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The UK's Best Stag Do Houses

You don't want to spend hours trawling through stag party houses - find yours in a flash with StagWeb and then crack open a nice cold beer. Go on, you've earned it.

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Top choice – choose from 100s of elite activity and accommodation options.


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Types of Stag Do Houses

  • Loft Apartments - Open plan living, top-end appliances, city views, and close to the best venues.
  • Log Cabins - Escape to the country with the ultimate man getaway.
  • Castles - Become Lords of the Stag in your own exclusive castle.
  • Glamping - It's camping for men who like to moisturise.
  • Villas - Perfect sun-kissed living on a European stag adventure.
  • Town Houses - Be right in the heart of the city's best nightlife.
  • Cottages - Get out of the city and create your own stag do retreat.
  • Farm Houses - "They lived in a house, a very big house in the country..."
  • Islands - Perhaps the coolest of all stag do houses. It's an island!

UK Celebrations

UK stag do houses are different gravy.

Forget hotels and hostels, stag houses allow you and the boys the opportunity to all stay under one roof, get together to raise a glass to the groom without other people getting in the way, and enjoy a load of great facilities hotels just don’t offer.

Building Your Man/Stag Cave

A good stag do requires a few basic ingredients: pranks for the groom, sporting competitions, a few chilled beers, groom wind-ups, decent tunes, a fine ale house or two, all-out action, good-natured groom insults and somewhere decent to lay your (hungover?) heads.

Make sure you take simple survival basics:

With these 3 simple staples, you have the cornerstone of a cracking lads' weekend.

Depending on your destination, our stag party houses come with a variety of different options. All the houses and apartments come with fully fitted kitchens and flatscreen TVs – vital to ensure you're well-fed and don't miss any big games.

Best Bits

We have a huge selection of extras and party must-haves! Check out our list, tell us what you want, and we’ll send you a list of available stag party houses to match your dates. It really is that easy.

  • Hot Tub
  • Party Room
  • Bar
  • Games Room
  • Parking
  • iPod Dock
  • DVD player
  • Free WiFi
  • Sky TV
  • Garden
  • Swimming Pool
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Pool Table
  • Food Hamper
  • Drinks Hamper
  • Private Chef
  • Boat
  • Tennis Court
  • Helipad
  • Sea Views

Look, Ma, We Made It!

It's nice to have people talking about you. Whether it's about the best UK stag houses, party houses, our stag do castles or our latest crazy activity. Here's just a few of those who have had StagWeb on their mind:

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Guide to Stag Party Houses

How to find a stag house for a weekend?

You want to find a stag party house that's the perfect fit for you and the guys. First, you need to decide what's most important: a bar, a pool, a pool table, outdoor space, hot tub, or it could be wanting to be within walking distance of the top bars and clubs. Maybe a country retreat. How about sea views? Tell us what you want and we'll match the house to you. It really is that simple.

Country retreat or party house?

Finding the right stag accommodation is all about deciding the kind of weekend you want. If it's all about clubbing, then a grand country pile isn't for you. If you're the kind of guys that are happy to make your own amusement with the odd foray to a pub, then sure, go rural. Maybe you want sea views or a particular activity - with careful planning and StagWeb's knowledge, you really can have your cake and put it next to the beers in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

StagWeb vs booking direct

Obviously, we'd recommend booking with us! Are we biased? Yes, but there is method to our madness…

"We don't know what we want!"

It's possibly the phrase we hear more than any other. It's natural, you have a whole group of guys to keep happy and even the groom isn't sure what he wants. We can work backwards, finding out what you don't want, then gradually pinpointing the right stag party houses to each group. 

How to find a party house in a big city?

If you know the city you want and prefer the idea of self-catering for your stag weekend, then give our team a shout. Tell us where and when, and we'll send you a list of all the available properties for your dates. It's like flat hunting, without having to worry about the council tax and with someone else doing all the work for you.

OK, what do I do now?

Easy, just tell us what you want, then walk the dog, go to work, head to the pub, do what you gotta do, while we find you the perfect party pad. We'll send you a list of the best options and the best prices to suit your dates. Once you've picked one, we'll get it booked while you get ready to party!

You won't need a second mortgage...

Wise stags can actually save a few quid by going self catering. Sharing the price of a few basic kitchen essentials means you can cook your own meals, much more budget friendly than eating out all weekend. That means you can save vital pennies for the beer fund. Alternatively if you are a little shrewder with your budget you can add even more amazing activities and nightlife options to your package.

International Men of Mystery

While we have some of the best UK self-catering properties, for stags looking to broaden their horizons we have incredible stag do houses across Europe and beyond.

Stay Protected

As with all our weekends, packages and activities, our self catering apartment bookings are covered by our ABTA bonded financial protection. That means when you're making the booking on behalf of the guys you can be confident that their hard earned money is in safe hands.

"'Self-catering'? You mean 'Take away'!"

Sometimes keeping a group of stag lads together can be like herding kittens, self-catering accommodation means all the lads are safely under one roof. Not only does that mean you won't have to spend time phoning round hotel rooms to get everyone together it also means there's more chance of creating great stag memories for the main man. As we all know, the best times with your mates aren't spent on dance floors, kicking footballs, chasing adventure, quite often the best memories we have with good mates are doing the little things, sitting around an open fire with a wee dram. Sitting under the stars with a few cans and a bonfire. You own ‘stag party exclusion zone’ will give you all the space you need for an epic weekend.
In the safety of your own base of operations/stag cave, there's also more chance of perfectly plotting great pranks for the groom, like surprising him with his own costume for the activities. For more great pranks and top stag party tips check out the Best Man-ual.

Create your epic stag package!

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