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London Stag Hotels - how to pick the right group accommodation

So with a big weekend to plan one of the key requirements is to get the accommodation right, it's a bestman deal-breaker for the group. Straight-away the 2 most important things to consider are...

London Stag Accommodation - choosing where to stay and why

London's massive and while the transport network is good and getting around is easy there are definitely preferred areas to stay in, and on the plus side that makes choosing a lot simpler. Nights out, unless you've got specific requirements, will probably end up towards the West End so being there or within easy reach (ie easy tube or taxi ride) is going to work well. We can help you with all the basics you need to think about so you make better group choices, good locations and increased value for your London stag do.

Budget - getting a deal that's right

With London it's important to be realistic on budget, it doesn't mean your stay has to be expensive but with popularity of the city its millions of tourists and only so much quality accommodation prices climb higher than most other destinations. If you're not well informed or leave it too long availability can become challenging and hotels can get expensive. That's especially true in high season and if there are a few big events on. However if you prepare well you'll find the standard is generally excellent and if you want something special there are a handful of 5 star properties that we organise at great rates. For our groups most London stag accommodation is booked at 3 and 4 star properties. Otherwise hostels present a different but cost effective option, just make sure you staying in the right ones.

Quick fact: Amazingly London receives a whopping 30+ million tourists per year! (source: VisitBritain)
Quick fact 2: In 2011 well over 15 million international tourists visited the city!
Quick fact 3: In late 2011 London hosted 96,000 hotel rooms. (source: Greater London Authority)

Booking smart - what we do for you

There are loads of accommodation services but we've been booking hotels for London stags groups for over 10 years and in that time we've helped in the region of 600,000 guests with best fit deals. In a nutshell where we're different is

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