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Your parents might well have called them 'wasted hours' but those precious days spent immersed in your favourite games have set you up for life. If there'd been no Monkey Island you'd never be prepared to deal with zombie pirate invaders. If it hadn't been for Zelda you might have gotten lost in a forest years ago. And without Mario Kart how would you know the best way to avoid a road full of spinning turtle shells???

These invaluable life lessons made you, the groom and his stags the men you are today. You can now take the groom back to his glory years with live action adventures just like the games he enjoyed as a teenager. Game on!

Resident Evil

The Game
Perhaps one of the greatest games for the 90's generation. We came, we saw, we kicked zombie butt! A mysterious Umbrella Corporation left the world at the mercy of the T-virus, you and Jill Valentine stepped up to the mark and saved the day time and time again. Well now you can fight zombies for real!

Real Life
Zombie boot camps, escape games, zombie paintball… there's a number of live action (actors playing the brain munchers) zombie games you and your mates can now tear into. You'll receive weapons and tactical training before making the undead… well, deader. Knives, bows, guns, exploding targets and un-dead-bra wearing zombies. It's about to get messy!

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WWF No Mercy

The Game
When you weren't pinning your younger siblings to the ground or dressing as Ric Flair (we're not here to judge) you were crunching it out on classic games such as WWF No Mercy and WWF WrestleMania 2000. Happy days when talking about wearing make-up, lycra and knee high boots didn't get you shunned down the pub.

Real Life
The gloves are most definitely off at this top wrestling school. Run and staffed by professional and ex-pro wrestlers you and your mates can finally have that battle royale smackdown you've always dreamed of without someone's mum telling you to stop jumping off the sofa.

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Golden Eye

The Game
Still one of the greatest Bond computer games ever, Golden Eye was full on with game changing (pardon the pun) graphics and game play. Shaken but never stirred it gave us all a license and a desire to fight bad guys while wearing a tuxedo.

Real Life
High speed chases, awesome firepower and defusing bombs, it’s all in a day’s work in our epic James Bond themed experience. You’ll be shaken but not stirred as you take on Oddjob’s bowler or a helicopter ride across the London skyline.

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Call Of Duty

The Game
This is a more recent addition to the world of classic games but that doesn't make it any less brilliant and perhaps one of the most played games of all time. It has already spawned a raft of spin-off games as well as been the cause of many a relationship meltdown. Sometimes you need to put the controllers down and get out of those onesies.

Real Life
If you want to recreate your own stag party Call of Duty then paintball is epic! One of the most popular stag activities of all time, it has come a long way since men first started running through woodland in order to shoot their mates in the gentlemen's vegetables… repeatedly. And you can now add laser warfare to the mix.

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Rainbow 6

The Game
Released in 1998 and based on the books of Tom Clancy, it put you at the centre of a tactical S.W.A.T. team. Shooting, punching and blowing stuff up. The franchise is still going strong and with epic game play. But it's still not as good as getting out there and doing it for real…

Real Life
"You're either S.W.A.T. or you're not" and this live action play really will sort the stags from the boys. You and your mates will be trained as a close knit, tactical assault squad before being armed with ultra-realistic weapons and taking on your own S.W.A.T. rescue mission.

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SWAT Experience

Ace Combat

The Game
Flight simulators have come and gone over the years but for the game players among us here at StagWeb they reached their peak with the brilliant Ace Combat. While the 80's had to make do with Tom Cruise going Maverick and losing that loving feeling, we got to really feel like ace fighter pilots and keep blasting our opponents out of the sky.

Real Life
While you won't be able to strafe any 'bogeys' you will get to take control of a genuine jet fighter. With an experienced pilot getting you airborne, once you're up, up and away you'll get to take the stick and actually take complete control of several million pounds worth of combat jet aircraft. Even Tom Cruise didn't get to do that!

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Fighter Jet Experience

Destruction Derby

The Game
At the cutting edge of computer graphic technology back when it was released in 1995, it's amazing to look back at the clunky old cars and tracks now. But back then we were revving, smashing and beating our friends into submission (or transmission failure). Just about the most fun ever had on a virtual race track.

Real Life
This is definitely not for the faint hearted! You and the rest of your pack of road raging friends will take to the track in race spec banger cars. Then with a commentator, podium finish and professional racing circuit to battle it out on, you can try a whole new kind of heavy metal experience!

Extreme Dodgems


The Game
Exploding onto our screens like a new David Beckham haircut, FIFA 94 was the best computerised football game of its time. Since then the FIFA game franchise has totally dominated the market and been the basis of many mini tournaments and marathon game sessions between like-minded lads.

Real Life
Just like FIFA 94 did, here at StagWeb we always look to push the boundaries of any activity, so while we do offer amazing games like Bubble Football and Foot Golf we wondered how could we make playing football even better…?

Gran Turismo

The Game
When it first arrived in 1997 Gran Turismo just blew every other racing game off the roads and our screens. The look, feel and gameplay were revolutionary and it has become the standard all other race games are set against. Racing truly is fast and furious and the graphics are still jaw droppingly stunning.

Real Life
There aren't many days out where you'll get an entire range of different high performance cars to drive but this isn't your average day out. You'll take the hotseat of some of the most incredible rides with 7 different supercars in one awesome day. Ariel Atom, Formula Jaguar, Caterham 7 Superlight, BMW M3 GTP and more…

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Ultimate Supercar Experience

World of Tanks

The Game
One of the newer games on this list but most definitely worthy of a mention. After all, who doesn't want to blow things up with a tank?!? The perfect tonic to any road rage, the superb graphics and gameplay are hugely addictive. Is it better than shooting your mates in the face with paintballs…?

Real Life
The short answer is ‘no'. If you want to shoot your friends then it's far more fun if you can see the missiles hit home. But if paintball guns aren't quite manly enough for you, how about paintball tanks? Yep! You really can take things up a notch with the daddy of paintball arms races.

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Tank Battles

Knights of Honour

The Game
Crusades, plunder, sieges and chivalry. This huge tactical game was capable of swallowing entire weekends in a single sitting, no sooner had Friday evening begun then you'd pick up your controller, start playing and the next thing you'd know it was Monday morning. Truly a game on an epic scale but sadly no actual hacking and chopping.

Real Life
Now you can hack, chop and slice your way through your opponents (a.k.a. your best mates) as you learn the art of medieval fighting. Under the eye of expert stuntmen you'll be trained in a number of different disciplines including mounting horses and jousting. Verily good knight, learn how to reign victorious at both tournaments and battlefields.

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Medieval Jousting

Game of Thrones

The Game
Based on the hugely successful books and smash TV show, GoT is every bit as bloodthirsty as the shows themselves. The game is every bit as addictive as the show (you have been warned) but still not as exciting as filing your own battle scene in Winterfell.

Real Life
As members of the Night's Watch you'll enter the real Winterfell for a huge day out. Hog roast, archery competition, GoT beer, real life locations all culminating in filming your very own battle scene! "The stag do is coming!"

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Rally Driving

The Game
Sadly no longer with us, Colin McRae was on the greatest drivers of his generation. He also gave his name to one of the greatest racing game franchises ever. Still going strong, Colin McRae Rally came to power, sliding to our PlayStations in 1998 and has remained ahead of most of its racing competitors ever since.

Real Life
If you want to really feel the speed you need to get into the bucket seat of a suped-up rally car. With an experienced rally car instructor to point you in the right direction (staying that way is down to your steering skills), you and the guys will have your own rally time trial in one of the most thrilling race experiences known to stagkind.

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Rally Driving

Rock Band

The Game
Rock Band allows you and your friends to get into rhythm and play your hearts out with an ever increasingly library of tracks to choose from. The only thing it doesn't do is let you actually record your own song or supply you with hordes of screaming, hot looking groupies.

Real Life
Sadly we can't actually supply you with groupies but we can let you record your own track. Set in a professional recording studio with your own sound engineer/producer at the helm, you and the guys can lay down your own track on route to global rock domination! Stand back Jedward, there's new sheriffs in town!

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Recording Studio


The Game
Puzzle games have always been marmite, when you were younger you either loved them or hated them. Myst was one of the most sophisticated games to come along, edgy graphics and amazing problems to solve really did make it an experience set apart from the Monkey Island's and Grim Fandangos.

Real Life
Escape games take everything good from the world of puzzle solving games and takes it up a notch by adding 'Saw' type suspense. With a variety of game scenarios to choose from you and your fellow stags will find yourselves locked in a room. You have just 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape. If not it will be 'game over'… Permanently!

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Escape Games

Super Hang-on

The Game
One of the reasons we still well up with tears when we think of the passing of video arcades was amazing games like Super Hang-On where after sliding some coins into the slot, you'd then straddle the life size motorbike that would swing from side to side as you came to each bend. Even the amazing graphics don't come close to how much fun this was. What you really need is…

Real Life
Mini Motos! Just about the most fun you can have with a helmet on. The small but mighty racing machines are hilarious yet still unbelievably competitive considering just how daft you and the groom will look when riding them. Full throttle mini racing action!

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Mini Motos

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