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Any successful stag weekend requires a decent base and the city of Sheffield is no exception. Because we’ve been in business since 2002, we’ve managed to build up a pretty fantastic selection of contacts, connections and deals to ensure that you and your group will always have access to the very best deals around – an incredible 96% of our customers agree and said they’d be happy to book again! You and the boys will certainly be comfortable in our Sheffield stag accommodation, as none of our suggested hotels in this slip anywhere below the three star mark! We know from experience that booking up Sheffield stag accommodation for yourself can be stressful, difficult and downright impossible at the best of times and flaky mates, grizzly hotel staff and rising prices really don’t make proceedings any easier! When you leave all the hard work to us however, all you have to do is gather some mates, send us an enquiry and choose between comfy 3 star or swanky 4 star options before devoting your time to more important stag stuff like deciding what to wax first, your groom-to-be’s chest or his legs…

Getting around the city

So you’ve checked in, landed in the city and have a huge group of stags raring to go and chomping at the bit to get out and have a good time – make sure you’re clued up on all the best places to be in Sheffield before you take off so that there’s no need to waste any time on your big weekend! In recent years, it’s become far easier to get around the city on foot than ever before and now getting from the train station to the bus station is an absolute cinch. Plus, because there’s a brand new signage system in Sheffield too, you’re a lot less likely to get lost in this big city! As for public transport, taking the tram is a good option (and also quite a fun one if you ask us) when you’re staying a little further out. Supertrams travel along three lines which serve the north-western, south-eastern and north-eastern areas of the city for only £1.50 single within the central area. Alternatively, hop on the bus to get about and try the ‘FreeBee’ service if you can, as it’s just that – free! Use it between 7am and 7pm between the interchange and the peace gardens. Stick to the central areas like the peace gardens and Tudor square, where the UK’s largest theatre complex lies, and you can be sure of staying close to everything you’ll need.

Sheffield 4 star hotels

Really treat yourselves with a weekend stay at a plush 4 star Sheffield stag hotel right in the centre of the city which will make getting out and about for booked activities and raucous nights out on the town an absolute breeze - and you'll be able to roll from bar to seriously comfy bed in a matter of minutes! You can't beat a good night's sleep and you'll most certainly get one of those at one of our luxurious 4 star hotels in the city.

Sheffield 3 star hotels

If roughing it in budget hotels and hostels is a chapter of your student days you'd rather not repeat, then our contemporary and comfortable three star Sheffield stag hotel options should fit the bill nicely. Situated within the city or just a short walk or drive away, location is key and you'll never be far from shops, restaurants, bars and all the best party hotspots when the sun goes down.

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