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Eastern Flavours

Eastern European stag weekends have risen in popularity over recent years. For many stag groups Eastern Europe is THE place to go offering a variety of activities and nightlife that simply isn’t available back home.


Over in Eastern Europe they’ve been brewing some fantastic drinks for centuries, brewery tours are an interesting way to spend a few hours although sampling it in a bar or pub works well too. You can mix up your activities with a love of the amber nectar by trying a beer spa. Alternatively you add a little culture chaser with your pints by sightseeing on a river cruise or take it one step further, add exercise and sightseeing on a beer bicycle.
A word to the wise; if you are sampling some of the local spirits proceed with caution, drinks like Estonian “Vana” is 100% proof!!!

Getting There...

Competitive pricing and budget airlines are making Eastern Europe increasingly easy to reach. We’d advise shopping around, you can pick up flights to some destinations for less than the price of a tank of petrol.

Wilder Than The West

Back in Blighty restrictions on some activities tend to be much tighter. Target Shooting comes with a lot more firepower as guns that are outlawed in the UK will be on hand for you to fire at will. Glocks, Magnums and AK47’s are among the armoury on offer.
Paintballing can be found on ex-military bases giving it a sense of dramatic realism and tank driving for Eastern European stag parties is epic!
You can also try a whole host of winter sports such as bobsleigh, dog sledding, skiing and snowboarding.


A staple of any great Baltic stag is a well aimed prank at the groom’s expense. Eastern European can take things a step further with a meticulously planned and executed stag gag.

  • Roly Poly Show - You’ll enjoy the biggest laughs as the groom gets a personal dance from a… erm…. “fuller figured lady” (she’s BIG!).
  • Stag Arrest - Having been “arrested” the groom will be bundled into the back of a car, blindfolded and driven away. When the blindfold is finally removed he’ll find himself surrounded by the rest of the group before as a stripper performs a little routine just for him.
  • Fake Bride - How will the hungover groom react when he comes face to face with his new “bride”? Suitcase in hand she’ll convince him that last night after one too many they tied the knot and he’s promised to take her home with him.
  • Jelly Wrestling - The stag will be led to the ring where he’ll be tag-teamed by two Eastern European lovelies… in a pool of jelly of course.
  • Sexy Maids - Two maids turn up to your hotel and start cleaning the room before suddenly giving the groom a show he’ll thank you all for.
  • Sexy Hitch Hiker - Your driver will pick up a seemingly innocent hitchhiker but once the music goes on and the clothes start to come off the groom will soon realise that this is turning into a ride on the wild side.

Girls Girls Girls!

As well as some absolutely awesome lap dance and strip clubs it’s worth pointing out that destinations like Tallinn are positively over-flowing with beautiful women meaning there is plenty of eye candy around. Per capita Estonia produces more supermodels than any other nation.

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