is packed with trendy bars and eateries to start a big night out. Those big nights out do come with a big price though. Heading to The Southside offers a more wallet-friendly range of top venues with live music, DJ's and great food. For further flavours there is also the Chinese Quarter or Balti Triangle depending on your food mood.

Must see...

The Belfry - For golf fans The Belfry is something of a Mecca.

Pub Trivia

Cluedo was invented in Birmingham and JRR Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings in Brum. "It was Bilbo, in the Mirkwood with the Elven spanner."

Getting Around Birmingham

As well as buses, Britain's second largest city also has Metro/tram services. You can buy one day travel cards that allow you to hop on and off the Metro and bus services with ease.

Birmingham Stag Do Trip Tips!

Birmingham Nightlife

Being the country's 'second city', it stands to reason the nightlife in Birmingham befits its massive status, and we can confirm it goes above and beyond! From casinos and bars to nightclubs and strip clubs, Birmingham has everything for every sort of stag outing. So, whatever you're after, you'll be sure to find it.

Getting There

Birmingham New Street Station is smack bang in the heart of the city and is a major hub in the midlands, meaning almost every train line will serve it directly. Alternatively, driving to Birmingham is a breeze with multiple motorways connecting it with the rest of the UK - be sure to check the parking situation at your accommodation before setting off. There are various secure car parks dotted throughout the city if needed.

Is Birmingham Good for a Stag Do?

Yes. Oh, you want more of an explanation? Well, its got one of the biggest ranges of activities that we offer, everything from classics like Bubble Football and Paintballing to the chaotic Assault Course, plus its nightlife is up there with some of the best in the country. You'll have all the ingredients needed to give the groom a colossal send-off!

Quickfire Birmingham FAQs

Where is Birmingham's best nightlife?

Broad Street is Birmingham's main party district stretching into the city's lively heart. With mainstream bars and local venues serving up a range of boozy delights, you'll have plenty of doors to open and explore on that big night out in Brum.

How many days should I spend in Birmingham on a stag do?

According to our StagWeb stats, more than 70% of stags who have booked with us in 2023 are packing their suitcases for 3 or more days in Peaky Blinders' land. Plenty of time to explore the city, take on some epic activities, and enjoy a legendary night on the town.

Can you explore Birmingham in one weekend?

A two-day stag means two things: having lots to do in the day and lots to party in the night. But hey, you'll have plenty of time to settle the hangover on the way back, so go all in and have a full blast.

30 Reasons Why Birmingham Rocks!

Black Sabbath - The godfathers of heavy metal honed and perfected their earth-shaking riffs in Brum. They went on to become one of the most successful British bands of all time, releasing 19 studio albums, all of them big chart successes. To this day, rock-loving lads can be found banging their heads in the city's alternative clubs.

Brummagem - Ever wondered why the locals call themselves 'Brummies'? The name actually comes from the city's dialect name 'Brummagem', which is derived from one of the town's older names, 'Browicham'. Really, we're just glad that they decided on Birmingham in the end.

Pre-historic Brummies - The Birmingham area has actually been populated by humans for over 500,000 years - the oldest relic found in the region is a stone-age axe from half a million years ago, that's your caveman fancy dress theme sorted then!

Carry on Karaoke - If it weren't for the Aston Micro-Electronics Company, Karaoke wouldn't even exist! Aston invented the screen captions used on Karaoke machines, so the next time you're wowing the ladies with your impressive rendition of Robbie Williams' Angels, you can thank those clever Brummie blokes that made it all possible!

Red hot firsts - In 1980, the hottest curry IN THE WORLD was unleashed in Hay Mills, Birmingham. Made from the dangerously hot naga chillis all the way from the foot of the Himalayas, this is one dish that you'd probably struggle to find in your average Indian takeaway.

Extreme Dodgems - Brum, brum! Birmingham is home to one of the UK's most epic race day experiences - we're talking about the adrenaline-pumping Extreme Dodgems. This is wheel to wheel, white knuckle racing at its very best, and in true dodgems fashion, it doesn't matter if you scratch the paintwork a little as you scrape past your mates to take pole position.

Daniel Sturridge - One of England's greatest footballing prospects and the proud owner of one of the most recognisable goal celebrations in football is also a born Brummie.

Richard Hammond - 'The Hamster' is one of the most famous personalities in British television history and continues to pop up all over the box on various shows and repeats!

The Baggies - The mighty West Bromwich Albion ply their trade in the shadow of this awesome city. With fans like Frank Skinner, Adrian Chiles, Lenny Henry and Julie Walters, the Baggies aren't short of support in this city either!

Chocolate - Birmingham has been the home of Cadbury's chocolate since 1879 - meaning that all your favourite chocolate bars probably have their origins in the wonderful city of Brum, be it the manly Crunchie, the classic Dairy Milk or the diminutive yet timeless Freddo.

30 of a kind - While our Brum is the original (and obviously the best), there are no fewer than 30 other Birminghams all around the world, and there's even a crater on the moon named after the city - talk about trendsetting!

R2D2 - A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... well, not so far away as it turns out as Kenny Baker, the man responsible for bringing the loveable robot hero of the Star Wars saga to life is a born and bred Brummie. There's no knowing just how different the biggest sci-fi of all time might have been without Baker's contributions, but what we do know is that he deserves a massive salute for the lively character he breathed into that little dustbin-shaped droid.

Bodega Cantina - You won't find Star Wars' famed cantina band here, but you will find some of the best South American food in the midlands at this funky bar and restaurant. Wrap your laughing gear around Burritos, Quesadillas and delicious Halloumi Burgers. Feeling thirsty? Good. The Bodega also does a wide range of themed cocktails including the tequila-based Hot in Los Altos as well as the tantalizing Favela Fuel. Aaaaaariba!

Frank Skinner - One of the UK's funniest comedians and a Birmingham lad through and through, Frank's been a mainstay on the comedy circuit for over 20 years, and he's received plenty of television credits along the way.

Three Lions - Frank's also responsible for England football fanfare 'Three Lions' along with his long time friend David Baddiel and 90's band The Lightning Seeds... 'Football's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming...'

Lenny Henry - What would British comedy be without this man, seriously? He's an absolute legend, he single-handedly started Comic Relief and his brand of no-nonsense, no-one-is-safe comedy is more admirable now than ever.

Villains - Birmingham's biggest club, Aston Villa, has existed for over 150 years and it's been a home for a few big footballing names through that century and a half including Emile Heskey, Dion Dublin and Gareth Southgate. They also have celebrity fans like Tom Hanks, Ozzy Osbourne, and even HRH Prince William cheering them on week-in, week-out.

The Bullring - Birmingham's biggest shopping centre is definitely worth a look in on any visit to this epic city. It's packed with quality shops, so if you've forgotten your favourite shirt (that obviously transforms you into an absolute babe-magnet), you won't have to settle for less when it comes to your outfit on your big night out.

Pure Craft Bar and Kitchen - After a heavy night on the town, you could be in desperate need of some hangover conquering grub. That's exactly what Pure Craft specialises in - one of their epic steaks will banish the staunchest of alcoholic aches and pains and let's be honest, there's no greater man food to fuel your weekend of stag mayhem.

Inflatable Games - When you were kids, bouncy castles were joyous playgrounds of inflatable madness. You soared into the air, colliding with your best mates and eventually your own limbs as you ended up in a crying heap on the floor before mummy kissed the booboo better and you returned to your air-filled haven. The Inflatable Games are very much the same,except here mummy won't be around to kiss you better, and any stags that end up in a crumpled heap will simply be the subject of endless banter. This is the Total Wipeout experience you've dreamed of, can you handle those angry red balls?!

Purnell's - Michelin star chef Glynn Purnell's restaurant may be a bit posh, but there's seriously tasty stuff here and let's be honest, the boys don't need much of an excuse to produce their slickest suits - after all, what lad doesn't want to be James Bond? Purnell's is the perfect place to enjoy high-quality cuisine with the stag's best mates before you set off on your evening of nearly-wed celebrations.

X-Ray - The first X-Ray was taken in Brum, we don't know how many have been performed since, but here's to hoping that nobody adds to the number on your big weekend.

Tank Battles - Forget everything you know about Paintball because it's about to get BIG. Our Tank Battles are truly immense - take on your mates in fully mechanised warfare and test your team of combat-hardened stags to the max as you work together to defeat the enemy and walk away with all the bragging rights... or you could leave the warzone with your heavy metal hulk having received a Dulux makeover...

Andy Low n' Slow - The boys can't run on an empty stomach, so fill the lads with the perfect stag petrol in the form of one of Andy's quality smoked meat-feasts. Whether it's ribs, briskets, pulled-pork burgers or even a whole chicken, he's got some serious bites waiting to be conquered. Handily, you can find Andy's Low n' Slow every Friday at half five as part of Brum's Digbeth Dining Club.

Gatecrasher - For a true party palace, Gatecrasher is the way to go. This is truly the city's biggest club with not one, not two, but four huge rooms each playing a different kind of music. Gatecrasher has the dirtiest discos and the most luxurious of parties all under one roof that's raised every night with the cheers of happy party-goers. An evening in Gatecrasher is an absolute must on the groom's last weekend of freedom.

Football Pool -Do you possess the silky-smooth passing of Andrea Pirlo or do you have the heavy touch of Romelu Lukaku? Football Pool is the ultimate test of one's skill on the ball, as you'll have to demonstrate pinpoint accuracy if you're going to tuck away your balls before your opponent beats you to the black!

The Wolf of Soho House - Birmingham industrialist Matthew Boulton managed to earn a fortune equivalent to TWICE that of Microsoft mastermind Bill Gates. You can go and visit his old lad pad, Soho House while you're here - although we aren't sure if the classic architecture will impart any pearls of wisdom as to how to build a fortune of your own...

6/8 Kafé - If you're feeling a little rough from an evening of alcohol-fuelled antics, then really, it's your own fault - but that doesn't mean you should have to suffer on your big weekend. A decent coffee could be all that's needed to nurse the boys back to fighting stag fitness, and 6/8 Kafé do the best brews in the city. They also do a cracking breakfast if the caffeine rush fails to clear your aching heads - job done!

SWAT Experience - Birmingham is a big city, and as such, it needs brave defenders to keep the Brummie denizens safe from harm - are you up to the task? Learn realistic SWAT tactics as you take on the challenge of a Search and Rescue scenario where you'll need to squad up and watch each other's backs if you're going to get the hostage out alive - or the bad buys might just walk away with the win...

Balti - That's right, you can thank Birmingham for pioneering an entirely new Indian dish in the form of the Balti. In fact, they're so dedicated to this new (ish) cuisine that they've named the city's hub of Asian culture the 'Balti Triangle' - come and have a go if you think you can handle the heat!

Why: Reasons to be cheerful, a Birmingham stag do

As stag destinations go, they don't come much bigger, bolder or better than the all-action party capital of the West Midlands. Week-in week-out the crowds are kept entertained with an unrivalled selection of activities on offer during the day and a massive party vibe to carry them through the night. With sport, music, culture and an international flavour at its core, a Birmingham stag do promises to be a truly spectacular event.

Birmingham is fresh. It's innovative. It's the 3rd most visited UK city by overseas guests, and it's easy to see why. From chocolate factory to curry house, Indoor Arena to NEC, and Villa Park to the Alexander Stadium, the city knows how to put on a good show. It's home to some of the country's top venues, has a fantastic night scene and a whole host of extreme action to get the adrenaline pumping. In short, if you're planning an unforgettable stag do, Birmingham has the lot. And at StagWeb we've got the knowledge, expertise and exclusive offers to pull it all together for the ultimate stag experience.

When: The best time to visit Birmingham for the stag do

With such a huge range of activities and entertainment at your disposal, a Birmingham stag do is guaranteed to bring results any time of the year. Yes, it can get busy - the city plays host to some major festivals and sporting fixtures with a pretty solid calendar of events seeing you through from jazz at the height of summer to the legendary Beer Festival and Christmas market in winter. But whether you choose to book around them or make the most of the big events, some careful planning will ensure a top weekend.

How: Travelling to Birmingham

The city is in a great central location and easily accessible by road, rail or air, with a host of transport links getting the bulk of Brits to its doors in 3 hours or less. Served by the M5, M6, M40 and M42 motorways, driving is a cinch, and three major rail stations provide frequent speedy connections across the country. The city's airport is well connected, with the M42 and mainline alongside.

Where: On location, hanging out & bedding down

Birmingham is a truly modern metropolis with a great party spirit and healthy appetite for entertainment. Take a trip to the stylish Brindleyplace which boasts some of the city's finest dining and best evening entertainment, or make your way to the vibrant Southside. Taking in Hurst Street, the Arcadian and Chinatown, it has a thriving nightlife and is bursting with restaurants, bars and clubs and a truly international flavour to suit all tastes. Head down to the Jewellery Quarter, home to the vibrant nightlife of St Paul's Square or, for a traditional late-night beer, the Irish Quarter won't disappoint. And, of course, there's the famous Balti Triangle, which still houses some of the country's oldest and finest Balti restaurants. We have a great selection Birmingham stag do accommodation available, but the city is a hugely popular destination, so it pays to plan ahead and book wisely.

What: Birmingham stag weekend action!

The city doesn't just host the biggest events and bring you some of the best nightlife, it also arguably offers the greatest selection of quality stag action in the UK. For some white knuckle four-wheeled action, our extreme motorsports include extreme dodgems, stunt driving and hovercraft racing. The thrill-seekers among you can take to the high ropes or ski slopes, or for something a little more relaxing why not try your hand at falconry or fly fishing. Our activities also include some of the more unusual experiences, so for a truly unique weekend add some jousting or our Peaky Blinders escape game to your itinerary!

How much: Your Birmingham stag do budget

As with any popular destination, prices can rise at peak times, but Birmingham is a flexible host city accommodating short stays even in high season, and with such a huge range of choices available we're confident we can offer a stag weekend to suit your pocket. So whether you'd like to use our bespoke services for a tailor-made weekend, or want to take advantage of our proven ready-made packages, we really do have a programme to suit every budget.

And now...

If you think Birmingham ticks all the boxes for a great stag weekend and you'd like a bit more information, have a browse of our website to view the kind of packages available. Enquire now for a no-risk, no-obligation quote. Our friendly team will start building you the ultimate stag weekend to suit your needs and budget.

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