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A stag do without games?

More like a sad do if you ask us.

No stag is complete without some 'serious' competition between the guys.

Check out 22 of the best stag do games below or jump to the bottom for the full lowdown of how to get the most out of them.

22 of the Best Stag Do Games

  1. Toy Soldiers - This is the slightly drunken Rambo of stag do games.
  2. Bug Pong - A twist on the classic beer pong using edible bugs!
  3. Mr & Mrs Quiz - A game of truth where the groom always loses.
  4. Cards Against Humanity - Everyone's favourite dark and unforgiving card game.
  5. Trunk of Drunk - Eight classic drinking games to keep you going the whole night.
  6. Knickers - An easy game with a filly forfeit.
  7. These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Exactly what is says on the tin.
  8. Last Man Standing - Last to sit down gets pants'd.
  9. Wax Attack - It's time to bring a whole new level of pain to proceedings.
  10. Ben Hur - Chariot racing for stag parties, minus the chariots.
  11. Freeze Frame - "Freeze, punk!"
  12. Send To All - The punishment for any man found using his phone.
  13. Spanish Archer - Elbows at the ready.
  14. Man With No Name - Only refer to each other by the nicknames from our generator.
  15. Who Dares Wins - Make your own tailored dare cards.
  16. Oscar Bravo - Drop movie quotes into a conversation with a stranger.
  17. Lyrical Gangster - Drop song lyrics into a conversation with a stranger.
  18. Don't Get Got - Complete the missions and DON'T GET GOT!
  19. Plastic Pegs - Clip as many plastic pegs to unsuspecting strangers as possible.
  20. Two Truths, One Lie - Each stag must think of three statements... 2 truths, 1 lie.
  21. The Price is Right - Guess the price of random items.
  22. The Name Game - A celeb-based name game.

See the full list and rules below

1 Toy Soldiers

You'll need: A bag containing plastic toy soldiers.

Rules: Before the night begins, the best man will put all toy soldiers in a bag. Each stag then pulls out a soldier at random. That is now his pose. Between pubs or at any random moment, the best man shouts the command: "Assume the position!" and the life-size toy soldiers (stags) must hold the pose of their mini soldier.

2 Bug Pong

You'll need: Beer, edible bugs, cups, table, ping pong ball.

Rules: Prepare the bug pong table by filling the cups. Half of the cups should be filled with beer or other stag-friendly drinks, the other cups should be filled with edible bugs. Fill the cups low enough so the players can see what's inside from the throwing line. Players then take it in turns to bounce the ball on the table. Whatever they hit, they must down in one. Any player who fails to get a ball in a cup three times in a row must eat a bug.

3 Mr & Mrs Quiz

You'll need: Our list of hilarious questions.

Based on the classic TV show but with far more humiliation for the groom, we've split our quiz into five increasingly embarrassing rounds to torture and terrify the groom ("Just wait until we tell your Mrs how you answered!"). You can download or print the full set of questions for free.

See our Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions...

4 Cards Against Humanity

You'll need: Cards Against Humanity.

Rules: The outrageous gift that keeps on giving! Everyone's favourite dark and unforgiving card game is a hilarious way to kickstart the evening as you and the boys unleash your inner evil. If you're unfamiliar with CAH (where have you been living?!), one player will ask a question, and the funniest answer from the rest of the group wins. Twisted, shocking and relentlessly side-splitting!

5 Trunk of Drunk

You'll need: Trunk of Drunk.

Rules: Trunk of Drunk is the perfect precursor to that big night out where you and the boys go toe-to-toe against each other across eight classic drinking games. Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever, and other hits to get the party started.

6 Knickers

You'll need: A pair of knickers.

Rules: A really easy game to get going. All the players put a coin in the palm of their hand. When the best man says the word: "Knickers," all the players open their palms to show their coin. The best man then counts up how many are showing heads and how many are showing tails. The players with the highest number of corresponding faces showing are safe while the rest play on (so if there are 15 of you on the stag, and there are 8 heads and 7 tails, then those holding heads are all safe, and the other 7 players go again).

This continues until you have a loser. If it comes down to just two players, then it's decided on a coin toss. The loser has to put the knickers on over his trousers and keep them on until the next bar when the game is played again.

Extra: To make it more interesting, ask the bride-to-be to donate a pair of her knickers.

7 These Cards Will Get You Drunk

You'll need: These Cards Will Get You Drunk.

Rules: Simply take a card from the top of the pile, read aloud and then do as it says. Hilarious challenges and dares, plus the opportunity to get one over on the groom or some of the stags who may or may not have thrashed you at paintball/go karting/whatever activity you went for that day!

Top fiendish stag pranks

8 Last Man Standing

You'll need: A pair of outrageous pants.

Rules: At any point during the evening, if a stag sits down on the ground, the rest of the stags must follow suit. The last man standing must then wear the hideous pants over the top of his trousers until the next time the game is played.

But, should a stag sit down and none of the others join in, then he must wear the pants.

Extra: If you're sly, you can set it up so that the groom falls foul of the first round, has to wear the pants, and then you simply don't play the game again leaving him stitched up for the rest of the night.

9 Wax Attack

You'll need: A set of waxing strips.

Rules: These are purely random moments. Every time a member of the party fails a challenge, doesn't take a dare or loses a game, get a passer-by to use a waxing strip somewhere on his body. Quick. Painful. Hilarious.

10 Ben Hur

You'll need: A bunch of stupid but relatively fit blokes.

Rules: When it's time to move on to the next bar, assemble the group outside and split them into even-numbered teams and tell them which bar is to be your next port of call.
Now tell the teams they must decide who amongst them is the lightest - this man is now the 'charioteer' and the rest of the team are now the 'roman chariot'.
Get them under starters orders and on your command, the rest of the team must pick up their driver and race to the next bar. They can carry him any way they see fit, but the charioteer's feet must not hit the ground at any time.

drinking games

11 Freeze Frame

You'll need: Eyes in the back of your head.

Rules: At any given point in the evening, a stag can freeze completely still. The rest of the stags must follow suit. The last man to spot it and freeze must pay a (pint?) penalty.

12 Send To All

You'll need: No phones!

Rules: This is a stag do, so all phones should be off-limits when all the lads are together. Any stag found in breach of this golden rule will have his phone taken off him and handed to the groom, who will then send a text to the phone's entire contact list without the guilty party seeing what is written.

13 Spanish Archer

You'll need: Elbows.

Rules: Pointing? That's just rude. Pointing with your elbows? That, on the other hand, is just weird. Embrace the weird! For the remainder of the evening, you cannot call another stag by name, instead, you must point with your elbows. Failure to do so... Stag forfeit.
'Spanish Archer' - 'El Bow' See what we did there?

Stag nickname generator

14 Man With No Name

You'll Need: Stag nicknames.

Rules: Names... pfft, they're just so last year. Nicknames, that's what you need. Assign all the stags a nickname. Anyone who forgets and uses a stag's real name rather than his stag nickname must face a forfeit.
Did anyone say stag nicknames? Get them here.

15 Who Dares Wins

You'll need: A set of dare cards.

Dare cards are easily bought but making your own can be far messier and much more interesting.

16 Oscar Bravo

You'll need: Movie knowledge.

The Rules: Each player must find some randomers to engage in conversation. The challenge is to get three movie quotes into the conversation without getting rumbled. You can up the ante by deciding which movie the quotes must come from. Any stag who gets caught must pay a forfeit.

17 Lyrical Gangster!

You'll need: Music knowledge.

The Rules: This game is similar to Oscar Bravo except, this time, it's your song knowledge that will be tested. Each player must find some random people to engage in conversation. The challenge is to get three song lyrics in without getting rumbled. Any stag who gets caught must pay a forfeit.

18 Don't Get Got!

You'll need: Don't Get Got.

The Rules: The Don't Get Got Game is simple... don't get got!!! Each player will get six secret missions to complete where you'll try and trick another player to do something. Be sure to keep your wits about you, who knows when you'll get got good and proper!

19 Plastic Pegs

You'll need: Colourful Pegs.

The Rules: A harmless way to spice up clubbing. Get a load of plastic pegs and assign a colour to each stag. The object of the game is to then attach your colour peg to the clothing of as many strangers as possible without being rumbled. The winner is the person who gets rid of all their pegs! If you don't have enough colours, split into teams.

Get your pegs now!

20 Two Truths, One Lie!

You'll need: Two truths and one lie each.

The Rules: This one works well for big groups with a big mix of stags who may not know each other that well. Each stag must think of three statements/stories which involve him and the groom - two of these will be true and one of these will be a lie. It's then up for the rest to guess. Shots for those who get it wrong!

21 The Price is Right

You'll need: A list of random items and some change.

The Rules: Split the guys into pairs or groups. Give each team the same amount of change. You will read out an item and each team has to bid on that item. The winners are the team closest to the correct price who are under it. If you go over - even by a penny - you will be staring down the barrel of an alcoholic forfeit.

22 The Name Game

You'll need: Nothing!

The Rules: Arrange yourselves in a circle. Each person then has to say the name of a famous person who starts with the same letter as their name. If you hesitate, you're out. If you repeat a name, you're out. Last man standing is the winner.

How to Get Everyone Pumped...

If you don't get pumped when you're explaining the games, no one will get pumped playing them.

You've got to sell them. Make them sound twice as funny as they are. Otherwise, they could fall flat before you've started.

Another good way to get everyone invested is to throw a load of suitable stag forfeits in for good measure.

That should get them on their toes.

The 5 Easiest Stag Do Games...

  • Mr & Mrs Quiz - all you need is our free Mr and Mrs Quiz
  • Knickers - all you need is a pair of knickers
  • Last Man Standing - all you need is a pair of outrageous pants
  • Freeze Frame - nothing needed
  • The Name Game - nothing needed
Please Remember...

These stag do games are exactly that... games.

  • Don't force people to play if they don't want to
  • If you play in public, please be mindful of other people - they might not find them as hilarious as you guys do
  • If you're drinking with them, remember to drink responsibly

Looking for Some Booze-Free Games?

We've got you covered.

Whilst a lot of the games above are just as fun without the booze, we've put together a top-class list of hangover-free stag do games for non-drinkers to take on and conquer.

Check them out.

3 Stag Do Card Games...

1. Cheat

Also known as Bullshit in some circles, cheat is a great game to play with a large number of people.

How to Play

  • Deal all the cards out
  • The person to the left of the dealer starts
  • The object is to get rid of all your cards
  • You will put them face down in the middle of the table when it's your turn
  • The first stag starts by placing 1-4 cards down of the same number (2 aces, 1 two, 3 queens - whatever)
  • However, they don't have to tell the truth
  • The person to his left will then play
  • The cards must either be the same number, or 1 up or down from the person before
  • For example, if the player before you puts a four, you can play a three, four, or five
  • If someone thinks the player is lying, they can shout 'Cheat'
  • If you're accused of cheating, you must reveal your cards
  • If you're found cheating, you must pick up all the cards in the middle
  • If you haven't cheated, the accuser must pick up all the cards in the middle
  • The game continues until one person gets rid of all their cards

2. Higher or Lower

Probably the easiest game to play with the stags.

How to Play

  • Spread the cards out in the shape of a diamond
  • The object is to get to the other side by guessing whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one
  • If you guess right and get to the end, you win
  • If you get one wrong, the cards are replaced and you start from the beginning

3. Crazy Eights

Another quick one these guys will love.

How to Play

  • Deal five cards to each player
  • Place the rest of the stack in the middle
  • Turn over the 1st card
  • The first player then has to match the number or the suit shown on the card
  • So, if a two of diamonds is played, the person can play a two of any suit or any other diamond card
  • Eights, however, are trump cards and can be played at anytime
  • Once an eight has been played, the person who played it chooses the next suit that has to be played
  • You can draw a card from the pile whenever you want - even if you have a playable card
  • The object is to get rid of all your cards the quickest

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All fun and games...

At StagWeb we love to have a laugh, it's even better when others are joining in the fun.

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