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A Cork stag weekend boasts big activities and an even bigger party scene. Guinness flows in abundance, nights out go off in style, and the activities are among the best in the British Isles. Be sure to arrange your big weekend with the help of StagWeb to avoid all the planning hassle!

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8 Best Cork Stag Do Ideas

  1. Distillery Tours - Ditch the sightseeing tour, this is how you tour the best of the Emerald Isle.
  2. Bubble Football - Pure, unadulterated, stag on stag, footballing carnage.
  3. Deep Sea Fishing - Head out on the high seas for a once in a lifetime fishing experience.
  4. Horse Racing - Watch them whip (whip), watch them neigh neigh!
  5. High Ropes Course - A hangover busting aerial obstacle course.
  6. Gaelic Games - Do battle across three intensely energetic Irish games.
  7. Go Karting - Go full throttle as you leave the rest of the stags in your wake.
  8. Paintballing - Semi-automatic, stag vs stag carnage!

A Guide To Your Cork Stag Weekend

Cork Activities

Action Stations!

Sport mad stags rejoice! Cork is a premium destination for any active, heart pumping stag party. With everything from Football Match Day Tickets and a traditional day of Gaelic Games to a laid back game of Golfing or a classic game of 5 A Side, Cork has got competitive stags covered! Distillery Tours and Health Spas promise to keep chilled out stags busy if Fast and Furious Go Karting or stag vs. stag Paintballing warfare doesn't take your fancy.

Best bars in Cork

Best Bars in Cork

So, you’ve chosen Cork as your stag party destination? A very good choice. Now, you need to know where all the best bars are at. In Cork, you’re never far from a pint. It’s a compact town so getting around is easy. Pubs are everywhere and always a good shout for a place to hunker down after a wild day or to get your stag evening started.

Oliver Plunkett Street is famed for its awesome pubs. Welcome to your new favourite place to drink. It’s bursting with character and the friendly locals can point you to the best spots. The quirk-factor is heavy, but you know no one does a pub better than the Irish.

The Grand Parade area is a step up in price, but also sophistication with piano bars and sleek cocktail joints. Stags will love it here as you get to taste the treats of Ireland in a modern, refined environment.

"If it's drowning you're after, don't torment yourself with shallow water."
- Irish Drinking Proverb.

Cork districts

Where to Head...


While Cork is loaded with great places to grab a pint, Barrack Street is far and away the best in the city. The Barrack Street Challenge, an epic pub crawl through the street's many watering holes, is a famous local pub crawl that'll test any stag to his limit.

Must see...

No trip to Cork is complete without kissing the world famous Blarney Stone. Said to bestow the powers of persuasiveness upon those who kiss it (a useful weapon in any stag's arsenal), this iconic tradition is great for a laugh so long as you've got a head for heights!


Cork is known as the "Rebel County" for its activity in the War of Independence.
Sydney harbour is the only harbour in the world bigger than Cork's.
Football hard man Roy Keane was born in Cork, but don't let that scare you away.
18th Century Cork's butter market was the world's largest (we're spreading thin here!).

A taste of Cork

A Taste of Cork

Eats - It might not sound great, but Cork is known for its packet and tripe, an Irish form of black pudding served with tripe.

Drinks - If Dublin is known for the Guinness, Cork should be known for Murphy's. A smoother, less in your face stout, Murphy's has been the best pint in Cork for 150 years.

Getting around Cork

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Cork

Cork's city is entirely walkable making any use of the city's bus network almost completely needless. Save some cash for a taxi to ferry you home after the ultimate stag night out in Cork.

Of course if you're in a hurry or want to save your feet for the dad dancing later, Cork has a 330 strong system of Boris Bikes available for renting and riding around the city.


"The jacks" - The toilets.
"Arseways" - Gone the wrong way.
"Put the heart crossways" - Cause a scare.
"Pint of Gat" - Guinness.
"The fear" - Hangover.

A little more about a Cork stag do

Cork is one of the friendliest and most hospitable cities you could ever hope to visit both within Ireland as well as the UK and Europe as a whole. It's relaxed and trendy and thrives on the warm, welcoming nature of the fun-loving locals which makes it an ideal destination for your stag weekend on the Emerald Isle. The city, the country and the sea are all rolled into one in this fantastic city and you'll certainly never be short of something to do on your Cork stag do, whether you're enjoying the waves with some water sports or sinking a pint of the black stuff.

Kiss the world-famous Blarney Stone and learn from native Corkonians how to get ‘the gift of the gab' before exploring the many fantastic pubs and bars which fill the centre. Cork has recently been renewed and regenerated and it's come out on top as a lively, thrilling place to visit which many locals call ‘the real capital of Ireland'. Whether you're looking for a big night out, or a relaxing night in traditional Irish pubs, soaking up the local culture (and plonk), there's something to suit every stag party in Cork. Cork was voted one of the top 10 best cities to visit by Lonely Planet's ‘Best in Travel' awards, describing Cork as ‘at the top of its game right now: sophisticated, vibrant and diverse, while still retaining its friendliness, relaxed charm and quick-fire wit'. Uncork all that this city has to offer and make it number 1 for your stag do!

What's the craic? A guide to speakin' the local lingo

Whether you've got the accent down or get a little baffled when an Irish spiel gets going, we thought we'd provide you with a quick guide to some of the best local words and phrases to help you keep up with conversation on your Cork stag weekend - get the gift of the gab!

  • I claim ya! - I would very much like to challenge you to a duel, sir. If you hear this one, we recommend that you get a move on as soon as you possibly can. No gift of the gab will get you out of this one.
  • On the tear - Myself and my comrades intend to partake of a few alcoholic beverages tonight.
  • Whacker - An unpleasant fellow.
  • Shade mobile - A police vehicle. Keep out of the way of these on your stag...
  • D'yaknowwhatImeanlike? - Do you catch my drift? This ‘word' tends to act like a full stop to end many Irish phrases.
  • Feek - An attractive female. Take it from us, Cork isn't short on feek.
  • Cat - Awful/terrible. No, this has nothing to do with tiddles the moggie.
  • Fluthered - Rather intoxicated. Try not to get too fluthered on your Cork stag do...
  • Savage! - Excellent! We're well aware that this one makes absolutely no sense at all.

When to visit for your Cork stag do

Cork isn't far from good old Blighty and therefore tends to experience a similar climate, so whether you visit in June or January, bringing along a brolly is always a good plan! Although there may not be wall to wall sunshine in summer and chilly climes in winter, whenever you visit for your Cork stag weekend, you most certainly won't be disappointed when it comes to events. In November, enjoy the Cork Film Festival which shows new and old, mainstream and indie cinema every year, as well as workshops and appearances from big names in the industry. Over December, the festive spirit gets going with A Cork Christmas Celebration, which attracts over 150,000 people every year with a giant ferris wheel, great local produce for sale and a vintage carousel as well as cracking Christmas lights. If you're fans of cinema and high-brow culture, be sure to check out the trendy French Film Festival in March as well as the St Patrick's Festival, for some slightly less high-brow ‘culture' perhaps. If you're around in June, don't miss the Cork Midsummer Festival which claims to ‘bring the world to Cork and show Cork to the world'. It's one of Ireland's leading international arts festivals with many varied acts and performances - well worth a look!

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