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From a hot lap in the Nurburgring to Bundesliga football, a Cologne stag weekend is one big bucket list destination waiting to be ticked off. Arrange your big weekend with the help of StagWeb to dodge all the usual planning stress and lock in a colossal weekend away!

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Cologne Menu
  • Country Germany
  • Language German
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 3.50 EUR
  • Airport Cologne Bonn Airport
  • Flight Duration 1h 25m
  • National Dish Hämmchen
  • Airport to Centre 15 km

8 Best Cologne Stag Do Ideas

  1. Beer Coach - Sightseeing at it's very best. Hop aboard your portable pub and relax.
  2. Urban Golf - This is golf for the masses! Forget the high-end club, it's time to hit the streets.
  3. Nurburgring Hot Lap - Strap in as a pro driver thrashes it around the Nurburgring!
  4. Football - Spectating - A must for footy fans, check out the famous German atmosphere.
  5. Brewery Tours - You're in the land of Oktoberfest, time to check out the local brews.
  6. River Cruise - Another epic sightseeing tour. Cruise the river as you kick back and chill.
  7. Escape Room - Try and break out of our eerie Escape Room or get trapped... forever!
  8. Go Karting - Outdoor - Do battle on these high-powered stag wagons.

Action Stations!

If you can tear yourselves away from the excellent beer for long enough, Cologne has some fantastic stag-sized adventure for action loving lads. In a country obsessed with speed the Go Kart track delivers wheel to wheel action on a whole new level. Football fans can take in a Bundesliga Match or if you're keen to get back to the beer a Guided Bar Crawl will show you the best of Cologne's nightlife. See more activities...

Best Bars in Cologne

Pepe - This sleek trendy bar has a great atmosphere and an amazing array of spirits. Your mission is to not be tempted to point to one of the bottles on the highest shelves just to see how they get it down. However there is plenty of great drinks to sample plus a fine dining restaurant for a more civilised evening.

Pfaffen - If you're going to sample the local beer (and trust us, you really should) then our recommended watering hole would be the Pfaffen, which is an award winning pub that brews its own splendid Pfaffen beer. It's also a great place to sample traditional German pub life.

Event Calendar

July - SummerJam This huge open air gig is a 3 day celebration of Caribbean music.
August - Cologne Music Festival Venues across the city will host music acts for the city wide gig.
September - Cologne Beer Market Yes! A festival dedicated to Cologne's great export. We'll drink to that!
October - Euroblast Top music acts from across Europe will get together to blow their own trumpets, tap snares or slap bass in a mainly indie festival.

Where to Head...

While out and about in Cologne it would be rude to ignore the sight that the locals are most proud of, Kolsch beer. Brewed throughout the city Kolsch is a local brew made by hundreds of independent breweries and pubs. Each pub has it's own Kolsch so you can happily take in the sights of plenty of pubs while sampling this important cultural product. A few hours that will be educational, good for European trade links, remember to recycle and you'll be the perfect tourists.

Pub Trivia

Some local historians claim "Eau de Cologne" (water of Cologne) was not invented as a fragrance but was originally medicine designed to ward off the pox. Away from the pubs Cologne is a pretty cultured city with over 40 museums and 110 galleries, in fact even the pubs are cultured, many of them brew their own beer.

A Taste of Cologne

Eats - Hans Im Glück Hungry chaps will relish (groan) a trip to Germany's swanky burger chain. Forget cardboard cartons and plastic toys, these gourmet burgers are superb. They also stock a good range of alcoholic beverages. Just sayin'.

Drinks - No matter where you go in Cologne you'll find different versions of the locally brewed Kolsch. Many of the pubs, bars and restaurants brew their own Kolsch which is served in thin glasses. It's certainly worth sampling. We did and it's good!

Getting Around Cologne

The main public transport around Cologne is the tram. If you are thinking of using the trams you can get a WelcomeCard which allows you unlimited travel over a set period. However bag yourselves a KölnCard and your Cologne stag weekend can enjoy free travel for upto 48hrs.

Speaking The Lingo

"Bitte" - Please
"Dank" - Thanks
"Gute fahrt." - Have a good trip.
"Botshafter" - Ambassador
"Ein schnapps bitte." - A schnapps please.
"Zwei schnapps bitte." - Two schnapps please
"Viele schnapps bitte." - Lots of schnapps please.
"Dieser Herr wird für alles zahlen." - This gentleman will pay for everything.
"Das sind meine Freunde" - These are my friends
"Dribbeln sie, oder haben sie die Tollwut?" - Are they dribbling or do they have rabbies?

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