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"We had such a good time and the activities were great. Looking forward to booking again with you!"

Bournemouth | 14/08/2023 | 5/5 stars

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Top 8 Driving Stag Do Activities

  1. Go Karting
  2. Quad Biking
  3. Off Road Karts
  4. Mud Buggies
  5. 4x4 Driving
  6. Blindfold Driving
  7. Hot Rods
  8. Mini Motos

"I feel the need... the need for speed!"

If you're heading for a big weekend you need big excitement and that means big engines! The mechanical poetry of man and machine, the sheer delight of competing and of course beating your stuttering mates in a rubber-burning speed fest, having them not just eat your dust but continue to feast on fuel-injected humble pie for the rest of the weekend.

While we know many of our female driving counterparts are indeed pretty tasty behind the wheel there is something almost primal about man's need for speed. It's an itch that stag weekends and in particular StagWeb are perfectly positioned to scratch.

Not only do we have the biggest selection of motorsport challenges available but because of our long standing supplier partnerships we can offer you exclusive deals to some of the very best motorsports available to stag-kind.

Trolley pushers need not apply...

At StagWeb because we're avid petrolheads we know exactly what it's like when you turn up for a track day all revved up ready for some wheel to wheel action only to find you might as well be pushing trolleys next to each other in your local supermarket.
We know you want tyre-melting, knuckle-whitening action, buttock-clenching action which is why we only supply the very best stag party motorsports and what's more we offer them at unbelievably good prices.

Gentlemen... Start your engines!

Its fair to say when it comes to stag motorsport activities we like to do things BIG. The biggest tracks, the biggest engines and the biggest range of stag motorsport choices anywhere on the interweb.

  • Rage Buggies packed with 998cc of sheer testicle shrivelling thrills.
  • Stock Car racing and Extreme Dodgems (banger racing) in professional tuned racing cars.
  • Rally driving on pro race tracks.
  • The very best go kart facilities throughout the UK and Europe
  • More mechanical stag madness options than any other website!

And we do take the time to visit our facilities so you can be sure you'll be getting the very best in pedal to the metal action in your destination.

Go Go Captain Slow!

All lads are competitive, it's simply in our DNA. We'll bet, race and challenge each other at pretty much any crazy idea that springs to mind. Whatever is said our alpha male urges take over as we strive to prove our No1 contender credentials...

"... all I'm saying is if you and me were both delivering pizza you only be able to deliver cold desserts while mine would get to the customer so quick the chef would still licking the topping!"

That's why a stag party motorsports are perfect. As soon as you get a group of guys together everyone is vying to be top dog in one way or other, so you can dual out on the track to decide who is your stag day Stig and who is the weekend's Captain Slow, with prizes and forfeits to be handed out to the relevant parties.

Top Gear

Many petrolheads have sat on their sofas envious of the Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow and drooled at the exploits they get up to, well a motorsport stag challenge is the perfect time to get behind the wheel of wither truly epic, ground chewing beasts or go nuts in some hilarious mechanical contraptions designed to give them maximum fun while still finding a driving champ.

How about racing dumper trucks or be under the influence of motorised beer kegs? Can do.

Or maybe you're always wanted to get your hands on the controls of a tank? Saddle up soldier!

How about an Italian Job?

Yep, you can race minis just like Mr Caine and chums or settle your backside into some supreme Italian luxury supercars. You can even have a go at rally driving whether it's fast and furious high performance cars or a Top Gear style Trabant rally.

Tractor driving
Argo cats
Grass karts

If it's got wheels and an engine and can be used to separate the men from the boys then gentlemen we'll have it revved up and ready for the motor mad groom and his stag motorsport loving mates.

Stag do motorsports - All Revved Up

Planning for a wedding is always stressful, so why not treat the groom to a super high speed racing activity where he can really let go? Whether your choice is unusual or more conventional, take the art of driving totally out of the ordinary for an incomparable adrenaline rush. As well as feeling the thrills, competing against mates is, always a really great laugh. Even those who don't usually consider themselves competitive will be using every double-crossing tactic under the sun in no time and everyone from your grandad to your best mate will do everything they can to win! You really will be able to sort the men from the boys when you bring the stag weekend away from the pub and out on to the track for motorsport stag activities which really do have the edge.

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