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Our friends across the Channel have become very adept at helping stags have a great shindig and heading overseas can add an extra element to an already awesome weekend celebration. While you might well be strangers in a strange land there is one thing that unites all stag parties, and that is the search for epic adventures of daring do and non-stop laughs.

But where to begin?

So many great destinations to choose from, at StagWeb we have over 80 UK & European stag cities handpicked for maximum fun without hitting the wallet too hard. We have budget friendly options across Europe allowing you to take the party to sunny shores.

To narrow your search down here are our Top 10 Stag Packages Abroad which between them offer a huge range of weird, wonderful and ruddy hilarious stag activities with a distinctly European flavour.

Overseas stags will find a whole new playground of activities to get to grips with whether it's sporting prowess in a go kart or football match or while enjoying the attentions of some fine lap dancing lovelies. Somehow our European cousins just seem to do things a little differently.

Big Bangs

For example if you want a stag party to go with a bang then we have a number of European packages that offer target shooting events with a difference. Back in good old Blighty there are very strict firearm laws controlling exactly how much bang you get for your buck on a shooting range.

Our continental friends are a little more relaxed about which weapons you can get your hands on (while still ensuring safety is paramount). AK47s, Glochs, Uzi, pump-action shot guns, there is some serious weaponry that you'll be able to fire that you can only view through safety glass back home.

Lovely Ladies

Of course certain nations are well known for sightseeing and wonderful views on display. Amsterdam of course is one such nation which as well as its tulips and windmills is world renowned for its Red Light District where you can treat the groom to a couple of pints of Dutch courage and a lap dance (providing this harmless fun won't offend the bride-to-be, you don’t want him spending the first few weeks of his marriage sleeping on the sofa all because his mates decided to stitch him up).

Nice Package

We have so many great stag packages abroad to choose from you will be sure to find something perfectly suited to your group and in particular the blushing groom. High action sports, beach games and relaxation, bar crawls and booze cruises. If you have an activity in mind but still aren't sure where in the world you want to go you can call our destination experts who can give you a steer on the best destinations in Europe to try particular activities.

Put us to the test and call us on 01225 474200 for a hassle free quote of the best packages Europe has to offer.

Create your epic stag package!

Less Hassle. More Fun.

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