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...Fantastic weekend had by all and the stag really enjoyed it! Great value, zero stress and great fun! Will recommend in the future! Cheers!...

Jamie Booty - 08/10/2016 5 star rating

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A Guide To Your Tallinn Stag Weekend

Tallinn event calendar
Action icon

Action Stations!

Target Shooting - It’s fair to say Estonia is a little more relaxed about giving lads incredibly high powered rifles and letting you go nuts. But here in Tallinn you’ll be able to get your hands on the kind of fire power you’ll only see in movies back in Blighty. AK47 anyone?
Motor Paintball - Mad Max style paintball shooting from moving vehicles. Paintballing doesn't get better than this, simply epic!!!
Strip Dinner - The perfect way to give the blushing-bridegroom a decent send off and a reminder of all the fun he’ll never be allowed to have again. See more fantastic Tallinn stag do activity options.

Best bars in Tallinn
Best bars icon

Best Bars in Tallinn

Hell Hunt - A proper stag do home from home. You’ll find a hearty menu with familiar favourites, great drinks, live bands and a superb atmosphere.
Deja Vu - One of the city’s hottest clubs, the great music and drinks menu attracts the city’s "beautiful people" (and they really are stunning in Tallinn).
Club Hollywood - If you’re after deep beats and great drinks then Club Hollywood really will make it a night to remember.

Tallinn event calendar
Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

May - Tallinn Day. Hot food, cold drinks and great music across the city to celebrate its birthday.
June - Old Town Days. The city finds yet another reason to finish work early and drink neat vodka. Well, when in Rome…
June - Tallinn Guitar Festival. If you consider yourself an "ax man" then this is a great place to see some of the best guitarists and styles from around the world.
July - Ollesummer. This literally translates as "Beer Summer", and is the perfect day of live music, food, rides and attractions as the whole city parties.

Tallinn districts
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Where to Head...


You won’t find yourselves hunting the streets of Tallinn lost, the city is really compact and easy to navigate on foot. Simply head to the heart of the Medieval city for the best of the action.

Must see...

Kiek in de Kok - It’s worth visiting this old tower purely for the comedy value you’ll get out of the name.
Toompea - This limestone hill overlooks the whole city, it's well worth the trip for photo ops with the lads and a great place to air your hangovers.
The locals - Tallinn women are without doubt some of the most beautiful. Per capita Estonia produces more supermodels than any other nation.


Estonian women are stunning! Estonia produces more supermodels (per capita) than any other nation.

The local vodka is 98% proof!

Estonia has over 1,500 islands and a population of just 1.3 million (which is gradually decreasing!).

The country gained independence by forming a bloody big choir. The ‘Singing Revolution’ was a turning point and marked the beginning of communist across Europe.

Skype was created in Tallinn.

A taste of Tallinn
Taste icon

A Taste of Tallinn

If not all the lads are sure about the local cuisine then Mack BBQ is perfect. An American style diner with epic burgers and a splendidly well stocked bar. The perfect start for a great night.
No stag trip to Tallinn is complete without paying your respects to Vana Tallinn. And trust us, this drink needs respect because it will hit you hard so have a great night but take it easy with this cheeky Estonian minx.


"This nation of 1.3 million people truly punches above its weight"
- Barack Obama

Getting around Tallinn
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Tallinn

Tallinn is really easy to navigate, even the airport is just a 15 minute bus ride from the heart of the Medieval city. Public transport is really cheap; Smartcards and E-tickets are available at R-kiosks, post offices and shops all over the city and give you unlimited transport over a set period.
If you’re looking for your own set of wheels to get out and about (but know you’ll be over the limit) then City Bike offer great deals.


"Tervist" - Hello
"Õlu palun?" - A beer please?
"Kaks õlut palun?" - Two more beers please?
"Kakskümmend õlut palun?" - Twenty beers please?
"Kas te soovite tantsida?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"Ei" - No
"Vabandame, ta tavaliselt ei võimaldanud viia riigi." - Sorry, he's not normally allowed out the country.
"Mu hõljuk on angerjaid täis" - My hovercraft is full of eels.

33 Reasons Why Tallinn Rocks!

Secret Service - Tallinn is home to NATO's main research centre for cyber defence, and during the Soviet era, the KGB used the spire of St. Olav's Church to send top secret messages. "The name's Man... Best Man."

Ladies! - Estonia has produced more supermodels per capita than any other nation. What's more, we can tell you categorically that the eye candy in Tallinn is quite simply stunning and worth the trip alone!

Medieval Banquet - Thanks to the city's incredible medieval history, there's never been a better place to stage your own epic banquet of Game of Thrones proportions, hopefully with less murder! See more...

Tallinn Calling... - Instead of just throwing them away, the city used 13,000 mobile phones to create some the benches you'll find in the city centre.

Panorama - The views from the top of the TV Tower (the tallest building in the country) are so good that on a clear day, you can see Finland. "Whasssup, Helsinki?!?"

Maiasmokk - Tallinn's oldest café has been open since 1864 and with a name that directly translates to 'Sweet Tooth' you can bet that you'll find a variety of hangover-conquering treats in this historic diner.

FC Flora - One of Estonia's most successful football clubs, FC Flora is a genuine force to be reckoned with in the Meistriliiga and is often thought of as the flagship of national football thanks to the club's policy of promoting young Estonian talent through the ranks.

Hell Hunt - Honestly, we didn't know that Cold War-chic was a thing until we visited this brilliant boozer. Estonian beers are the order of the day here and you can enjoy plenty of them while listening to top local bands, this is a hunt worth joining for sure.

Club Prive - Seriously, do all the Estonian ladies look like Supermodels? Judging by the women in Club Prive, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Big tunes, top drinks and epic times make a visit to this red-hot party-spot essential. A must on your Tallinn stag do!

Segway Tour - 'They see me rollin, they hatin...' Skip the tourist-traps and see the city's best sights from the back of your own quirky segway. Read more...

Sweepstakes - Estonian Chimney Sweeps still wear the traditional 19th century uniforms. Apparently it's lucky to touch their brass buttons although you might want to think twice about going up to any bloke and saying "Excuse me mate, can I touch your buttons?"

Patarei Prison - Not every city has its own version of Alcatraz, but that's exactly what the grim-looking sea-fortress Patarei Prison which has been a home to some of Europe's most dangerous and deranged criminals. Seems kind of apt for a stag party really.

White Nights - In late June, don't be surprised if the sun's still shining high in the sky until 11pm. These are Estonia's infamous 'White Nights' and it's one of the only times you can go clubbing and still consider it all as 'day drinking'.

FRANK - The phrase 'Talk to Frank' has an exceptionally different meaning in Tallinn. Over here, it's an encouragement to try some of the most delicious Estonian beers with seriously tasty dishes to boot although that's not to say that you won't end up addicted to this incredibly hip bar.

St. Catherine's Passage - St. Catherine's Passage (stop chuckling) is one of the oldest streets in all of Europe. It's packed with genuinely interesting independent shops and bizarrely there's giant tombstones hanging on the walls.

Target Shooting - Unlike in England, the kind folk in Tallinn understand that the only real cure for pre-wedding nerves is to get hands on with some of the most powerful weapons known to man in target shooting. Read more...

Local liqueur - Tallinn's signature drink is known as 'Vana Tallinn', a sweet liqueur that's either taken straight or added to coffee. And a word to the wise.... it's deadly!

Kadriorg Park - When it comes to wide open green spaces perfect for seeing away that killer hangover, they don't get much better than Kadriorg Park. Shirts versus skins anybody?

The Devil's Wedding - A 15th century servant once claimed to have seen the devil himself having a wedding party in one Tallinn residence. Or was it just a 'horny' stag?

Club Studio - The local Estonian lads know that this is the perfect place to go on an evening for beery good times and brilliant tunes worthy of busting out the most legendary of dad-dance moves. True Tallinn stag weekend material.

Cavemen - In 2003 a system of 17th century defensive tunnels was discovered just outside the old city wall. And it's more effective than Tallinn's current defense (unless Heskey is shooting at them).

Secret Sights - It's actually possible to see all five medieval church spires at once from a very specific stone on Town Hall Square. There's even a hole in a particular roof to make all this possible; there's got to be a National Treasure movie in this somewhere?!?

Fortress Tallinn - The city's awesome medieval fort is so well preserved today that the only thing that feels like its missing are the hordes of armour-clad attackers. Instead you can bring your own gallant style "No Sir Stag-a-lot, after you..."

Life's a Beach - It's a little known fact that Tallinn is actually a beach town. In the Pirita district, a 2km stretch of sand borders the city bay. Beers and bikini-clad babes? Yes please!

Toompea Hill - By far the most historically bloody area of the city, Toompea Hill is also rumored to be the burial ground of Mythical Estonian hero Kalev, making Tallinn the perfect place to cement your stag legend.

Club Hollywood - The city's best DJs take to the decks at Club Hollywood every week for a display of dance music mastery that's sure to give the boys a brilliant night in sensational underground surrounds.

Weird Eats - Tallinn's restaurants have been known to present diners with some more unusual culinary options including marinated bear, moose curry and antelope fricassee. 'And I thought my misuss' cooking was scary!?!'
Well, well, well... - 'Cat's Well' got its name from the Medieval practice of throwing stray cats into it to appease what the locals believed was angry spirit that threatened to flood the town.

Don't fear the reaper - In Medieval times, bumping into the town executioner was considered to bring extreme bad luck. So what did they do? They made him wear a bright, red cloak so that everybody could see where he was at all times. Presumably nobody ever bought him a pint!

Tallinn Zoo - If you're looking for somewhere to rest your hangover on your Tallinn stag weekend, Tallinn Zoo is well worth a visit. The star attraction of which is the Amur Leopard, which is so rare that it's thought that only 30-35 of them exist worldwide today.

Old Town Days - A lot of cities have an annual festival, but in Tallinn they go one step further, the Estonian locals let their hair down for a whole week and dress up in Medieval garb to celebrate the city's historic past. "Pint of mead?"

Motor Paintball - A mad mash-up of paintball and Top Gear and Mad Max as you drive fast cars while shooting at the opposing teams. Awesome! See more...

Kohtu Viewplatform - This epic viewing platform has amazing views of the city, and nobody is going to revoke your man card for initiating a group photo with the stunning cityscape lying in the background. Any mention of the world 'selfie' will however be punished with a stag forfeit, you have been warned!

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Visit Tallinn - All the best events, culture and more from this epic city.


Tallinn Guide - Tunes, news and the parties you need to know about.

City image of Tallinn Historic Tallinn
Where stag legends are born

Local Rakvere vodka is 98% proof!

A guide to your Tallinn stag do

If you were to do a virtual tour of the world digitally surfing the inter-web in search of the perfect stag location a Tallinn stag do would probably reign supreme. As stag party playgrounds go the Estonian capitol really is something and pound for pound a Tallinn stag stands head and shoulders above most of its rivals in terms of just how much it has to offer.

What makes a Tallinn stag weekend the stuff of legend?

Tallinn is beautifully eccentric, you really won’t have experienced a night like it and its in the unusual variety of streets and bars that stag fables are born. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll come back with stories you’ll be re-telling for years to come as there’s just something about this medieval city that brings out the knight in you and you’ll soon be charging your glasses like the merry band of stag-lords you are. Read more…

In Estonia it is considered poor manners for a woman to pour her own drink.

UK laws don’t apply which is great, especially if you decide to go target shooting… With an AK47! You’ll find all the usual stag party favourites and much more besides all with a distinctly Estonian twist. Read more...

We always recommend you drink responsibly, especially in a country whose national drink Vana is 100 proof! They are indeed a thirsty nation who do enjoy the odd tipple or three. At one point 85% of farms had their own distilleries and virtually the whole nation was making moonshine so like many eastern European nations they do know how to drink. A lot.

Tallinn image 2 Baltic Adventures

At StagWeb we do our research, we’ve partied with Aussie babes on Bondi Beach, we’ve been California dreaming with aspiring actresses along Sunset Boulevard, we’ve done Carnival in Rio and danced fiery tangos in Beunos Aires and our conclusion is...  Estonian women are stunning! Certainly Estonia’s best kept secret and from the moment you arrive for your Tallinn stag you’ll think you’ve walked into some kind of supermodel convention.

Estonia is the top nation per capita for the number of international fashion models.

When to book a Tallinn stag?

Estonia is one of the Baltic states so come the winter it does tend to get a little... well Baltic. So we would certainly recommend planning your visit for the summer months when the temperatures are much more favourable.

The Tallinn stag weekend - All things to all men

Estonia produces more top models than any other nation.

Tallinn really does offer a wide variety to suit your stag no matter your tastes. If you want the kind of high activity stag weekend with high calibre adventure we’ve got furry former soviet hatful of raucous events for the boys to get busy with.

If you want somewhere a bit different from the norm then again a Tallinn stag weekend has loads to offer, a rich and interesting history in a city that staged what has gone down in history as The Singing Revolution so if you like a bit of culture the city really does reflect it’s nation’s past. Great museums and galleries should go on your must see list as they give a great insight into the struggles this tiny nation has gone through to now emerge as a leader in e-commerce and industry. Old really does meet new as the old castle walls host numerous high end digital studios and businesses that the casual observer wouldn’t suspect even exist just by walking through the cobbled streets.

Music really has been at the heart of the nation for a long time. While they have yet to produce any real major international artists, although they did manage a Eurovision song contest win in 2001 (although the main singer/songwriter Dave Benton was actually American), live music is still a major part of their culture. In particular dance and metal are massive but you will find plenty of live music in the bars of the old city.


Great drinks, thrilling adventures, beautiful women, rich culture, a warm welcome  and Eurovision Song Contest victories (?!?). All in all as a top destination Tallinn really does punch well above its weight.

Looking for information and stats about Tallinn? See more info here.

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