Booking a stag do for a big group can be stressful.

If too many cooks can spoil the broth, then too many stags can definitely derail those best-laid stag plans.

Luckily for you, over the years, we've had loads of big groups party with StagWeb and we've learnt a few lessons we thought we could pass on to you.

From 45 lads heading to Hamburg to 58 guys hitting up Newcastle, we've seen some whopping groups head out for the groom's big pre-wedding bash.

Booking a Stag Do for a Big Group 101

  1. Don't Get Everyone's Opinion
  2. Start Planning Early
  3. People Will Drop Out
  4. Collect Money Upfront
  5. Book the Right Activities
  6. Look Out for Big Group Discounts
  7. Book Accommodation Early
  8. Book Transport
  9. Book with StagWeb!

1 Don't Get Everyone's Opinion

If there's one piece of advice here that you should take on board here, it's this:


That group chat will quickly turn into a slanging match and nobody will agree on anything.

Here's what you should do:

  1. Speak to the groom and get a rough idea of what he wants to do
  2. Bounce a couple of ideas off one or two of the groomsmen
  3. Tell the rest of the group what you're doing

They can like it or lump it.

And, from our experience, telling a group what the plans are is a lot less hassle than asking what they want to do.

2 Start Planning Early

With a big group, you need to start planning early.

Why? Well, it's basic maths...

  • It's harder to book a hotel for 40 lads or find a house that would fit you all
  • A lot of stag do activities have a finite number of spaces and slots
  • Getting bars and pubs to let a massive can be tough

According to our latest stats, on average, stags book their weekends 4 months in advance.

So, for a bigger group, we'd advise booking up something at least 6 months before your event date.

Also, the earlier you book, the clearer people's schedules, so you'll get fewer people dropping out.

Having said that...

3 People Will Drop Out

Accept it and move on.

No matter the group size, in our experience, at least two or three people from the original list will drop out.


With a bigger group, you can expect an even bigger portion to drop out.

Just bear that in mind when it comes to booking as you don't want to get caught out paying more than your fair share.

Top Tip: With StagWeb, generally, if a few people drop out, the price of your weekend won't change. Our prices are based on a minimum number of people attending, so as long as you don't drop below that number, your price is fixed.

4 Collect Money Upfront

Now, let's talk cash.

If you're booking solo, you're going to need to make sure you get the cash upfront - otherwise, you could get stuck with a very big bill if people drop out.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Check out our helpful tips for collecting money for the stag do to make sure you cover yourself.

Top Tip: If you book with StagWeb, all the guys pay us directly, so you don't need to worry about chasing people up for money.

Planning your weekend has never been easier!

Check out our top stag do activities!

Stag do ideas

5 Book the Right Activities

For a big group, you don't want to book anything too complicated. You don't want anything that's high-touch and high-stress. You need something simple, easy, manageable.

Getting a big group in gear can be like herding drunk puppies around an obstacle course blindfolded... aka an absolute nightmare!

Here are our favourite low-touch, low-stress activities for a big group of stags:

Clay Shooting Stag Party

Clay Shooting

A clay shooting session is the perfect hangover cure and great for a big group of guys. Turn up, get in line and take turns blasting those clay pigeons out of the sky.

Stag-Fest Stag Party


If the groom's big on festivals, then organising their own Stag-Fest is a great alternative to your classic weekend! You can pack your weekend with activities, tasty BBQs and campfire beers - the life.

Paintballing Stag Party


Semi-automatic weapons, epic missions and scenarios, and total stag carnage throughout - the bigger the group, the better when it comes to paintball!

Bingo Lingo Stag Party

Bingo Lingo

This is the UK's craziest night out. Expect rowdy raves, questionable dancing, top tunes, great prizes and, of course, a spot of bingo.

Go Karting Stag Party

Go Karting

Whilst some track may have limits on the numbers racing at any one time, you should be good to go at most go kart tracks.

6 Look Out for Big Group Discounts

Sometimes, the more people you have, the less you pay per head.

It's a win-win.

You get to feel like a hero for snagging a bargain, and everyone gets a bit more beer money.

Keep an eye out for our amazing special deals that will guarantee you an amazing time without breaking the bank.

7 Book Accommodation Early

Depending on how big your big group is, your options will be limited.

However, there definitely will be places to suit your group.

Top Tip: When it comes to booking accommodation for a big group, you want to get in and do it early. The longer you leave it, the more likely places will be booked up.


In some of our major stag hotspots (Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle), we have apartments or a range of apartments that can sleep up to 190 stags!

Self-Catering Properties

As well as some cracking rural stag houses, we have a range of big properties on the outskirts of some of the UK's biggest and best cities.


Most hotels have hundreds of rooms, so if you're heading for a city escape they're a great stress-free option. Unlike apartments and self-catering properties, you're more likely to get single beds rather than having to share with anyone.

Our Favourite Accommodation Options for Big Groups

We've showcased some of our favourite properties that are ideal for big groups below, but there's plenty more where they came from. If you don't fancy a city, be sure to check out our country retreats, but feel free to browse all of our stag accommodation options across 70+ destinations.


SGT Peppers Mathew Street Liverpool

SGT Peppers Mathew Street

Sleeps - 10-40 Stags
Location - Liverpool city centre

Plush Pads Liverpool

Plush Pads

Sleeps - 6-155
Location - 0.2 miles from Liverpool

Premier Suites Liverpool

Premier Suites

Sleeps - 6 - 190 guests
Location - 0.6 miles from Liverpool city centre


The Swan Suite Manchester

The Swan Suite

Sleeps - 18-23
Location - Manchester city centre

The Rooftop Townhouse Manchester

The Rooftop Townhouse

Sleeps - 20-23
Location - Manchester city centre


Oak Tree House Bristol

Oak Tree House

Sleeps - 24-28
Location - 15 miles from Bristol city centre

Cedar Mansion Bristol

Cedar Mansion

Sleeps - 24-30
Location - 4 miles from Bristol city centre

Elm Tree House Bristol

Elm Tree House

Sleeps - 20-27
Location - 18 miles from Bristol city centre

8 Book Transport

For a few mates, a couple of taxis will do the trick.

But throw a larger group into the mix and suddenly you're the unofficial party bus organiser.

Mini Buses

Mini buses can be a great option for those staying in the UK. The cost of hiring one can work out cheaper than train travel or taxis, plus you'll have all the lads together on board one or two.


Booking flights for a big group can be a pain. What we'd advise is taking the lead and booking your flight and the stag's, and then letting the group sort themselves out.

You don't want to be responsible for booking everyone's and then being left out of pocket when people drop out.

Check out our handy guide for booking flights for a stag do for more info.

Airport Transfers

Also, don't forget airport tranfers when you get the other end.

Try to work out the public transport, particularly for a large group, can be a nightmare.

With StagWeb, we can help book that in for you, so you can step off the plane and jump straight into your private transfer ready to take you straight to your accommodation.


9 Book with StagWeb!

Your booking journey could be as simple as sending out your stag do invite messages and passing the rest over for us to sort.

We'll sort you out with awesome stag do activities, the best stag accommodation and plenty of ideas for your big night out, no matter where you go.

And with our individual payment system, mobile app (where you can check your itinerary), handy transfers, and money-saving bundles, there really is nothing we can't help you with.

All it takes to secure your dates is a small deposit and that's it.

Get your FREE quote!

Planning your weekend has never been easier!

Check out our top stag do destinations!

Stag do destinations
Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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