Stag dos with zero booze are more common than you might think.

Here at StagWeb, we've seen a shift away from booze-related activities and a rise in sober adventures since the pandemic.

According to our stats, enquiries for things like nightclub entry and bar crawls have fallen by 10 and 20% respectively, whilst activities like bubble football and clay shooting have shot up by 10 and 25%.

Booze is old news!

So, if you're planning a sober weekend for the main man, here are 14 of the best stag do games for non-drinkers to keep the party in full swing.

1. Cards Against Humanity

Funny drunk. Funny sober.

This game does not need alcohol to make it enjoyable.

If anything, it probably makes your twisted answers funnier when you're sober as your true personality comes to the fore.

If you haven't got it, buy your Cards Against Humanity pack here.

2. Stag Do Mr & Mrs Quiz

A hilarious quiz the groom always loses.

Yes, just how well does the main man know his partner?

Send her the questions in secret and get him to unveil his answers in a questions-and-answers-style quiz.

Get your free Stag Do Mr & Mrs Questions here.

3. Host a Poker Night

Without alcohol clouding your judgement, this might be the time you actually beat the boys at a game of poker.

If you fancy taking it to the next level, be sure to add a casino night to your weekend itinerary and do things properly.

4. Hot Sauce Challenge

Firstly, if you haven't seen the hit YouTube show Hot Ones you are missing out.

And secondly, a hot sauce challenge is exactly the sort of game you need to spice up a booze-free evening (and, yes, the pun was very much intended).

5. Chilli Chocolate Roulette

Or, along similar lines as the challenge above, this Instant Regret chilli chocolate is ideal for your own homemade chocolate roulette challenge.

6. Hottest Chip Challenge

And the final spice challenge of the list (for now) is the hottest chip challenge.

Made from Carolina reaper and ghost peppers – it's truly mind-blowing stuff.

Please read the ingredients and disclaimers before purchasing.

Get your hot chip here.

7. FIFA Tournament

You guys might talk the talk, but it's time to walk the walk in a bid to find the true FIFA King.

Set up in a league format or draw names and do a straight knockout.

You could also draw teams of a similar level out of the hat, too.

Planning your weekend has never been easier!

Check out our top stag do destinations!

Stag do destinations

8. Mario Kart

Similar to the above – everyone loves a bit of Mario Kart.

9. Beer-Free Beer Pong

Beer-free beer pong is a cracking activity to keep the boys entertained.

Instead of the beer, you can swap them out for forfeits or something like edible bugs!

10. Board Games

Host a classic board game night.

Whatever your jam – Cluedo, Monopoly, whatever!

11. Nerf War

"A chance to shoot the groom from point-black range... repeatedly... where do we sign?!"

The nerf war is a real throwback and a mess-free alternative to the stag classic that is paintball.

It's available across the whole of the UK. Read more about Nerf War and get it booked!

12. School Sports Day

Relive those sporting glory years as you head back to school for a hilarious sports day event.

With all your classic races, plus your witty adult banter thrown in for good measure, it's a top activity from start to finish.

Read more about School Sports Day and get it booked!

13. Inflatable Games

Take on a range of inflatable obstacles as you crank up the hilarity on the groom's sober celebration.

Reminiscent of It's a Knockout and Total Wipeout, it's old school, harmless stag chaos.

Book your inflatable game activity now.

14. Cheat Card Game

A simple but highly addictive card games.

The rules:

  1. Deal all the cards one by one to each player
  2. The first player starts by placing one-four cards face down in the centre of the group
  3. The player has to say the number of the cards they place down (e.g. two fours, three Queens, etc.)
  4. But they do not have to be telling the truth
  5. If someone thinks the player is lying, they can shout "cheat"
  6. If a player is accused of cheating, they must then reveal their cards
  7. If they were cheating, they must pick up the card pile
  8. If they were telling the truth, the accuser must pick up the card pile
  9. If cheat is not called, the play carries on
  10. The person to the left plays next and must put down cards either the same or one up or down from the person before (so if the person before puts down a six, the next player can put down a five, six, or seven)
  11. If the person doesn't have a five, six, or seven, they're going to have to lie
  12. The winner is the first person to get rid of their cards

Don't Forget The Sober Activities...

Whilst these sober stag do games are perfect for the evening, you're going to need some high-octane adventures to keep the boredom at bay during the day.

Check out our extensive list of sober stag do ideas and build your legendary booze-free weekend with ease.

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