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Alien Experience

It's time to kick some alien ass!

Let's do this!

Activity footage may vary dependant on location.

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alien experience alien experience alien experience alien experience

What's Included

  • Search & destroy mission
  • Helmet, goggles, Kevlar body armour
  • Automatic weapons
  • Blood sucking aliens

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  • Icon durationDURATION
    3.5 hours
  • Icon groups sizeGROUP SIZE
    6 - 16 stags
  • Icon availabilityAVAILABILITY
    All year round
  • Icon equipmentEQUIPMENT
    Helmet, googles, Kevlar armour, weapons
  • Icon dresscodeDRESS CODE
    Boots, long sleeved top & trousers
  • Icon price rangePRICE RANGE
    £££ = Platinum activity.

What You’ll Be Doing

So What's the plan

  • Meet your instructors
  • Get kitted up, Kevlar body armour, knee/elbow pads, helmets, face masks, automatic weapons
  • Weapons and tactical training
  • Enter the 24,000 sq foot smoke filled ship
  • Your mission is to rescue the surviving crew and eliminate the alien invaders
  • Using lethal force
  • Search the ship one compartment at a time
  • Face flashing lights, explosions, slippery surfaces and blood thirsty aliens
  • Members of your team can (and possibly) will get shot/sliced/bitten
  • They'll need med-evacuation or you'll need to carry them with you
  • Never leave a stag behind
  • Good luck

Please note... show more

This page provides a general guide to our alien experience activity. We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe, so please be aware that specifics & photos may vary.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

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One of the most intense, visceral stag experiences ever!

alien experience in birmingham stag party activity 1

alien experience Stag Party in birmingham

You've seen the movies, you've always figured you'd be pretty handy in an alien scrap, you're feeling kind of heroic, but how will you and the guys cope when the slimy green stuff hits the fan? There's only one way to find out. And. It's. Awesome!

Alien Experience has been described as the "Crystal Maze on crack". It's 24,000 sq feet of smoke filled ship, intense atmosphere and angry snarling aliens. Time to get busy!

You'll be playing the part of an elite combat unit. Aliens have taken over a ship, the crew are either dead or hiding from the alien invaders (who are about as happy as a group of Millwall fans who've been told there are no pies left). You'll enter the ship and work through a series of compartments, each compartment has its own unique problem to solve. If that wasn't enough there's also the minor issue of the live aliens that will be using flash bangs, explosions and their extra-terrestrial weapons systems (watch out for the green lasers picking you out as targets) as they set out, intent on making you their next meal.

Your mission is to rescue the survivors and clear the ship of aliens.
Using lethal force.

The good news is you've got your mates (elite combat squad) beside you and a range of weapons at your disposal. The bad news is ammo and grenades are in short supply, plus the power is out on the ship, flashing emergency lights, so your main source of light is the torches on your semi-automatic weapons.

Oh one other thing worth mentioning is that you've got Kevlar body armour to help you. Sadly that's nowhere near as effective as the aliens' own body armour. We'd like to say your odds of survival are 50-50 but that's probably a bit generous.

If you want to make it back without becoming an alien party snack, you'll need to pay attention during the weapons and tactical training you'll be given and work as a team to take down as many of the alien enemy as possible before they can get you.

One of the most visceral stag experiences ever, the game play and realism are staggering.
Your chances of survival are not.

"It was an awesome weekend!"

5/5 stars
5 Stars

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