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Forget Manchester and Leeds, York is carving out its own reputation as a monumental stag playground with an awesome array of activities and a phenomenal party scene. Take the sting out of planning your York stag weekend and get the help of the party experts StagWeb!

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York Menu

8 Top York Stag Do Ideas

  1. Horse Racing - Scream yourselves horse as you cheer home your winners.
  2. Quad Bikes - Get off-road and personal on these high-powered beasts.
  3. Go Karts - Fast and furious, wheel to wheel, stag weekend action.
  4. Clay Shooting - Possibly the loudest and most extreme hangover cure ever!
  5. Dodgeball - Earn points by throwing balls at the groom's face. Game on!
  6. Foot Golf - Two of the world's greatest sports in one amazing mash-up.
  7. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage and hilariously competitive fun.
  8. Axe Throwing - A potentially lethal sports challenge.

A Guide To Your York Stag Weekend

Where to Drink in York

It's a Northern party town to rival Manchester or Leeds, trust us! We love York and its (roughly) 365 pubs. That's a pint a day for a year, but, unfortunately, you're only here for the weekend, so you'll be needing specifics.

For sophisticated groups after some suave drinking and epic cocktails, Back Swinegate and Little Stonegate are adjoining streets you could enjoy all night. There's late-night openers and all your big-name favourites so you don't have to stress about wasting precious time trawling through menus.

There are some really cool pubs along the river-front to while away sunny afternoons or start you out on your evening of stag-madness. Then, bounce on over to the other side of the Ouse where there are craft beer joints and the hub of nightclubs! Sounds cracking.

Allegedly a law still in the statute books allows the shooting of Scots with a bow and arrow. Except on Sundays.

Where to Visit in York


York's old quarter, which is surrounded by the city walls, is home to the best nightlife, pubs and bars in the area. Some crammed into tiny alleyways, others overlooking the giant River Ouse, the nightlife offerings in this compact, pedestrian only area are among the best in England.

Must see...

Snickleways are twisting, turning, narrow, medieval streets and pathways that make up central York, and it's an area that houses some of the best pubs in the UK! This is a great place for a medieval pub crawl and many of the pubs are reputed to be haunted... Or it could just be really old regulars.

Pub Trivia

Yorkshire had so many athletes in the 2012 British Olympic Team that had it been an independent nation York would have come 12th on the medal league table.
A York man once changed his name to "Yorkshire Bank Plc Are Fascist Bastards"
York is officially the most haunted city In Europe.

Getting Around York

Much of central York is reserved for pedestrian use making getting around York easiest by foot. If you'd rather save your legs for the dance floor and need to get a farther afield a taxi can sometimes work out as cheaper than public transport if you're travelling in a group.

York is one of the best cities in the UK for cycling. A mass of cycle routes, cyclist priority zones and bike rental shops combined with the general flatness of the city centre makes the pushbike the ideal way of getting around York.

York Stag Do Trip Tips!

York Night Out

York's party scene has grown and grown (and grown) in recent years and now it's up there as one of the best nights out in the country. Awesome daytime adventures pave the way to a bouncing night on the town and you'll be guaranteed to give the groom a memorable send-off into marital life!

Getting to York

York Train Station is located just over half a mile from the centre of the city meaning you'll be able to walk to your accommodation/hotel if you have booked somewhere central. For those driving up, be sure to check whether there's parking available and, if not, where the nearest secure car park is.

Is York Good for a Stag Do?

York not only boasts an incredible nightlife, but it also has an extensive range of activities for you to pick from catering for all tastes. From classics such as Quad Biking and Go Karting to Dungeon Tours and Axe Throwing, you'll be sure to find something suitably colossal to sink your teeth into on that unforgettable weekend in York.

Quickfire York FAQs

How many days should a stag do in York last?

The majority of StagWeb's stags heading to York visited for three or more days (67% and more) and only around 30% went for the weekend, with 100% of all having an epic stag blast in the Viking city.

What to do during the day in York as a stag group?

If you're looking for inspo, why not visit our York stag activities page and see what's on offer? A quick look will reveal Horse Racing, Quad Biking and Gorge Walking adventures, but that's just a snippet of what we have in stock. Last time we checked, we had more than 40 exhilarating activities for this destination, but make sure to check again since we're full of ideas and regularly add new things!

Where to go on a night out in York?

If you wanted an excellent beer in ye olde pub, York would be the place to offer you a centuries-old tavern with a modern-day spirit (and some real spirits, too). It's true! Many of York's inns such as "The Black Swan" (which hosts candlelight ghost dinners) and "Ye Olde Starr Inne" (said to be licenced since 1644!) hold on to the title of most haunted places and are definitely worth a visit (and then a quick stop by an exorcist)!

How do I get from London to York?

Getting a 2-hour direct train from London Victoria Station is your best shot as the service runs almost every hour from 5 am all the way until 11 pm.

When should I visit York?

Because of the easy commute, compact size and lots of indoor activities, York is a perfect destination all year round. Pick a season and pack your suitcase accordingly.

Why Choose a York Stag Do?

York is a real gem in the north of England and one of the finest places to visit in the whole of the UK where you'll always be met with a really warm welcome. It's steeped in history and has even been named the most haunted city in Europe in the past with a reported 140 ghosts currently haunting the city and 504 sightings to date - here's hoping that you and the boys don't scare easily! New York itself was named after this historic Yorkshire city and with a wealth of exciting entertainment and thriving nightlife ready and waiting to go in the shadows of the incredible Minster, there really is an inexhaustible amount to see and do here on your York stag do. York is a striking city rich in culture and navigating the super old-school cobbled streets by day or by night is a real treat. York has always been popular with visitors from all around the world but in recent years, the city's nightlife scene has really stepped it up a notch with hundreds of amazing restaurants, bars and clubs on offer everywhere you look. It's all going on here in the ancient and lively city - why not book up your stag do in York today by sending us an enquiry.

Get Spooked On Your York Stag Weekend

So we've already established that York is the most haunted city in Europe - here are ten of the city's spookiest goings on...

  1. In the 1920s, two ladies who were visiting the minster were whispered to by a man in naval uniform. It turned out that this man was supposedly one of the ladies' brothers who had died at sea and come back to be true to their pact in which they'd promised to return after death and tell the other all about the after life!
  2. The caretaker of York museum often saw a man dressed in Edwardian clothes at night after locking up - he claimed that the gent disappeared when touched on the shoulder.
  3. On 5 College Street in York, a little girl starved to death after her parents both died of plague. Many claim to hear her cries still in the upper parts of the house.
  4. In the Cork and Bottle pub, one randy ghost is said to have grabbed hold of a visiting lady as she dried herself outside the shower. Cheeky!
  5. At the Theatre Royal, the 'grey lady' a nun who fell in unrequited love with one of the young noblemen onsite and is set to haunt the dress circle but don't worry - she's said to be very friendly.
  6. A band of dejected looking Roman soldiers trudging along the site of an old Roman Road are said to be seen at the Treasurer's House.
  7. The ghost of Catherine Howard, one of Henry the 8th's wives, is said to haunt the space where the rose garden used to be at the royal palace. If you catch sight of her, just try not to lose your head...
  8. Every seven years, flying books are said to take off from the shelves in the Yorkshire museum. Investigations have taken place as to the reasons why, but conclusions still haven't been reached.
  9. The 'Dirty Duke' is one of the more lewd ghosts in York and is said to enter the ladies toilets and manhandle the prettiest inhabitants and once even spied in on the pub landlord's shower! Don't go taking any tips from this guy, lads...
  10.  At the Bootham Bar and the Blacksmith's Arms, two modern ghosts are frequently reported. One is a 'handsome and friendly' man with long dark and curly hair who simply chills with the locals and smiles his days away and a man in an orange t-shirt who has the ability to walk through walls and locked doors. Real spooky stuff or have the locals just had a couple too many?

When is the Best Time to Go On a York Stag Do?

York is a really cultural city, so there's always something interesting going on and a wide range of festivals on offer throughout the entire year. The York Food and Drinks Festival is a must for foodies (and hungry visitors) and visits twice in the year, once in June and once in September. Try out tasty local delicacies, watch cookery demonstrations and listen to great music in the evenings. At the historic barley Hall, events like medieval demonstrations and shows go on all year round and it's particularly magical at Christmas. To keep with the festive theme, taking the lead from similar events at Hyde Park, Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland takes place across December and January and offers up an ice rink, cafes and restaurants and a traditional funfair and Christmassy market stalls. The ultimate in childish fun! If you visit on the last weekend of October, then get prepared to see York in a whole new light - the Illuminating York festival is well known for being absolutely spectacular and involves a series of incredible light shows which are reflected against the many stunning city buildings. It's well known for being a city which really comes alive in winter, so holding your stag do in York over the chillier months is magical.  

Where to Go On a York Stag Do

The minster is pretty difficult to miss and the first port of call for just about every traveller to the city. Around this area you'll be able to find the main cultural attractions such as the theatre, mansion house and fancy bars and restaurants around the river, so we'd recommend here as a great place to start your York stag weekend. When you want a taste of history, don't omit to see the city walls - they're just about as old as it gets, dating back to the Roman era and the 'snickleways' or alleyways around the backstreets are rich with heritage. When finding your way around the city, it's worth remembering that here 'gate' means 'street' (as in York's famously hilarious Whip-ma-whop-ma Gate) and 'bar' only means 'gate', sadly.

Booking Your York Stag Do

We have a selection of epic York stag do packages for you to choose from, or you can build your own. Tell us what you want, the challenges, type of accommodation, how badly you want to prank the groom, etc and our team of experts will get to work piecing together a tailor-made weekend to suit your group. You'll also get to benefit from our relationships with York's best stag friendly hotels, bars, clubs, activities and more. Contact us today to get your party started.

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