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A Guide To Your London Stag Weekend

London stag activities
Action Stations!

London has been the setting for many of James Bond's most amazing scenes. Now you and the lads can get in on the action, racing down the Thames on the Ultimate Rib Adventure. Leaving the group shaken but not stirred this is a truly epic way to see London at high speed with the music pumping and your Connery impression in full swing… "The namesh Bond, Jamesh Bond…"

Best Bars in London

Where to start?! Each district of the capital is its own totally unique destination when it comes to the vibe of their bars, pubs and clubs.
Mayfair is utter madness. Expect to be rinsed after a night out here, but it’s the only way to do London if you’re a stag of the sophisticated kind.
Kensington is chocka with stylish speakeasies and day-drinking bars where bay windows let in lustrous light.
Camden is a boho hotspot and down by the lock you’ll find classic London taverns alongside outdoor cocktail havens perfect for sunny evenings by the canal.
You’ve heard the hype around Soho, so check it out for yourselves. You can’t move for rock and roll pubs and trendy spirit bars.
And London Bridge pubs and bars are an absolute must for beer connoisseurs. Something for everyone!

Best bars in London

"I don't know what London's coming to - the higher the buildings the lower the morals."
- Noël Coward

Where to Visit in London

Districts - By day Covent Garden is cool, laid back and a great place to rest your hangover, by night it's one of London's best nightspots. Soho is also worthy of a visit, forget the seedy history (although there are still plenty of "gentlemen’s entertainment" to enjoy) Soho is now full of London's bright young things looking for a top night out.

Must see...

The O2 - One of London's most iconic venues, you can now scale its dizzying heights and climb the roof for a simply unbelievable view.
Wembley - If you've never been you really should make a pilgrimage to the home of football.

Pub Trivia

London’s O2 arena is big enough to hold 1,000,000 pints of beer. Challenge accepted.

Best places to eat & drink in London

On Ya Bike! Getting Around London

If you want to go "Out, out" during your London stag do, arm yourselves with Oyster Cards to travel via the London Underground & Overground trains, trams, buses and DLR.
Alternatively, hop on a "Boris bike" and use a bit of pedal power.


"You're ‘avin’ a bubble intcha?" - I do believe you’re pulling my leg old chap.
 "You really are a pain in the Khyber!" - You’re starting to bother me somewhat.
"Who’s up for a few Lillies?" - Would any of you like to join me for a drink?
"Let’s go down the battle and get Brahms!" - Let’s go to the public house and drink a large amount of alcohol.

London Stag Do Trip Tips!

London Night Out

It feels like every night out is like New Year's Eve in London, that’s the level they operate on in terms of their partying game. From swanky bars to quirky pubs, to bouncing nightclubs and all-night raves, there’s something to suit all tastes in the sublime English capital.

Getting to London

Getting to London is easy, although, if you’re driving, traffic can become an issue closer to the centre you get. For those arriving by train there are so many stops (plus the Tube network), that wherever you’re based, you’ll be able to get there with ease. Be sure to check for parking at your accommodation or closeby if you do decide to drive.

Is London Good for a Stag Do?

London is the very definition of cool, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking to give the groom a send-off he deserves. From an insane selection of daytime activities to great eateries and massive nights out, it has all the components for that unforgettable weekend away.

48 Hours to Party in London

Long gone are the days when you and your china plates (mates) would head down the battlecruiser (boozer) for a couple of Britney Spears (beers) to celebrate the groom’s last night as a free man! This is his big send-off into marital life, and you’ve got to make sure his weekend is top. That’s why you’ve picked London - the capital of cool - for your big weekend away! Brace yourselves, guys, it’s gonna be the real Ian Beale (deal)!


The home of football, the Queen, Big Ben, patiently queueing, bowler hats, and now your home from home for the weekend as you and the boys take over the capital for the main man’s big send-off! No time to waste, gents, ditch the bags and get going!

48 hours in London
Activity No.1

OK, you probably should do some sightseeing if you’re going to London for the big weekend, but you’re not part of the blue-rinse brigade and a boring old bus tour won’t suffice. This is a stag do and you’re gonna take sightseeing to new, adrenaline-powered heights! You and the boys hop aboard your rib boat and fly off down the Thames, from the London Eye all the way to Canary Wharf, at approximately “Waaaahhhhhhh” miles-per-hour!

Pub Crawl

The groom’s gone and had a quick underwear change and you and the boys are ready and raring to hit the town for your first night out! But where to head, London is a gigantic urban sprawl, you don’t want to go to the wrong district and miss the main party! Luckily, the best man had the foresight to book up the epic Pub Crawl who lead you to some of the biggest and best bars about! Legend!

The Club

You finish your evening in a buzzing nightclub which you waltzed straight into thanks to your Guestlist Entry. Now you’re in and dancing, the music’s blaring, the party is well and truly popping off, the first day of the stag has been a roaring success, if only you could just find the groom... oh, there he is, slut-dropping that pole, who knew he was so flexible?!

48 hours in London

You kickstart your day with a hearty full English and everyone’s feeling surprisingly spritely, ready for day number two of the big stag do… well, everyone minus the groom who might have had one too many shandies! Ah well, he’ll be fine. Nothing a few awesome stag adventures won’t fix!

Activity No.2

There’s nothing that will bring the groom back to life quite liking defeating the undead in an all-action Zombie Boot Camp. You and the boys head to this decommissioned nuclear bunker and prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse in true stag-style.


Unfortunately, one of the pesky zombies took a big old bite out of the groom and now he’s infected. On the plus side, he actually looks better now than he used to, so you chalk it up as a win and move on. Because finding a place to seat a big group of guys is a bigger pain than having to listen to the stag ramble on about the wedding, you and the boys booked up the awesome Beer and Pizza Meal so you’re all fully-fuelled for your afternoon stag activity!

Activity No.2

Forget Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, this iconic landmark is the greatest sight in London - fact! The home of football; that incredible arch; that World Cup win. Wembley Stadium Tour is the perfect activity for football-loving stags. Plus, it’s probably the only time the groom will ever get to visit this iconic ground seen as his side are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!


The sophisticated supper before the big night out. Well, as sophisticated as bottomless chicken wings and moonshine gets. This epic Stag vs Food experience is the perfect precursor to that big night out and a hilarious addition to the weekend’s proceedings.

48 hours in London
Ice Bar

So you’ve eaten enough chicken to shut down an entire KFC but you’re fuelled up and ready to party long into the night. Now you’re all warmed up, you decide to cool things down at an awesome ice bar. Someone keep an eye on the groom, though, we don’t want him licking any of the ice sculptures and losing half a tongue before the wedding day.

Strip Club

Sadly you have to depart this epic ice bar, but it’s time to take the temperature back up as you and the boys treat the groom to one last look at what he’ll be missing when he heads off into marital life! Yes, you and the boys head to one of London’s premier Lap Dancing clubs to see out the evening in style.

The End

The night’s coming to a close, you’ve partied hard and celebrated in style, but it’s time to get some shut-eye before you journey back to your respective hometowns. But you’ve completed the London stag do and will depart as heroes! Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, gents!

48 hours in London
London? Completed it!

Home time! You came, you saw and you conquered! Let’s just hope someone else plucks up the courage to propose soon and we can do it all again. Until then, goodbye and godspeed!

QI - It's illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is typical of London because of the crazy mix of people it brings together. You'll find those heading to the Royal Opera House rubbing shoulders with buskers, hipsters, tourists, party girls, bankers. It's one of the city's great melting pots and has some great pubs and eateries as well as being within walking distance of Soho and Leicester Square.

West End

Mostly known for being home to the capital's theatre land, the West End is also packed with great pubs, bars, comedy clubs as well as some of the city's biggest nightclubs. If you want a night with a real touch of class, then going "Up West" is the way to do it.


Forget the men in dirty macs, Soho has definitely moved on. Artists, writers, TV companies and microbreweries have all moved in. At night the bars are varied and loud. Tolerance rules and straight and LBGT bars sit comfortably rubbing shoulders (although the music is very different). Soho is also the gateway to London's Chinatown and some of the capital's best food. You'll actually find a mix of cuisine from countries across Asia and while they might not look much, the prices are good and the food is amazing!


Camden is boho. Big bears, tattoos, checked shirts, it really is as cool as London gets. If you enjoy quality food and drink but don't like paying the Earth, then Camden is a great choice. There are a number of microbreweries and artisan food and drink companies in the area as well as brilliantly inventive restaurants. It's also seen the birth of some of the biggest names in British rock history, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Squeeze, Madness all played Camden on their way to stardom.


Shoreditch is like that girl at the party who is just way to fashionable to talk to you. But you really want to get her number. Experimental, edgy, unpredictable, it's the kind of night where anything can happen and probably will. If ever you're going to wake up with a tattoo of Holly Willoughby wrestling a crocodile and no idea how it got there, it'll happen in Shoreditch.

South Bank

Birthplace of none other than the Ministry of Sound, the South Bank has some serious party credentials. It has spawned a number of other big clubs but be careful of poor imitations. By day there is a great art scene as well as the National Theatre and South Bank Centre if you're feeling a bit more highbrow.

QI - Aldgate tube station sits on the site of a mass grave, where over 1,000 bodies were buried during the Great Plague.

Sightseeing in London
Big Ben & Houses of Parliament

Solet's get a bit boring; Big Ben is actually the name of one of the bells, not the tower itself that overlooks Westminster Palace, aka The Houses of Parliament. Did you know it has eight bars that are all subsidised by the taxpayer? Shocking. It's also within easy walking distance of 10 Downing Street, not that the PM ever walks. Lazy.

Buckingham Palace

If you've never visited London before then this is one you should tick off your list. With the fountains, guards, and sheer number of windows (you can't help but think, I'd hate to have to clean all those if I owned that place!). Property prices in London? Experts reckon if Buck House were to go on the market, you'd be looking at an asking price of around £4 billion!

Hyde Park

Looking for somewhere to rest those hangovers and get a bit of fresh air? The park covers 350 acres with lakes, sports pitches and running and bridal paths. It's also home to some major events and concerts. A nice place to spend a few hours and just take it easy.

Covent Garden

Top tip: head to the Punch and Judy pub in Covent Garden, sit out on the balcony and just enjoy London. From up here you can watch the brilliant buskers and let the world drift by. Covent Garden has its own energy, yes, there are lots of tourists, but if you look around you'll also find some great pubs and good eateries (be brave, head down the side streets for the best options).

Trafalgar Square

It's as English as it gets, one of the first places Londoners flock to in times of triumph and happiness (World Cup results, the end of WWII, Royal Weddings). It's actually illegal to jump in the fountains so don't go sending the groom in for a dip. It's also within walking distance of every other sight on this list. Yes, surprisingly, you can get around the whole lot on foot.

The War Rooms

A really fascinating look at just what went on during some of the nation's darkest days and how rudimentary the tools were that the war office had at their disposal. Fascinating and a nice diversion from making jokes about all the groom's exes.

QI - Former London street names that have been cleaned up include Shiteburn Lane, Pissing Alley and Gropecunt Lane.

Photo Opportunities in London
10 Downing Street

You probably won't get invited in for a cuppa or even get anywhere near the front door but if you're clever you can get some pretty creative photos of all the guys together on the big weekend.

Trafalgar Square

Definitely one for the photo album. Get all the guys lined up and you'll find no end of smiling tourists happy to take a shot of the whole group together. Get friendly and you can get a few random tourists into your shots just for laughs. In fact, we dare you! How many tourists can you get in a photo with you? Post your results on our Instagram page.

The Thames

Can rivers be cool? Well James Bond has raced on this one so we're going to say yes. It's also been the backdrop of a great many album covers over the years so get the guys looking mean and moody and get snapping. There are just so many points along the river to get amazing shots and enjoy those Waterloo sunsets.


Want something Instagram cool? Soho by night is the place to do it. There's a great buzz and plenty of good lighting to get something a little bit different. This is definitely the place to get a bit more artistic with your photos or catch the guys a little bit more relaxed rather than grinning insanely at the lens.

QI - Weird things to have been left on underground trains include samurai sword, a stuffed puffer fish, a human skull, and a coffin!

Activities & Challenges in London

Samuel Johnson declared: "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." We're not sure about that but we did have a nap on the Northern Line once.

You see it's just so big and there are so many amazing things to do it's difficult to know where to start... unless you're StagWeb, we know exactly where to start and can help you book a hassle-free, stag weekend while saving you money (*Superhero pose*). It's what we do. Here's a quick look at our top 7 London stag-tivities.

  • Climb the O2
  • James Bond Thames Adventure
  • Zombie Boot Camp
  • Foot Golf
  • The Moonshine Saloon
  • Escape Room
  • Bubble Football

See all out London stag activities here...

QI - The Houses of Parliament has 8 bars (Oi, do some work!). If that wasn't bad enough, drinks are subsidised by the taxpayer. Oh yeah, no problem Boris, you're welcome *tut*!

11 London Stag Do Tips

  • Oyster Card - A cost-effective and easy way to get around the city during your big weekend, the Oyster Card allows you to hop on and off buses, trains, underground and more with just the swipe of your card.
  • Be Lazy - Planning a stag do can be hard work, but it doesn't have to be. StagWeb were founded in London, we have great local knowledge so you can leave us to do the legwork for you, while you take all the glory.
  • Book Early - It's one of the world's most visited cities so of course hotels are in demand. To ensure you get your preferred dates book early. We can help secure rooms and you'll still have plenty of time to swap plans if things change closer to the event .
  • Plan Ahead - London has some major events so always check ahead. You don't want to be penned in by a marathon or find the prices have all shot up for a sporting event. Check sites like for upcoming events.
  • Get Up! - If you want to beat the crowds and get the best team selfies, there's only one way to do it and that's by getting up early. Yes, the guys will be bleary-eyed but you can get some amazing photos before the tourists descend.
  • Walk - A surprising amount of the city is easily reached on foot. If you're in Covent Garden, it's just a short walk to Soho or Leicester Square. So don't go deeper underground, check your map apps and put in a bit of legwork. It's healthier, less hassle than busy tubes and you'll see more.
  • Theatre Luvvies - If you like the theatre and love a bargain, head to Leicester Square and the ticket booth (dull, grey, featureless booth at the bottom of the garden, don't go to the ticket kiosks where prices are high). It's the best place to snap up last-minute tickets at knockdown prices.
  • Chinatown - You can enjoy a great meal and good prices with a trip to Chinatown. Just a two-minute walk from Leicester Square, there are dozens of Chinese and Asian restaurants to choose from serving really authentic dishes.
  • Research - If the groom has a particular passion or obsession, somewhere in London specialises in it. Bus museums, Beatles sites, James Bond locations, football (Wembley museum), there's plenty of cool London stag do ideas and something special for everyone.
  • Do Free Stuff - London prices can be expensive but it doesn't have to cost you. There are loads of activities you can do for free. We've created a list of Free London Stuff below for stags on a budget.
  • Train Brain - The best way to enjoy a stag do in London is leave the car at home. No driving worries, congestion charges, parking (which can be extortionate). So let the train take the strain, there are deals to be had on train fares by booking ahead and looking for travel deals.

Handy London Links

  • Transport for London - Latest updates and announcements for London transport.
  • Oyster Card - Buy/top-up Oyster cards for unlimited London weekend travel.
  • Londonist - Find out what's on the weekend of your visit and plan your to do list.

Free Things to Do On a London Stag Do

  • Galleries - Want a bit of culture? Many of the nation's biggest galleries are free to enter including the Tate Modern, V & A, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Saatchi Gallery and more.
  • Museums - It's the same with the museums, old learned friends! Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, all completely gratis!
  • Music Tour - Some of the greatest names in rock history played, lived and wrote in London. There's a great trail for real music fans to visit famous sites. London Rock Tour
  • Cross Abbey Road - Possibly one of the most imitated photos ever! You won't be the only ones but it is a classic thing to do in homage to the Fab Four.
  • Sight Seeing - Westminster, Downing Street, London Bridge, Big Ben, there are some world-famous sites the guys might not all have seen before, if so, get the cameras ready and go discover.
  • Movie Locations - From The Italian Job to Harry Potter, James Bond to Snatch, London has been the backdrop for some of the biggest movies ever!
  • Hyde Park - In fact, London in full of huge green spaces where you can chill out or kick a ball around, all kinds of different things, while the rest of the guys ease their tender heads back to life.

Why Choose a London Stag Do

Talk about popular, London is always up there both for us Brits and visitors from overseas because they're set in one of the world's greatest cities! The city's like a magnet for fun and adventure, you're definitely going to have a night or two to remember! It's a huge destination with incredible options, thousands of hotels, apartments and entertainment venues, plus we've got the very best London stag challenges ready for you. StagWeb was actually born slap bang in the heart of the city and knowing the city like we do, we'll put you and the boys in the position to get so much more from this amazing location! Two tips from the off are don't leave it too late or take short cuts, either of those will mean you'll likely end up with less but shell out more. But here's the good news... We can help you start planning straight away, so take advantage of us and easily get hold of the capital's greatest options!

Where to Stay on a London Stag Do

The best place to be is the heart of the city. You'll have easy access to the best of the action and can walk to some of the most iconic sights and venues. With big nights in mind, you'll want to be in or within striking distance of the West End which doesn't always make for the cheapest accommodation but on the upside we've got plenty of deals and preferred hotels for you to take advantage of. And if you need to keep it tight we've got cost-effective solutions to fit most budgets, it's all about planning. If activities are going to play a big part in your London stag weekend consider the logistics of getting where you need to go, that means transfers, traffic and time. We can talk you through all of this and get you comfortable with local knowledge and considerations. When it comes to where you want to be, the earlier you get started the better ideas, options and prices you'll get. Our accommodation and nightlife pages have more good advice.

Is a London Stag Do Expensive?

There's no faking it, London can be expensive. But it doesn't have to be. At StagWeb we build most weekends bespoke to suit client needs and that includes your budget. So however much you have in the kitty there is a London stag weekend for you. Or you can pick one of our ready-made packages, predesigned with big laughs and stag-sized challenges. What's the catch? There isn't one, StagWeb was originally based in London and we've been managing London stag weekends since 2002. Have a look at our packages. What you've got to allow for on any stag is the entertainment budget, drinks, clubs, taxis, etc - that's where the costs add up and why building a smart itinerary with the right venues and getting a lot sorted in advance really pays off. It's easier as a group and much easier still if you know what you're doing and where you're going, gentlemen, in the case of the capital, it definitely pays to be prepared.

Booking Your London Stag Do

Give us a bell on the old dog and bone. Even if you're still not 100% what you want yet, our friendly team are here to help you find the perfect weekend. We don't do hard selling, we don't have ideas of what weekend you should have, we'll listen and help you build the weekend you want. Then, while you're putting your feet up or planning some evil genius pranks for the groom, we'll swing into action and find you availability on your preferred dates and get the best deals with our buying power (we book so many London weekends we get superb, preferential rates that we can pass on to you). You can then take the plaudits and enjoy all the congrats on a job well done without actually breaking into a sweat at any point. Because you're a London stag legend!

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