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While less creative men might be spending their stag party sitting on a river bank or writing the numbers of trains in little notepads you and the boys are clearly in need of something a little more epic. To create a truly memorable stag weekend you need something the rest of your crazy stag party will be talking about for years, like our wide (and mildly worrying) range of unusual stag activities. Thankfully you’ve come to the right place gents, so grab your leopard-print mankini and inflatable gorillas and step this way...

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The Good...

Weird, hilarious and unusual stag activities which will ensure you get the groom home in one piece with barely a scratch on him. Well… Not many scratches anyway.

The Bad

Well this is a stag do after all, it’s time to get your freak on and entertain the lads with a walk on the wild-side and some the most outrageous stag activities that they boys will be talking about for years to come.

And The What The Fugly?!?

If your stag party are the kind of guys that have been there, done that and bought an array of crazy T-shirts then you probably need to up the ante with some out the box thinking of extreme proportions. Hold on to your hats folks, the rides about to get a little bumpy!

Unique Stag Activities

It’s no bad thing to keep the lads on their toes and throw a few curveballs their way, if you like to be the man with the plan then you definitely need to plan ahead. Some of our more unusual stag party activities are very popular so we recommend you book early to ensure you get your preferred dates and time slots. You’ll also find plenty of crazy games in our Best-Manual if you want a few more tricks up your sleeve.

As for crazy activities, here at StagWeb HQ we love ‘em. The weirder the better. Now don’t get us wrong, paintball, go karts, 5-a-side, they are fantastic fun and real crowd pleasers which is why they are so popular with stag parties. But every now and then it’s good to go a little bit nuts and just do something totally off the wall and there’s no finer place for that sort of shenanigans than a stag weekend.

Dancing To The Beat Of A Different Drum...

In fact we’d go far as to say stag parties are THE place to do something a little bit crazy that’s a complete break from everyone’s regular 9-5. There aren’t many occasions where you can safely let out your inner demon and dance to the beat of a different drum which makes your stag weekend the perfect place to do something really out of the norm.

  • Beer Bicycle - It's sightseeing, exercise and beer. 3 out of 3 makes you the perfect tourist.
  • SMS Pub Crawl - Pub crawls have gone high tech and with our SMS pub crawl you and the lads race against time to solve clues and drink beer.
  • Somerset Challenge - Hilarious cider fuelled insanity. It's like the Wurzels have reinvented the Olympics!
  • Archery Tag - Much like paintball this is a game of tactics and accuracy. Bow, arrow, battle!
  • Beer Keg Racing - Racing on beer kegs! We don't care if the FIA approve or not, this is motorsport genius!

Sometimes it is possible to go a little too far, but get the laughs right and you can create a brilliant weekend. That's where StagWeb can help.

We've Been Going A Little Bit Crazy For Years...

We've been helping stags build tailor made weekends since 2002, whether it's unusual stag activities, destinations which are a little more off the beaten track or helping provide great planning tips we pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit for every party. That's why 96% of our clients say they would book with us again.

So if you want a package perfectly cut to suit your own special brand of fun then contact our team today and we'll help get your party started with a hassle free, no obligation quote. Send us a brief enquiry now!