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Stag-tistics – Stag Party Statistics 2015


“What happens in Norwich…”

It’s become a common catchphrase among 20 somethings “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. What socially savvy party goers are really saying is “What happens in Vegas stays off Facebook”, to keep an air of mystique around this most ancient male rite.

But at StagWeb we know despite the myths, the truth is often much tamer than guys want to admit. Tattoos, strip bars and a night spent in the ‘slammer’ might make for an interesting Hollywood movie but the reality is most modern guys are keener to score the winning goal at bubble football than shave anyone’s eyebrows.

So just where are stag parties going and what are they doing? reveals all with a look back at the stag party statistics for 2015.

Clubbing Together

The average group size for a stag party is 14, which is perfect for a football team with three subs, two rugby sevens teams or a Magnificent Seven plus a Fab Four and Three Musketeers.

Average Cost of Attending a Stag Party

In the UK stags spend an average of £114 per person. However that doubles for stags heading overseas with the average spend per stag rising to £235. This does not include money spent on food and drinks.

Most Popular Month

The most common months for stag parties are May and July. However stag parties do go on all year round with Winter Stag Parties becoming increasingly popular with stags looking for something different.

Destination Anywhere


London has overtaken Newcastle as the UK’s most popular stag party destination. Bournemouth was the most popular seaside destination while Cardiff flew the party flag for Wales.

1. London 6. Liverpool
2. Newcastle 7. Manchester
3. Bristol 8. Brighton
4. Bournemouth 9. Cardiff
5. Birmingham 10. Nottingham

International Relations


In Europe, cut price flights helped make Lisbon and Barcelona the top two stag destinations with sun seeking stags. While the Irish charm, ‘craic’ and a certain dark liquid continue to make the Irish capital a firm stag favourite.

1. Lisbon 6. Budapest
2. Barcelona 7. Berlin
3. Dublin 8. Krakow
4. Prague 9. Benidorm
5. Amsterdam 10. Albufeira

It’s all fun and games…

bubble football

Bubble football was the biggest hit of 2015, in fact football features in two of the top 10 most popular stag activities the other being foot golf, a hybrid of two of the world’s most played sports; football and golf.

Paintball, go karting and clay pigeon shooting are still hugely popular with the beer bike being the most popular sightseeing activity.

1. Bubble Football 6. Rage Buggies
2. Paintballing 7. Beer Bike
3. Go Karting 8. Target Shooting
4. Clay Shooting 9. Foot Golf
5. Quad Biking 10. White Water Rafting

In the Midnight Hour

sexy bar crawl babes

The most popular evening activities for stag groups were;

1. Nightclub Entry 4. Casino
2. Lap Dancing 5. Comedy Club
3. Bar Crawl 6. Sexy Pub Crawl Babes

Weird and Wonderful


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