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Berlin stag do ideas

Berlin stag do ideas

Action, adventure, outdoor, indoor, we've got the greatest range of activities in Berlin!


...We had a fantastic trip and this was largely down to the ease of the booking process. Never pressured and everything in Berlin was brilliant. Especially recommend the beer bikes to anyone!...

Berlin stag weekend -
09/05/2014 -
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5 star rating
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City image of Berlin "Ich bin ein beer drinker."

"The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine." David Bowie

Wunderbar weekends in Berlin

Berlin is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse, energetic and dynamic cities in Europe – and so a Berlin stag do is just as amazing. It’s a powerhouse of the European clubbing scene, housing some of the biggest and best clubs the continent has to offer and appears on lists of the top party hotspots in the world again and again and again. Berlin has a complicated history to say the least, but that’s only helped the city regenerate itself into a thriving, throbbing, party metropolis with an insane mix of different nightlife options, with cutting edge bars next to industrial-style warehouse raves. It’s been through a revolution, controlled by fascists, survived a war, literally ripped in half, and eventually reunited - and now it’s finally ready to party.

It’s not just the nightlife either - the fall of the wall in 1990 meant that the whole city underwent a sudden cultural revolution resulting in some of the best restaurants, hotels, and entertainment in the world springing up. The crazy, rich, history has built Berlin into a hub of enthusiasm, energy and culture, and an unbeatable choice for a huge stag weekend. It's the capital of the country with the world's largest beer festival - why aren’t you already booking a Berlin stag do?!

Where? Location, location, location...

"Berlin is the testicle of the West" Nikita Khrushchev

Berlin is a pretty big, spread out city, but the underground system (U-Bahn, when you’re over there) is second to none. It covers pretty much the entire city along with the S-Bahn (the overground), so no matter where you station yourselves you’ll be able to find your way to the top spots with very little difficulty. That said, basing yourself in the centre of the city, around Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, or Mitte gives you the best access to nightlife, so if you’re planning on hitting the Deutsch clubs hard on your Berlin stag weekend, we’d stay around there.

When should we have a Berlin stag do?

Whenever you like. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and like any capital city, it's constantly on the go – there’s a festival for literally every month of the year and a few extra in some months. Even if there weren't things like the Internationales Berliner Bierfestival (we’ll let you work out the translation) going on, StagWeb has got plenty of activities in and around the city to keep you busy in Berlin instead, from playing video games in a gaming lounge to handling weapons IRL in a target shooting session.

Getting to your Berlin stag weekend

Berlin image 2

Overseas stag trips are always a bit more difficult logistically but as a major European capital, Berlin keeps it pretty simple. Flying in is definitely the easiest option for a stag do in Berlin, unless you and the boys have a spare day to spend driving across Europe. There are two airports in Berlin - Tegel International does the majority of international flights, but Schönefeld runs the low cost airlines like easyJet or Ryanair. There are plenty of trains and buses in to the city centre from both airports.

Dining in Deutschland

Let’s face it, German food doesn’t quite have the reputation of, say, French... or Italian. Or Mexican. Or Japanese, or Indian, or Chinese. But if you’re looking for something cheap, filling, and manly, there’s nothing better. There’s no flouncing around with delicate little pastries or fragile flavour combinations here, it’s just rich, meaty food that will fill even the hungriest of stags.

The inventor of the Doner Kebab lived in Berlin.

  • Schnitzel – sometimes known even more hilariously as Weiner Schnitzel, this is essentially chicken fried steak, except with more macho meat like veal or pork.
  • Bierkase – cheese specifically for eating with beer, near beer and dipping in
  • Spätzle – noodles, if noodles were on steroids. Taste more like dumplings than pasta, and could teach mac and cheese a thing or two about being a filling and delicious cheesy dish.
  • Currywurst – an infamous Berlin dish of sausages, ketchup and curry powder. There is not a single ingredient in that list we don’t love.
  • Bratwurst – another sausagey winner. We’d recommend you try anything served in Germany with the word ‘wurst’ in the name.
  • Sauerkraut – put some on your wurst.

So why StagWeb?

A stag do abroad is always going to be more expensive than just schlepping down the local for your mate’s big send off. Naturally then, you and the boys will want your Berlin stag weekend to become the stuff of legends. StagWeb can help you find the very best in Berlin, from the accommodation to the activities to the latest, hottest nightlife the city has to offer. We’ll also make sure that your Berlin stag do doesn’t have to be a bank breaker, offering you hotels, activities, and a ride from & to the airport from as little as £149pp. If you want to find out more – no commitment, no obligations – give us a call, or ask us to call you. Berlin is an uber-exciting, booming force to be reckoned with on the stag do scene – and we can make sure your weekend there is completely wunderbar!

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