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Hen House in Madrid

Madrid Apartments

Madrid, under 1 mile from the city centre.
  • Sleeps 8 - 20
Hen House in Madrid

Santa Ana Apartments

Madrid, under 1 mile from the city centre.
  • Sleeps 8 - 40
Hen House in Madrid
4.00 / 5

Serrano Apartments

Madrid, under 1 mile from the city centre.
  • Sleeps 8 - 40
Hen House in Madrid

Suite Apartments

Madrid, under 1 mile from the city centre.
  • Sleeps 10 - 40

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Finding a place to house all the lads isn't easy, and Madrid doesn't make the job any easier. It's a truly epic city that attracts millions of visitors every year, so there are plenty of hotels and apartments - but there are also plenty of people trying to cram in to them, so space can be low, and costs can be seriously high.

Wait, high costs?

Madrid isn't as expensive as many European capitals by a long shot, but it is the most expensive city in Spain. Things get even worse for stags - we hate to say it, guys, but stag groups don't generally have a great reputation, and so prices can be high.

But don't worry, thankfully we've been working in Madrid since Beckham was in short trousers and have built up great relationships with a chain of top stag apartments and hotels. As we've worked with these properties for such a long we've built up a great working relationship where we bring them top party people (like you) and in return they give us great deals (that we can pass on to you). Everybody's a winner!

Why don't you just pocket the difference?

Fair question, and yes, many corporate fat cats would hoover up the savings while charging their clients the full amount. At StagWeb we like to do things differently.

You want a great weekend. We want you to have a great weekend. If we can supply you with a fantastic party, while saving you money (including Madrid stag accommodation at the best prices) then you're more likely to tell your mates about us.

More guys saying we do the best job (which we do) at the best prices (guilty as charged) means even more stag parties wanting to book with us. That to us is good economics, making more groups happier rather than poorer. Everybody wins!

Why should we trust you with our money?

Fair question - a stag do can sometimes amount to a not-insignificant amount, and if you're spending the big bucks on behalf of the boys, it's important not to get ripped off or lose money. At StagWeb, we're ABTA bonded (W7797).

This means we're able to offer you full and comprehensive financial protection. You're covered no matter what happens, and are guaranteed to receive the highest level of professional conduct and standards from us.

How soon should we book our Madrid stag accommodation?

ASAP. Madrid is a seriously tourist-heavy spot - especially if you're thinking of going in the height of summer or around Easter, when everyone and their mother decides it's a good time for a good time. We'd say you'll want to book in your Madrid stag apartments as soon as possible, or you're going to be stuck with the dregs, rather than able to enjoy the best that Madrid has to offer.

What if I'm not sure on numbers?

Don't worry if you're not completely certain on the final numbers yet - if you can give us a broad idea, we can temporarily hold your accommodation for you, and we're able to be flexible on the final number up until 6 weeks before the big event.

How do I get started?

Easy. Simply head over to our enquiry form, let us know what you're thinking and we'll do the rest, creating a package made up of accommodation, activities and nightlife for your big weekend. It's easy, stress-free, and it won't cost you a penny until you decide to give us the go ahead.

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Planning a Stag Do Solo

Planning a stag do solo
  • Not ABTA bonded (you're at risk)
  • Hours chasing hotels, activities, bars, etc
  • Bigger upfront costs
  • Awkwardly asking your group for money
  • The hassle is endless!

Booking with StagWeb

Booking with StagWeb
  • ABTA bonded (your booking is protected)
  • Book it all in one place (save 13 hours on average)
  • Smaller deposits
  • Your group pay us directly (no chasing)
  • Zero hassle stag planning
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