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Vilnius Activities
Action icon

Action Stations!

Vilnius might be a relatively small European capital city, but it comes boasting the best action in the Baltic! Whether the stags are getting high Stunt Flying or going full automatic at the Vilnius AK47 Shooting range there is plenty of top action including the hilarious Beer Bike. See more here...

Best bars in Vilnius
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Best Bars in Vilnius

Cocktail'inė - One of Lithuania's finest and most celebrated bars it is responsible for many big nights out and even bigger hangovers! A great place to start an epic night.

Spunka Pub - If you can get past the name this really is a superb venue to party, with a massive selection of local and international beers. And a great sign to take some stag team photos!

Liverpool Indie/Rock Bar - Live indie and rock gigs most nights of the week, ultra cool modern styling and a good selection of beers on tap are among the main draws for this alternative bar.

Vilnius event calendar
Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

May - Street Musician's Day
Expect the unexpected as strange street performance and music fill the city's highways and byways.

June - Culture Night
A huge street party with a mixture of art music and enough beer to please any Vilnius stag party.

September - Vilnius City Festival
Huge international artists such as Elton John and Bjork have headlined this massive open air gig.

"A man without a beard is like bread without a crust."
- Lithuanian proverb

Vilnius districts
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Where to Head...


When it comes to the best areas in Vilnius, stags can't go wrong with Vilnius Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's filled with bars, clubs and restaurants. Epic nights out in memorable surroundings and all our Vilnius stag hotels are within easy walking distance. Win/win!

Must see...

Uzupis, or the self declared Republic of Uzupis is a mad, bohemian area of the city's old town that has its own unofficial government and constitution. Its residents are a funky blend of artists and creative types. This weirdly trendy area is a must see and home to some curious pubs that are well worth checking out for the "remember when..." stories you'll get.


Forget the Easter Bunny, in Lithuania treats are delivered by the Easter Granny.
The Republic of Uzupis in Vilnius replaced a Communist statue with one of rock legend Frank Zappa.
There is a forced labour camp styled theme park near Vilnius.

A taste of Vilnius
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A Taste of Vilnius

Eats - If you're looking for tasty food without slowing down the action, head to Boom Burger. Superb gourmet burgers at a really good price. In particular the "Hot Chick Burger".

Drinks - Degtine, affectionately referred to as "the burn", is Lithuania's strain of vodka. Typically homemade from potatoes, wheat or rye, this paint stripper quality spirit is sure to fire the stags up for a huge night out in Vilnius.

Getting around Vilnius
Getting around icon

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Vilnius

You won't want to go much further than Vilnius' old town, which is easily walked. However, with bus and trolleybus tickets costing a mere €1 why waste your energy?

Vilnius has its very own Boris Johnson inspired Cyclocity public bikes, as well as a number of cycle lanes, so if you're in a hurry or fancy working off the nagging hangovers with a bit of exercise, cycling in Vilnius is a great option.


"Labas" - Hi.
"Kuris būdas artimiausio baro?" - Which way to the nearest bar?
"Vienas alus, prašome?" - One beer, please.
"Du alaus , prašom" - Two beers, please.
"Trisdešimt aštuoni alaus , prašom" - Thirty eight beers, please.
"Jaunikis mokės už viską." - The groom will pay for everything.

City image of Vilnius "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Basketball is by far Lithunia's most popular sport.

A guide to your Vilnius stag weekend

You've heard of Amsterdam, you've heard of Prague and you've done Benidorm and Magaluf so many times you've lost count - enter Vilnius. The capital city of Lithuania is a relative newcomer to the weekend break stage and it's fast becoming one of our most popular destinations in Europe! Just a short two and a half hour flight away from Blighty and into the Baltics, you'll be transported to a once in a lifetime stag do that you and your mates most definitely won't be forgetting in a hurry. Vilnius is a real party city where clubs stay open well into the early hours of the morning - and with over 60 of them, you certainly won't be short of top quality entertainment! It's one of the most original and unique choices around for a central European city break since there's a huge amount to do... and because it's still up-and-coming, it remains excellent value with food and drinks a mere fraction of UK prices. Vilnius is one of our top picks in Europe!

When should we go on a Vilnius stag do?

Its not bunny.
In Lithunia kids are visited by the 'Easter Granny'.

We'll be frank here, temperatures get pretty arctic in winter, so although a Vilnius stag do is still great in the chillier months, we'd recommend waiting it out until summer for the best nightlife, sunnier climes - and a far higher likelihood of getting back home with all your necessary parts still attached! Often, weather is blazing hot in summer and you'll definitely be able to top up your tan whilst wandering about the streets in blazing 30 degree heat. Restaurants, bars and cafes take everything outdoors during the summer and there's an electric party buzz in the air as both tourists and locals alike get ready to party together. If you're around in the late summer, the Vilnius City Carnival is definitely an unmissable event. They welcome huge names every year such as Chicane, Elton John and Bjork. For the big kid in you, the International Festival of Animated Cartoons, or 'Tindirindis', comes to town in November. All across the city, events featuring non-commercial cartoons of all varieties are played out and, also in November, Vilnius is host to a totally unique event which is perfect for busting those stag weekend hangovers - a breakfast music festival which takes place only in the morning! Listen to live music over a cup of coffee and the day's papers from 7.30am.

Where to go in Vilnius...

Vilnius image 2 Become Lithuanian
Paintball Legends

Having a good idea of where everything goes down on your Vilnius stag do is an essential before you even board the aeroplane and luckily, we've got the city's hotspots sorted. The Old Town is arguably the very nicest part of the city and the Gate of Dawn Chapel lies above it, giving the entire area a look of magic. The historic streets here are lined with a wide variety of great restaurants, bars and cafes and it seriously can't be missed! The area around the university, close to the river, is also one of the best places to be particularly at night and there's always something going on at the twist and turn of every street corner. If you've got the river in sight, you can be sure there'll be signs of life!

Learn Lithuanian

Okay, so not many people outside of the Latvian borders use this language and just about everyone in Vilnius speaks amazing English, but learning a few phrases is good fun and will raise a smile with the tourist-weary locals when you drop them into a (mostly English) conversation.

Hello - Labas

My name is - Mano vardas

Cheers - Sveikatą!

Goodbye - Viso gero

Sorry - Atleiskite!

Thank-you - Ačiu

Where are the toilets? - Kur yra tualetas?

This gentleman will pay for everything! - Šis vyras užmokės už viską (Handy for use at bar around those of your group who haven't been reading their Latvian dictionary as much as you)

I love you - Aš tave myliu (Essential drunk-talk fodder for your mates.)

My hovercraft is full of eels - Mano laivas su oro pagalve pilnas ungurių (Only Monty Python fans will understand.)

Lithuania was once the largest country in Europe.

And what can we do for you?

As you can probably tell, Vilnius can really stand alone as a top getaway destination and is a major player in the European stag do chart. However, even organising a trip to the pub with all your mates can be more difficult than a major military operation, so when flights, hotels, passports and vital documents get involved, it's hardly surprising that many of even the bravest souls run in terror at the first mention. Luckily, because we've been organising stag weekends since 2002, we really do know what we're talking about and so when you hand your plans over to us for a Vilnius stag do, we can take 100% of the stress away from sorting out the most important lads' weekend in your groom-to-be's life - an incredible 96% of our customers say they'd book with us again! There's no time like the present, so get things in motion then you give us a call on 01225 474200 and have a chat with one of our clued-up client advisors or send over an e-mail and get us to call you!

Looking for information and stats about Vilnius? See more info here.

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